The Senator from Troy

During debate this week, Sen. Jolie Justus was referred to as “the senator from Troy.” When she added a sunset provision to a bill that rural senators liked, Sen. Bill Stouffer good naturedly commended her work for Troy.


Press Release from the Siege of Troy

“It has come to the attention of the Troy Area Chamber of Commerce that due to a revised redistricting map currently proposed by the nonpartisan committee, Lincoln County may soon be represented in the Missouri Senate by Jolie Justus, the incumbent Senator for District 10 currently located in Jackson County in the Kansas City area.


“This could potentially have an adverse affect on local businesses and the way of life for those who DO reside within the 10th Senate district. How can a state Senator from Kansas City properly and fairly represent the interest of our area? It appears that our region is snared in a purely politically driven agenda with an absurd result. It is highly unlikely that a Senator from metropolitan Kansas City understands the specific challenges and particular interests of Lincoln County.


“Is this the vision of representative government that our forefathers envisioned?…”