Will Guernsey’s Plate-gate Lead to a Primary?

At least two (possibly more) elected Republicans have been urging Rep. TJ Berry to challenge Rep. Casey Guernsey in the Senate 12 primary.  Berry was the sponsor of HB 253, the tax cut bill from last session.


The urgings comes on the heels of recent revelations from Post-Dispatch columnist Bill McClellan about Guernsey’s behavior stemming from his expired license plates.  As tends to happen with these things, once there’s a little publicity about someone’s behavior, others come forward with their stories.


As one observer said, there’s a sense that the behavior in the paper – running in line, condescending attitude to a colleague and voters, lying to a newspaper – is “the tip of the iceberg, and below the surface there’s probably a lot more we’re not seeing.”


Guernsey earlier in the year gave his campaign $100K which immediately catapulted him into the front-runner status in the Senate 12 forecast.


It’s said that Berry is capable of matching Guernsey’s $100K investment.  But my guess is that Guernsey can do much more if necessary.  And it’s unclear if Berry could, or would want to, continue to ante up.


As I noted in the August 16 MOScout when Guernsey’s self-contribution was reported… “It would appear that Guernsey’s family is loaded.  His personal financial disclosure form (thanks Progress Missouri) can be found here.  Note the income from a trust as well as income from three separate family farms.  And probably at this very minute some opp research kid is looking to see if they got farm subsidies…”



Ultimately the biggest unknown here is Congressman Sam Graves and political consultant Jeff Roe.  They carry a pretty big stick up in northwest Missouri.  Guernsey had a stint working for Graves, but some say it’s unclear whether they’re a real bond there.


Originally in December 18 MOScout.