Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Nixon Unafraid of Legislature’s Stadium Stand?

Post-Dispatch reported on the legislature’s hearing on the proposed new football stadium. See it here.  “Nelson said lawmakers could amend state law to require a vote of the Legislature to approve the plan as early as the 2016 legislative session that begins in January.”

One observer found it curious that OA Director Doug Nelson’s repeatedly suggested that the legislature could simply pass a law requiring a vote.  The talk is that the Nixon administration has determined that it has enough well-placed supporters of the stadium to stop any such law.  We’ll see…


Follow-Up on Senate 11

I received several bits of feedback on my early take on the Senate 11 race.  Three points that folks made…

First, the concern about Rep. John Rizzo’s first election becoming a wider Republican rallying call (VoterID etc) is not limited to those in the secretary of state’s race.  “Koster and Kander aren’t going to want Rizzo on the ballot either.”

Second, I shouldn’t underestimate Jessica Podhola’s campaigning skills.  “She was executive director of the Jackson County Dems for years.  This is the first time she’s been the candidate, but she’s been running campaigns most of her adult life.”

And third, the field might not be set.  Robbie Makinen, head of Jackson County Economic Development, has been making calls.  Not sure if he does or not but would be a blow to Rizzo if he does.”  That’s because in the conventional wisdom of Democratic primary gender voting patterns two men and one women can bring a favorable split to the woman.  Also, Makinen might get support from County Executive’s Mike Sanders’ political network.



Pre-filing bills started yesterday.  See the Senate list here.  The bill texts aren’t up yet.

House bills are listed here.  Some have their texts up and others not yet.

These get updated daily and I’ll keep an eye on it.

A couple of quick stand-outs…

Sen, Eric Schmitt files follow-on legislation to last year’s SB5 regulating municipal fines – SB 572.

Rep. Eric Burlison re-files right to work legislation - HB 1462.  And Sen. Dan Brown appears to be doing the same with SB 667 and/or SB 668.

Is SB 571 Sen. David Pearce’s vehicle to deal with the transfer issue?  Is there appetite to go through that yet again?

Sen. Jamilah Nasheed filed her proposal to require gun owners to report if their gun is stolen or lost.  She’d previously offer this as an amendment – SB 691.

Rep. Caleb Rowden appear to be re-filing his ethics bills - HB 1572 (lobbyist gift ban), HB 1573 (lobbyist waiting period), HB1574 (no eternal campaign committees), HB1575 (reporting requirements).

Rep. Mike Leara appears to be tacking the St. Louis County sales tax pools again - HB 1561.


Rex + Humphreys = Whole Lotta $$$

Word is that Rex Sinquefield and David Humphreys – two of the state’s most colossal Republican donors – haven’t always been on the same page.  But now there’s a thaw between the two camps with one insider saying that there may be some closer coordination in the 2016.

The two differ on the secretary of state’s race where Humphreys sent $50K to Jay Ashcroft, but Sinquefield has backed Sen. Will Kraus.

And right to work inspires passion from Humphreys while Team Rex has never made the issue a priority.

Still on other matters, their ships may sail in the same direction.  One race to watch is whether the Sinquefield crew can bring Humphreys on board to their support for Catherine Hanaway’s gubernatorial bid.



Lobbyist Brian Treece (See his bio here) started a campaign committee to run for mayor of Columbia.  It’s a non-partisan race.


Amnesty tax receipts will be the number to watch.  One observer frets, “Needed $41 million for provider increases tied to it… [if it comes in too weak] governor may nix the increases…”


MODem Party jumps on the Eric Greitens John Brunner phone call fun, with a Youtube remix of Greitens’ “meltdown.”  See it here.


eMailbag on Death of MOPromise

#concernedstudents1950 demanded the resignation of Tim Wolfe. Wolfe was a vocal champion of the Missouri Promise initiative which would have provided scholarship opportunities to, among others, minority students across Missouri. In the wake of the toxic Wolfe-resignation saga the MOPromise board abandoned its initiative. The much-needed scholarships will now never be, and an educational opportunity is lost for countless of Missouri's underprivileged youth. File under: Unintended Consequences…


Today’s Events

From Mary Scruggs’ indispensable events calendar:

Rep. Anne Zerr Reception – Old Hickory Golf Club – St. Peters – 5:30-7 p.m.


Lobbyists Registrations

David Klarich added Missouri Midwives Association.

Deanna Hemphill added E-cell Inc.

Mike Grimes deleted Commercial Energy Consultants LLC.

Shanon Hawk deleted PWSD#2 of St. Charles County MO.

Joy Sherard, Suzie Williams, Wayne Pressley, and Linda Schnakenberg deleted Missouri State Teachers Association.

Suzy Day deleted Missouri Family Health Council Inc.

Daryl Duwe deleted USAGain.

Debra Kohl deleted Concerned Women For America.


$5K+ Contributions

United Food & Commercial Workers Local #655 Elect Political Action Fund - $6,324 from UFCW Local 655.

Schmitt for Missouri - $10,000 from John Danforth.

MO Republican Party - $22,000 from Steven Brauer.

Committee to Elect Vicki A Schneider for State Senate - $10,000 from MO Majority PAC.


Notes on Money

Vicki Schneider’s committee is a debt service committee from her unsuccessfully state senate race in 2010.  The outstanding debt as of last filing was $53,077.



Happy birthday to Stephen Bough.