Wilson Launches Solar Business

Renew Missouri’s PJ Wilson sent an email announcing his new business venture…


Good news!  My business partner Paul and I have launched a website called CompareMySolar.com that lets you get instant estimates from local solar contractors who would be happy to install solar on your roof.  Just enter your zip code, and you’ll instantly have realistic estimates, and if you enter your address it’ll show you a Google Maps image of your house, and you can quickly request specific customized quotes for your own roof within minutes – all from the comfort of your computer, and all free. It’s“live” in Missouri now – check it!..


If you don’t live in Missouri, not to worry!  We’ll expand the site to your state soon.  Please check out the site anyway – you can enter my zip code (65201) to get a feel for how the site works…


Keep on the Sunny Side,

PJ Wilson


Originally in October 16 MOScout.