Winners: Vendors

From the July campaign finance reports here are some political consultants and vendors – and how much they were paid.  (Let me know who I’ve missed).


It’s only state reports – not federal races.  And I’m just reporting straight from reports, so some of these folks (tv buys, direct mail) will protest that they’re not pulling down as much as this implies.  Whatever.  They’re all winners in my book…



John Thompson’s Thompson Communications and Patrick Media – $836,572 – Clients: Dave Spence and Peter Kinder.


Mike Kelley’s Show Me Victories – $435,243 – Clients: Gina Walsh, Susan Montee, Mike Owens, Martin Casas, Clean Water STL.


David Hageman’s Victory Enterprises – $376,041 – Clients: Ed Martin, Shane Schoeller, Ellen Brandom, Ward Franz.


Jeff Roe’s Axiom Strategies – $244,226 – Clients: Missourians for Equal Credit Opportunity, Bill Stouffer, Eric Schmitt, Let Voters Decide, MO Republican Party.


Travis Brown’s Pelopidas – $164,207 – Clients: Let Voters Decide.


Joyce Aboussie’s Telephone Contact – $138,144 – Clients: Missourians Against Costly Mandates, Clean Water STL.


David Barklage’s Barklage Company – $137,898 – Clients: Scott Rupp, Dave Spence, Missourians for Fair Taxation, Doug Libla, House Republican Campaign Committee.


John Hancock’s Hancock and Associates – $59,309 – Clients: Missourians Against Costly Mandates, Ed Martin, Shane Schoeller.


Donna English’s Capitol Consulting – $57,252 – Clients: Peter Kinder, Missouri Senate Campaign Committee, Cole McNary, Scott Rupp, John Diehl.


Jared Craighead’s Highland Consulting – $45,750 – Clients: Dave Spence, Mike Kehoe.


Ken Morley’s Tightline Strategies – $43,918 – Clients: Jay Nixon and Jason Kander.


James Harris’ J. Harris Company – $43,845 – Clients: Let Voters Decide, Tim Schweich, Caleb Jones, Robert Cornejo.


Matt Lieberman’s Majority Strategies – $34,345 – Clients: Citizens for Safe Courts and Kids, Francis Slay, Susan Montee.


Logan Thompson – $26,000 – Client: Peter Kinder.


 Originally in July 25 MOScout.