Transgender Candidate Against Hartzler

Columbia Tribune reports that a transgender woman, Jenna Marie Bourgeois, of Lebanon organized a committee to raise money [to run against Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler] on July 31… Hartzler, R-Harrisonville, will be seeking her fifth term in 2018. In July, she narrowly lost a House vote to bar the Defense Department from paying for gender reassignment treatments. Trump picked up the issue and issued his directive reversing a policy allowing transgender people to openly serve that was implemented in 2016…” See it here.

The July 30 MOScout poll asked Missourians their opinion on the transgender issue.  While the urban expressed positive support for allowing transgender individuals in the military, overall Missourians were slightly opposed.

Q: Do you support or oppose allowing transgender individuals to serve in the United States military?

Support: 43%

Oppose: 47%

Not sure: 10%


Originally in August 28 MOScout.