Tight Race in Senate 1

According to what looks like an internal Republican poll, Rep. Scott Sifton leads Sen. Jim Lembke in Senate 1.    However the partisan make-up of the poll appears to inflate the Democratic nature of the district and may therefore exaggerate Sifton’s lead.


The deets: 400 respondents, October 11-14.


Sifton leads Lembke 32% – 27%.


Sifton also lacked the unfavorables that plague Lembke.  Sifton’s favorabless were at 32% with only 9% unfavorable.  Lembke’s favorables were also at 32%, but with 27% unfavorable.


Interestingly, the poll tested on the abortion issue, thought by some to be a weak spot for the pro-choice Sifton in the district with a substantial Catholic Democratic population.  But 56% were pro-choice, believing abortions should be “legal in all cases (26%)”  or “legal in most cases (30).”   On the pro-life side 19% said abortion should be “illegal in most cases”  and 16% “illegal in all cases,” adding up to 35%.


The partisan breakdown of the respondents was 44% Democrat; 24% Republican; and 31% Independent.


Originally in October 22 MOScout.