Weber Leaves Carpenters

Political director Shannon Weber resigned from her position at the Carpenters Union this week – as evidenced by the fact that she deleted her registration for the organization.


Weber won good reviews from legislators – and obviously organized labor has done very well in the last few session given the increasingly hostile political landscape from the Republican supermajority.


It’ll be interesting to see where Weber lands, but also to see who takes her role with the Carpenters and whether her exit presages a change in strategy.


Organized labor’s recent success in stalling or blocking noxious legislation was due to many factors.  They’ve leaning on their backstop in the governor’s office, but also cultivated Republican friends, while being careful to flex their muscles only when it would have its maximum impact.


For example – rather than mobilize their grassroots infrastructure early in session when things look dire and there are a half-dozen battles to fight, they’ve resisted that temptation.  Rather they’ve displayed the discipline to let the legislative process narrow down the number of actual bills that are a danger.  Then when they the target is in their sights, they unleash their members to pelt legislators with letters, phone-calls and visits, amid the usual efforts to create divisions between legislative factions.


Or maybe they’ve just been lucky…


Originally in February 21 MOScout.