MOScout Daily Update: Treasurer Talk - DED Reorg Coming? - Ashcroft as Mueller? and more...

Treasurer Sweepstakes and Dominoes

Post-Dispatch reports that Governor Mike Parson will choose the next treasurer before Christmas.  That’s about ten days away.

Second-floor watchers believe that Parson has narrowed the list significantly.  And two folks believed to be on it – there may be one or tow more in the mix – are current representatives: Reps. Jean Evans and Scott Fitzpatrick.

This adds a lot of uncertainty to Speaker Elijah Haahr’s huge task of determining committee chairs.  Evans has been mentioned as a possible Rules chair or perhaps another big committee.  And of course if Fitzpatrick leaves that would push Rep. Cody Smith up to the big chair of Budget.  That’d set Smith up for six-year reign as Budget chair.  One lobbyist tells me he could handle the gavel, “Cody is ready. And he would have the help of Mike Price and Chris Dunn, who are two of the Capitol's top budget minds…”


Rumorville: DED Reorg Coming?

Word is that the Parson administration is looking at an overhaul of the Department of Economic Development which would reduce the number of initiatives it’s responsible for, and focus on a single mission: economic development.

In this scenario some divisions housed in DED would find new homes in other departments.  For example, Public Service Commission, Division of Energy, and Division of Workforce Development would be spun to new departments.


Hawley Plays Trump.  Is Ashcroft Mueller?

One Republican operative: A lot of Republicans have asked me if Jay Ashcroft is the Robert Mueller of Missouri.

That’s the angle that Josh Hawley is taking.  He’s Donald Trump in this scenario, and so of course he’s started tweeting about how Ashcroft’s investigation is ridiculous, and biased. Meanwhile his staff is full of angry Democrats? We’re probably 24 hours away from a WITCH HUNT tweet. 

It’s all making Hawley look like someone who’s guilty and scared of what could be an open-shut episode.


One Republican legislator scratches his head that Ashcroft might be doing an actual investigation: “I am honestly not sure what is motivations are. He doesn’t like Hawley, but not enough to go out of his way to mess with him like this. I just think he isn’t sure what to he’s taking the path of attempting to do the right thing, and failing magnificently even as he tries to do that…”



In the lobbyists registrations (below), former Sen. Jeff Smith is taking the plunge and registering to lobby. He’s the executive director of the Missouri Workforce Housing Association which advocates for low-income housing tax credits.


Press release: The Sixteenth Circuit Judicial Commission announces the following applicants for the Division 32 associate circuit judge vacancy on the Jackson County circuit court created by the November 1, 2018, retirement of Judge Robert L. Trout… P. Benjamin Cox, Matthew R. Crimmins, Jo Leigh W. Fischer, Michael C. Heffernon, Michael J. Hunt, Marilyn B. Keller, Elizabeth S. Lynch, Alicia C. O’Connell, Kyndra J. Stockdale, Brady X. Twenter, Eric E. Vernon, and R. Travis Willingham.


Governor Mike Parson’s January quarter is shaping up to be very very big… Tipster says, “Parson had a giant fundraiser Tuesday night at Hunter Engineering, which he said had to of been the biggest event of his political career. Everyone was there, ranging from Jeff Smith to John Diehl…”


Jeremy LaFaver thrashes the Kansas City School District for opposing Mayor Sly James’ proposed sales tax for pre-K.  See his twitter rant here“This is terribly disappointing. KCPS is opposing early childhood education because KCPS doesn’t get to EXCLUSIVELY control the entire system. That’s bad for kids. And bad for KC. And selfish.”


Question of the Day

Why do the crazy people who run for big offices always have weird names?  See it



eMailbag: Why Parson Should Chose Sarah Mills

Although many of the names that have been put out there for the appointment to state treasurer are good people and qualified, the governor would do himself well to choose somebody from Kansas City. The business community in Kansas City has felt snubbed and slighted by Jefferson City and Republican leadership. Much of this stems from the Greitens era, but it is still felt. With the prospect of Parson running for governor in 2020 against either Jason Kander or Jean Peters Baker, both from Kansas City, Governor Parson could use the Treasurer selection to show Kansas City that he is engaged in the needs of the city and that he understands that some statewide leadership should come from the largest city in the state. An excellent choice would be Sarah Mills, the young and intelligent current public administrator in Clay County. Although she lost in a very tough district for Republicans in the recent State Rep election, she showed everyone that she is a diligent and aggressive campaigner… Treasurer pick would be along the same lines as Governor Nixon picking a young county elected official, Nicole Galloway, for state auditor. The selection of a rising Republican star in Sarah Mills, would help Republicans and the Governor not only with Kansas City vote, but also with women, millennial, and minority voters.


New Committees

Ufcw Local 88 PAC Fund was formed.  Its treasurer is Daniel Telle.

Martin Rucker II formed a candidate committee (Rucker For Missouri) to run for Senate 34 in 2022.


New IPs

Democratic activist/gadfly Winton Apple proposes yet another new redistricting plan.  See it here.


$5K+ Contributions

Uniting Missouri PAC - $25,000 from Greg Hoberock.


Lobbyists Registrations

Aaron Baker and Hannah Beers added SpecGX LLC. 

Shery Feutz-Harter added University of Missouri.

David Jackson added State Technical College of Missouri.

Travis Lowe added Missouri Society of Professional Engineers.

Megan Luecke added The Missouri Bar.

Jeff Smith added Missouri Workforce Housing Association.

William May added Missouri Outdoor Advertising Association.

Charles Eric Lobser deleted Laclede Gar Company and Spire Inc.



Happy birthdays to Rep. Dan Shaul, Gary Fuhr, Curt Dougherty, and Jennae Neustadt.