Trump’s MO Approval

The latest MOScout poll happened after one of the worst weeks of Trump’s presidency.  His talk of how there were some “very fine people” at the neo-Nazi rally brought bi-partisan rebuke.  Yet his Missouri approval rating is still positive.  It has, though, been eroding month after month since it’s high-point in March.

Trump Approval in MOScout Polls (approve/disapprove/not sure)

February 2 poll: 47/43/10          (+4)

March 4 poll: 54/41/5                (+13)

May 20 poll: 51/42/7                 (+9)

June 9 poll: 51/45/4                   (+6)

July 30 poll: 50/46/4                  (+4)

August 18 poll: 48/46/7             (+2)


Originally in August 20 MOScout.