When Steelman Wanted Transparency

One MOScout reader reacted to Governor Eric Greitens refusing to disclose the inaugural contributions with a memory of when his new OA Director, then-Sen. Sarah Steelman, and then-Rep. Jason Crowell thought it was important.

AP article from 2002….

Nearly a year after Gov. Bob Holden spent $1 million on his inaugural party, Republican lawmakers are trying to come up with a way to keep tabs on future spending for such galas.  Even before the 2002 legislative session opened last week, two bills were filed to make future gubernatorial inaugural committees open their books to the public.  Both measures would make donors’ names and the amounts they contributed a public record. Both proposals also would require the committees to detail any outstanding debts…  “I think the public has the right to know who is contributing to their public officials,” said Sen. Sarah Steelman, R-Rolla. “It could be considered as trying to influence or gain access by contributing.” Steelman has introduced a bill that would require any committee receiving money on behalf of an elected official file records with the Missouri Ethics Commission every six months…


Originally in February 6 MOScout.