The Grace Challenge

Grace to Lobbyists: Give it Away

SNR Denton lobbyist Brian Grace took to twitter to challenge fellow lobbyists to start the New Year by adopting a non-profit client pro bono.


@BrianJGrace: For 2013, I challenge all of my fellow MO lobbyists to lobby pro bono

for a charitable organization. #probonochallenge


@BrianJGrace: I lobby pro bono for @VoicesSTL – the CASA for abused and neglected

children in St. Louis’ foster care system. #probonochallenge



KCPL’s Cara Hoover replied that she has a bono client: ‏@Cara_Hoover: @BrianJGrace Midwest foster care and adoption association!


If anyone wants to join in, I’ll report the pro bono list.  And I will do my tiny part by giving a free MOScout subscription to the next non-profit that contacts me.



I can hear you now… No Dave you’re supposed to help the non-profit!


Originally in January 2 MOScout.