Tuesday, December 8, 2015

New Pre-Files of Interest


Sen. Bob Onder’s SB 784 gives some tax exemptions to the utilities industry.  And his SB 782 would allow concealed carry on public transportation systems.

Sen. Eric Schmitt’s SB 774 limits the governor’s power of appointing acting directors of department for an indefinite period of time.

Sen. Rob Schaaf pre-filed his version of the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program.  It’s SB 768.



Rep. Keith Fredrick’s HB 1660 would prohibit non-compete clauses in doc’s contracts with hospitals.

Rep. Kathy Swan’s HB 1645 would makes some changes to the film tax credit program.

Rep. Ron Hick’s HB 1644 would allow chiropractors to be reimbursed under the MO HealthNet program.

Rep. Warren Love’s HB 1636 would mandate no class during the State Fair.


McCaskill on Extenders

With Congress wrestles with extending a bunch of tax breaks, Senator Claire McCaskill gets some ink… Senate Democrats huddled on Thursday… they were increasingly open to a potential deal that would extend the Earned Income Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit and American Opportunity Tax Credit indefinitely that didn't include indexing. It remains to be seen if that stance will be shared by Democrats on the other side of the Capitol.

Our old colleague Alexander Bolton at The Hill picks up on some other consternation among Senate Democrats, over a price tag that has been estimated at between $500 billion and $800 billion over a decade and a package giving permanent extensions to the business community. “I’m going to have trouble supporting any extenders package,” said Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri. “I think it’s too big and there are way too many goodies being given out to special interests.”  See it here.


MEC Fines

David Marlo, treasure of the Professional Firefighters of Eastern Missouri 2665 PAC Fund, was fined $1,200 for a “paid for” violation and for inaccurate reporting. See it here.


Eugene Strobel, an alderman of the City of St. Martins, was ordered to repay the $200 he earned plowing snow. No joke.  See it here.



Yesterday Donald Trump said America should bar the entry of all Muslims into our country, sparking outrage among those who frown on religious persecution. See the NYTimes article here.  (See John Zogby on Trump here.  Zogby and I share a bias… He writes: “I believe in immigration, even those who come to the United States illegally, because anyone willing to swim a river, climb a barbed wire fence, ride in the back of a truck under God knows what conditions, and dodge a bullet to get here is someone I want on my team. Character, determination.”)


Could the timing be better for Missouri’s Jeff Roe?  Two months from Iowa, and the Donald may finally implode, giving his horse, Ted Cruz, the opening he needs to burst to the front of the pack at just the right time?  We’ll see….


Politico reports that Dem strategist turned celeb-pundit James Carville has literally placed a bet on Cruz winning the nomination.  See it here.



Sign of the times… I’ve written about the pummeling that Noranda’s stock price has taken (it’s rallied recently, up to 59 cents), but it’s the falling commodities prices that are offering no relief.  This morning Anglo American, a British mining company, announced it was laying off… get this… 63% of its workforce.  That’s 85,000 workers.  Yikes!  “The plan includes asset sales, large cost cuts and a suspension of dividend payments in a bid to weather a severe slump in commodity prices.”


According to LinkedIn, Megan Browning is now ThinkFirst and Young Traffic Offenders Program Coordinator at The Research Foundation.


Jake Zimmerman does Mid-MO tomorrow night.  He’ll be at Shakespeare’s South soaking up an endorsement from former Rep. Mary Still.  Among the host committee…. Chuck Hatfield, Jeff Mazur, Terry Schleimeier, and Dan Viets


New Committees

Missourians For Renewable Energy was filed.  Its treasurer is Andy Zellers.  Zellers was chief of staff to the chairman of the Public Service Commission.  He’s now the ‎General Counsel and Vice President for Regulatory Affairs at Brightergy.


Securemofuture, a political action committee, was filed. This is the anti-tax group in the Mehlville Oakville school district.  See the website here.


Tax Fairly, a political action committee, was filed.  This is the anti-tax group in the Kirkwood school district.  See the website here.


Federal Filings

The National Biodiesel Board Political Action Committee’s December filing showed receipts of $10,910, and $65,686 cash on-hand.


Christmas Gift

St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Tony Messenger writes on Facebook… “Two best words to hear at a doctor's office: Cancer free! I heard those today and am so grateful. Thanks for all the prayers and support over the past few months, especially the sacrifices of my lovely wife, Marla Morrison Messenger, who is truly a saint for putting up with me as a patient. Recovery is still a process, but it's an incredible burden lifted knowing that the cancer is gone. God is good.”


Lobbyists Registrations

Raymond T Wagner added Associated Industries of Missouri, Enterprise Holdings Inc, and Raymond T Wagner.

William Ray Price Jr. added Alkermes Inc.

Jan Rodolfo deleted National Nurses United, and California Nurses Association.

Sarah Felts deleted Missouri Nurses Association.


$5K+ Contributions

Greitens for Missouri - $5,001 from Michael Steinhardt.

Greitens for Missouri - $50,000 from FTL Capital LLC.

Nicole Galloway for Missouri - $10,000 from Simmons Hanly Conroy.

Koster for Missouri - $25,000 from Christopher Boies.


Notes on Money

Greitens continues pull down big checks. Who is FTL Capital?  See their website here.  And according to Wikipedia, Michael Steinhardt is former chair of the Democratic Leadership Council, fueling the criticism that Greitens is not a true Republican.



Happy birthdays to Patrick Bonnot, and RYH4K’s Linda Rallo.