Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Duwe to Statehouse

The press release: Statehouse Strategies today announced it is bringing on one of the most experienced government relations experts in Missouri.  Daryl Duwe is joining the Statehouse Strategies team to advocate on behalf of its clients in Missouri’s State Capitol and nationally as the firm continues to grow its government relations practice…. Duwe brings more than 30 years experience in state government, politics, broadcasting and government relations where he served in numerous leadership positions.  Duwe spent the last 10 years growing Prestige Powers Strategic Government Relations from a start-up to a highly-respected government relations firm.  He has worked in all corners of the Missouri Capitol, covering the House of Representatives gavel-to-gavel for a statewide radio network, working as chief of staff, and directly in politics as a communications director and speechwriter for successful candidates in Missouri, Florida and nationally.  Duwe is a graduate of Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa.

Statehouse Strategies continues to grow and deliver on behalf of its clients.  The firm recently announced that former State Rep. Noel Torpey is joining the Statehouse Strategies team.  Torpey served two terms in the Missouri House before becoming executive director for the Fair Energy Rate Action Fund.  Torpey and Duwe are joining the firm’s founder Andy Blunt and government relations specialists Jay Reichard, Mark Schwartz, Chris Moody and Angie Schulte.


PSC Outlines Reg Changes

Yesterday the Public Service Commission issued a report on possible changes to the regulatory framework.  See the report here.

In the report, the PSC acknowledges “regulatory lag,” that electric utilities in Missouri are not currently allowed to earn a return on or recover amounts invested in infrastructure until the conclusion of a rate case following the date such plant is put in service.  This process can cause delay in recovery of a utility's investment.  The PSC Staff Report reached the conclusion that, "although regulatory lag and utility earnings have not been a serious problem to date, minor modifications to the current regulatory structure may be necessary in the future to encourage

significant additional investment in grid modernization."

The PSC says that the General Assembly should consider four principles if they move forward with legislation: “Missouri's current regulatory structure has functioned very effectively

for over a century, and there is no need for a massive, radical overhaul; Any new mechanism must not impede the Commission's authority or ability to meet its statutory obligations to set just and reasonable rates while balancing the interests12 of utilities and their customers; Any modification of the current regulatory structure should be narrowly tailored; and as with the use of other modified rate mechanisms, a utility's use of any new mechanism must be contingent upon Commission review and authorization.”

Next up… see if a bill is pre-filed that follows these parameters…


Deer Fight Follow-Up

In the new committees (below) there’s Hunters For Fair Chase which appears to be the campaign vehicle for the IPs I wrote about yesterday which would amend the constitution to give the Conservation Commission primary authority over regulating “big game” species including deer.

From a building denizen… So conservation has so much money from tax dollars that when they get taken to court and lose, keep appealing and now want people to vote. What about animals inside a pen with feed, water and vet care provided are NOT wild do they not understand….


Nixon to Announce More Withholds?

We’ll see what happens but Governor Jay Nixon is scheduled to hold a media availability today at 10AM to discuss the Fiscal Year 2017 budget.

There are two schools of thought.  One is that the governor would be doing the right thing by announcing some withholds to bring the budget back into balance and take the looming issue off the plate of the incoming governor.  The argument is that it spares the new governor from having to make folks angry right away.

I’m of the minority opinion that the governor would be doing the right thing by doing nothing and letting the governor-elect determine his own priorities.

We’ll see…


Doc Brown Gifts Son’s Campaign $200K

In the large contributions today, termed Sen. Dan Brown gives $200,000 from his campaign account to the campaign account of his son, Justin Brown.  Justin is running to replace his dad.


Senate 2018

In Senate 14, where Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal is termed, former Rep. Sharon Pace has a committee established to run for the seat in 2018.


Barnes Gets Ink in JPost

Rep. Jay Barnes gets a shout-out in the Jerusalem Post.  See it here.

Pull Quote: At the caucus, Jay Barnes of the Missouri House of Representatives spoke movingly about the area he represents, Jefferson City, a small town that went two-thirds for Trump.

While condemning the extremism the election stirred among some, Barnes insisted that his good, decent constituents are not racists or sexists or antisemites. And reassuring Israelis who fear American abandonment, he said that when his kids heard he would be traveling they complained – until hearing their dad was visiting Israel, which made them proud. While reminding us of the real America, the decent America, that has long befriended Jews and Israel, Representative Barnes modeled what the Zionist strategy should be. We have an inspiring story to tell about Israel, about Jewish values, fighting delegitimization and celebrating the Jewish national project, with Israel offering a positive framework for Jewish journeys and meaning-seeking that transcends Trump.



Governor-elect Eric Greitens made a short statement on the steps of his home yesterday morning about his wife getting robbed by some gun-toting youth.  See video of it from the mighty Jason Rosenbaum here.


The Office of Administration announced the issuance of $97.2 million in bonds for the rebuilding of Fulton State Hospital. The $211 million project is currently underway, and today's bond sale is the final funding piece for construction of the new campus, which will replace aging facilities with a state-of-the-art mental hospital that will be safer and more conducive to modern



Incoming Rep. Steven Roberts’ dad is set to take the top spot at the St. Louis City Sheriff’s office.  See it here.


New Committees

Show Me Our Future – Political Action Committee – Treasurer: Zachari Sweets.  Sweets is a staffer to Sen. Jason Holsman.

House Committee for Accountable Govenrment – Political Action Committee – Treasurer: James C Thomas III.

Senate Committee for Accountable Government – Political Action Committee – Treasurer: James C Thomas III.  Thomas is a lawyer with ties to Republican operative Jeff RoeDavid Humphreys has used the “Accountable Government” name before.  This could be the start of large donors setting up separate committees they can funnel money through and avoid the campaign contribution limits.

5th Senatorial District Republican Committee – Political Party Committee – Treasurer: Curtis Farber.

Vote Haas – Candidate Committee for Bill Haas’ mayoral run – Treasurer: Francene Lemonds.

Patterson for Missouri – Candidate Committee – Treasurer: Jonathan Patterson.  He’s running in House 30 (where Rep. Mike Cierpiot is termed) as a Republican.

Hunters for Fair Chase – Campaign Committee – Treasurer: Walter Knoll.


Tax Credits

$79,068 in Neighborhood Assistance credits to The Food Bank for Central & Northeast Missouri Inc. in Senate 19 / House 45.

$6,192 in Neighborhood Assistance credits to St. Louis Crisis Nursery in Senate 24 / House 71.

$4,375 in Neighborhood Assistance credits to United Services for Children in Senate 23 / House 105.


Lobbyists Registrations

Casey Wasser added Missouri Soybean Association; and deleted Missouri Department of Revenue.

Kaley Graves added Missouri Right to Life.

Steven Tilley, Alex Eaton, Gregory Porter, Shawn Rigger, Rebecca Lohmann, and Daniel Pfeifer deleted Missouri AFL-CIO

Steven Tilley and Shawn Rigger deleted National Association of Vision Care Plans.

Deborah Sherwood deleted Christian Science Committee on Publication for Missouri.

David Sweeney deleted Twain Financial Partners LLC, and QC Financial Services.

Daniel Pfeifer, Alex Eaton, Gregory Porter and Rebecca Lohman deleted The Vecino Group.

Daniel Pfeifer deleted Garrison Development Company and Evolutions Enterprises.


$5K+ Contributions

Team Justin Brown - $200,000 from Dr. Dan Brown.

Hawley for Missouri - $50,000 from Herzog Contracting Corp.

MO Society of Anesthesiologists Political Action Committee - $50,000 from Western Anesthesia Associates.

KCS Rail PAC - $20,000 from Kansas City Southern.

New Approach Missouri - $10,000 from Michael Hill.

Dr. Dan Brown for Senate - $10,000 from Missouri Hospital Assoc.



Happy birthdays to Sen. Kiki Curls, Rodney Hubbard, Bree Bowen, Nick Maddux, Churie Spreng.