Winners from Last Week


MATA – Trial attorneys had a two big wins.  The utter destruction of the court plan change (50 point margin); and the defeat of Jim Lembke to which they devoted hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Nancy Rice, the godmother of many a St. Louis politicos, after years leading her tribe in the wilderness, finally crossed over to the promised land of Local Control.  One of her godchildren described it as “overturning 150 years of history.”


David Chilenski – First the primary win of Jamilah Nasheed, and then the general election of Scott Sifton.  The Democratic operative will likely announce his re-retirement this morning.  But you know, everything he thinks he’s out…


Jo Ann Emerson – She stepped into the void left without a presidential campaign in the state.  She was the de facto field general for Southwest Missouri Republicans.


David Barklage – mostly wins in his client portfolio last night: Senate 3, 19, 21, 25; HRCC, Kinder and a couple of Props.


Jeff Roe – chief strategist behind Prop B defeat, but more impressive is the scale of work his firm, Axiom Strategies, has assumed: It was involved in 126 races during the 2012 election cycle.  And his direct mail firm, Candidate Command, designed and delivered 547 unique mail pieces during the primary and general elections.


Labor – Strategic bets on Republican legislators went well – Silvey, Schaefer, Torpey – while backing of stalwart Dems Nixon, Koster, Zweifel also paid off.


St. Louis County Democrats – suddenly the St. Louis County Republican Senate delegation was halved.  The loss Cunningham’s district and Lembke’s seat leaves Sens. Eric Schmitt and John Lamping as the only two standing.  An Lamping’s district will be in play in two years.