Tilley’s Last Act: Giving Raises

From: Adam Crumbliss

To: _House Members and Staff


Dear House Members and Staff:


In June, Speaker Tilley made it clear the House should pursue a path that emphasizes an increased investment in House staff. Over the last few months we have identified several areas to cut costs and improve efficiency with the goal of using the savings to reinvest in staff.  In his final act as Speaker, Representative Tilley has directed me to implement additional salary adjustments beyond the recent Cost of Living Adjustment for both Member Office Staff and Administrative Staff.


These adjustments will be first noticed in paychecks at the end of August.   Member Office Staff will each receive a one-step salary adjustment.  A new salary grid will be available on the Housenet in the coming days to assist employees in determining their new compensation level.  Administrative staff directors will be meeting with administrative employees in the coming days to discuss approved adjustments for each employee…