Thursday, March 31, 2016

Pearce for Hoskins

Sen. David Pearce endorsed Rep. Denny Hoskins to succeed him in Senate 21…

"I am happy to endorse Rep. Denny Hoskins to succeed me as the State Senator for the 21st District. I have served along with Denny as he represented Johnson County over the last 8 years. His dedication to higher education and job creation in the state will serve the citizens of the district well. As a CPA, Denny has the background to maintain Missouri's balanced budget, and the experience to ensure we have a Senator who is a leader on veteran's issues, agriculture and controlling government spending."

What It Means

This is nice endorsement from the popular Pearce.  Hoskins continues to put together the pieces for this race.  It might not even be a close come August.


KC Businesses Walk the Halls Against SJR 39

The Kansas City business community made a big push yesterday, meeting with House legislators to voice their concern that passage of SJR 39 – Sen. Bob Onder’s religious freedom resolution – would hurt their ability to attract business – and employees.

KC’s sports commission as well as the convention bureau joined the chamber to explain the possible consequences for the business environment.

What’s Next

SJR 39 was referred to Rep. Elijah Haahr’s Emerging Issues Committee.  It’s expected – but not certain – that Haahr will move it cleanly out of his committee.  It would then move to the Select Committee on General Laws where some think that the chair, Rep. Caleb Jones, is skeptical of the wisdom of SJR 39.  We’ll see…..


One lobbyist notes that in the Senate hearing on SJR39 there wasn’t any small businesses – no freedom florists or bakers – testifying in support of the bill.  He wonders if the proponents of the bill will be able to produce one such aggrieved party for the House hearing.


More Filings Bits

Republican David Wasinger didn’t file this cycle.  The attorney couldn’t pull the trigger on a statewide run, but one denizen in the building says it’s just a matter of time.  He has the itch.  Maybe 2018, maybe 2020.  Not if, but when.


Sen. Gary Romine’s son, Daniel Romine, filed to run in House 143 as a Libertarian.  The incumbent there is Rep. Elijah Haahr.


In House 76, the talk in the rotunda is that Rep. Joshua Peters’ primary opponent, Rachel Johns, could face a legal challenge that she doesn’t meet the residency requirement.  We’ll see….


How Do the “Targeted Twenty” Stand After Filing

Here is the filing status of the folks that David Humphreys has been targeting with his Accountability Committee:

Rep. Linda Black – running for commissioner.

Rep. Kathie Conway – Democratic opponent.

Rep. Kevin Corlew – both primary and general opposition.

Rep. Kevin Engler – unopposed.

Rep. Sue Entlicher – not running for re-election.

Rep. Paul Fitzwater – unopposed.

Rep. Elaine Gannon – Democratic opponent.

Rep. Ron Hicks – running for mayor.

Rep. Galen Higdon Jr – unopposed.

Rep. Dave Hinson – running for commissioner

Rep. Bill Kidd – both primary and general opposition.

Rep. Nick King – both primary and general opposition.

Rep. Bart Korman – unopposed.

Rep. Jeanie Lauer – unopposed.

Rep. John McCaherty – unopposed.

Rep. Shane Roden – big five-way primary.

Rep. Becky Ruth – unopposed.

Rep. Sheila Solon – primary opponent.

Rep.  Chrissy Sommers – both primary and general opposition.

Rep. Anne Zerr – running for state senate.


Heavy Fundraisers Who Are Unopposed

One lobbyist shook her head at some of the Republicans that Democrats let go unchallenged.  It’s not that they could be beaten, but you file someone against them just to make them spend time – and money – in their district.

Here’s a quick list of Republican reps (and the amount they raised last quarter) who raised more than $15K last quarter and are now unopposed in both their primary and general election.  At the top of this list is of course Speaker Todd Richardson who raised over $200K.

Rep. Caleb Jones - $42,200

Rep. Glen Kolkmeyer - $26,135

Rep. Scott Fitzpatrick - $23,825

Rep. Keith Frederick - $22,825

Rep. Kevin Engler - $21,051

Rep. Bart Korman - $19,323

Rep. Kirk Mathews - $18,725

Rep. Becky Ruth - $18,621

Rep. T.J. Berry - $17,225

Rep. Charlie Davis - $17,100

Rep. Jeanie Lauer - $16,326

Rep. Holly Rehder - $16,282

Rep. Bill White - $16,245

Rep. Paul Fitzwater - $15,101


Judge Wanna-bes

Pursuant to Supreme Court Rule 10.28(d), the Twenty-First Circuit Judicial Commission releases the following information relating to applicants for the circuit court vacancy created by the retirement of Judge Thomas J. Prebil…

The commission announces it will not re-interview the 27 applicants who interviewed for the Judge Watkins vacancy on February 22, 2016. Pursuant to Rule 10.28(d), the commission will interview the remaining applicants: John N. Borbonus III, Sreenivasa R. Dandamudi, Dennis M. Devereux, Margaret T. Donnelly, Judy P. Draper, Joseph S. Dueker, Bruce F. Hilton, Dale W. Hood, Brian H. May, Mary E. Ott, Thomas J. Plunkert, Mary B. Schroeder, Robert E. Tucker, Nicole S. Zellweger, and B. Joyce Kelley… The members of the Twenty-First Circuit Judicial Commission are: Lisa Van Amburg, chief judge of the Missouri Court of Appeals, Eastern District; Matthew J. Rossiter; Rev. Anthony Witherspoon; Jeffrey D. Sigmund and Christy Bertelson.



Sen. Jamilah Nasheed was absent from the Senate yesterday as she traveled to speak at Harvard.  See it here.


Yesterday was the start of Seersucker Wednesdays….


Missouri Ethics Commission fined Bob Hudgins $3,200 for multiple violations.   See it here.


Missouri Energy Development Association filed a non-committee expenditure report for legal costs to oppose an initiative petition.  See it here.


Today’s Events

From Mary Scruggs’ indispensable events calendar:

Rep. Stephen Webber Reception – D. Rowe’s – Columbia – 5:30PM

Rep. Chrissy Sommer BBQ – Bandana’s – St. Peters – 6PM


Lobbyists Registrations

Rose Marie Hopkins added TIAA.

Richard Evans added Astrazeneca Pharmaceuticals LP.


$5K+ Contributions

Koster for Missouri - $6,000 from Firefighters for Missouri Governor 2016.

Greitens for Missouri - $5,001 from Peter Paul.

Hanaway for Governor Inc - $10,000 from John Shapleigh.

Friends of Rob Vescovo - $10,000 from Jim Plunkett Inc.

Citizens for a Better Columbia - $10,000 from Little Dixie Construction LLC.

Citizens for a Better Columbia - $7,500 from Randy Coil.

Citizens for a Better Columbia - $10,000 from Tompkins Homes & Development.

Citizens for a Better Columbia - $10,000 from The Harold E. Johnson Companies Inc.

Citizens for a Better Columbia - $10,000 from Maly Commercial Realty.

Ashcroft for Missouri - $10,000 from Kevin Compton.

Missourians for Fair taxation - $183,374 from National Association of REALTORS.

Slay for Mayor - $25,000 from Sam Fox.

Slay for Mayor - $10,000 from Roy Pfautch.

Slat for Mayor - $10,000 from Anheuser Busch Companies.

MO Leadership Committee - $7,500 from Central Stone Company.

Citizens for Will Kraus - $10,000 from OCM Lease Corporation.

Vote No on the E-Tax - $5,422 from Missouri Club for Growth.

Progress KC PAC - $17,500 from International Association of Fire Fighters Local 42.



Happy birthday to former Rep. Allen Icet.