Workforce Report

Last week the Alliance for Childhood Education (ACE) will be publishing its Workforce Initiatives and Issues Report.

The 28-page publication outlines workforce challenges and opportunities facing employers and also includes regional maps for each part of the state that breaks down where the jobs are. Data shows that in 2020 nearly two-third of all jobs in Missouri will require post-secondary education but Missouri, like much of the nation, is falling short to meet demand. ACE calls on the legislature to pass a Workforce-Education Alignment Platform and begin a broader dialogue on how to make the state more competitive by removing barriers and updating policies. This platform represents a change in thinking on how to tackle the increased demand for skilled labor in Missouri which has employers struggling to fill jobs with the current applicant pool.

Speaker Todd Richardson endorsed the Workforce-Education Alignment Platform which consists of four pieces of legislation aimed aligning the resources of public education institutions with the needs of the business community.

The report endorses the following legislative proposals: Visiting Scholars (HB 97 & SB 401); Business-Centric Curriculum (SB 44 & HB 253); Flexibility for Higher Education Institutions (SB 328 & HB 75); and Adult High Schools (SB 406 & HB 680).


Originally in April 18 MOScout.