What Up With Joyce?

A few people murmured about the $100,000 check that St. Louis Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce put into her campaign account.


For starters, it’s likely she’s just seeding her re-election (Summer, 2016) with an early infusion.  The check is an early sign to any would-be challengers that she won’t walk up to the starting line with an empty war-chest.


But, one observer says she’s “getting tired” of her job and looking for a new challenge.  So, where would that take her?  One path could be into the Democratic primary for attorney general.  As the woman running against two men (Sen. Scott Sifton and Jake Zimmerman), she’d become the favorite based on demographics.  But would having three candidates from the St. Louis region be an invitation to a western side candidate to enter based on geography?


Originally in March 24 MOScout.