Twitter Ads Against Galloway

Twitter ads are being run against Nicole GallowaySee a screen capture of one hereHere’s the account linked to the ads.  The assumption is that these are being run by Missouri Alliance for Freedom which has been in a sunshine tussle with the Auditor’s Office.  But that’s not certain because there’s no “paid for” disclosure on the ads.

And apparently until the legislature updates the ethics laws to relate to the digital arena, that’s legal.  From Section 130.031

  1. Any person publishing, circulating, or distributing any printed matter relative to any candidate for public office or any ballot measure shall on the face of the printed matter identify in a clear and conspicuous manner the person who paid for the printed matter with the words “Paid for by” followed by the proper identification of the sponsor pursuant to this section.  For the purposes of this section, “printed matter” shall be defined to include any pamphlet, circular, handbill, sample ballot, advertisement, including advertisements in any newspaper or other periodical, sign, including signs for display on motor vehicles, or other imprinted or lettered material…


Originally in December 18 MOScout.