MOScout Daily Update: Schmitt Taps Albus - Hummel Approached for BOA Prez? - Parson Open to Cig Tax and more...

Just a few bits while we tap our toes waiting for the treasurer announcement this week…


First in MOScout: Schmitt Taps Albus for Top Spot

Word is that Eric Schmitt will be installing Tom Albus as his First Assistant Attorney General.  As First Assistant, Albus will be Schmitt’s top lieutenant.

Albus has served in the U.S. Attorney’s Office for 16 years after starting his career with a brief three-year stint at Bryan Cave.

The choice of a non-political career attorney with a wide breadth of prosecutorial experience will likely be cheered by good government folks.

This May or May Not Be Relevant

Albus umped one of my son’s CYC baseball games, and my son felt Albus’ strike zone should have been wider.


Rumorville: Hummel Approached for BOA Prez

It’s said that former Sen. Jake Hummel was approached by various groups – including St. Louis cops – about running for president of the Board of Aldermen.  He reportedly demurred, citing a desire to keep his current job.

But it shows that there are some city constituencies still looking for an alternative candidate beside those already announced: incumbent Lewis Reed, Alderwoman Megan Green, and Sen. Jamiliah Nasheed.

Hummel’s wife, Sarah Wood Martin, is Alderwoman of Ward 11.


Franks on Facebook

There may be some controversy bubbling up around Rep. Bruce Franks.  A Facebook post from him yesterday hints that it has something to so with the St. Louis Agency on Training and Employment.

When politicians, minions and politics are trying to force you to resign by painting pictures of you that the community know is bullshit!

First it was frivolous/false/ campaign finance!

Then it was the bankruptcy!

Then it was rumblings about my divorce!

Now the community work that I’ve done with SLATE and the programs there. What we’ve built! The Anazing Job the entire SLATE team has done even those who aren’t there anymore! The amazing work Dr Alice Prince has put in for over a decade to becoming the new Director! My youth that care so deeply about!!! This is a new low! Anyone involved should be ashamed of themselves!

Go ask my youth what I’ve done for them!!!


Parson Open to Cigarette Tax

The mighty Jason Rosenbaum interview Governor Mike Parson. See it here.

Pull Quote: One recurring mantra of Parson’s governorship is his desire to improve the state’s workforce development. And one specific aspect of that goal is finding a state role in early childhood education.  Currently, it’s essentially local school districts’ responsibility to pay for early childhood programs. Parson said that may need to change.

“I think the state, at some point, will have to take a role in early childhood development — and understand that’s a long term goal,” Parson said. “Because if you start with a kid that’s 4 years old, it’s going to be 20 years before you reap the benefits of that. But I think the state at some point will have to figure out a revenue stream or make sure that’s an option to the schools. Just say, ‘hey, this is an option.’ And maybe it’s like kindergarten. You get a chance to opt in or opt out.”

Asked about whether that revenue source could, hypothetically, come from an increase in cigarette taxes, Parson replied: “I think you put everything on the table that’s out there, possibly.”


eMailbag on Women in Parson’s Inner Circle

In regard to the comment about Parson not having a woman in his inner circle, do we not think the First Lady gives feedback? She is with him at every stop, and a trusted advisor.


New Committees

Adam Jenning formed a candidate committee (Friends Of Adam Jenning) to run for House 69 as a Republican.

Tyler Gunlock formed a candidate committee (Gunlock For Missouri) to run for House 130 as a Democrat.


$5K+ Contributions

Missouri Senate Campaign Committee - $10,000 from Dealers Interested in Government.

Missouri Senate Campaign Committee - $7,500 from Missouri REALTORS PAC Inc.



Happy birthdays to former Reps. Dennis Fowler and Kevin Elmer, and Derrick Good.


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