MOScout Daily Update: CLEAN Day - Corlew, Curtis Resign - Sabato Starts MO Gubby Race a "Likely GOP" and more...


The CLEAN Missouri reforms are now in effect. 

There were a few resignations (see below) ahead of the deadline for the extended lobbying wait period; lobbyists are now limited to $5 gifts to legislators; the sunshine laws now apply to the legislative branch; and the redistricting process is set for a major overhaul barring action from the General Assembly and a vote of the people.

Most of the immediate angst is focused on the sunshine aspect as the assumption is the redistricting will be a fight for next year.  One fear some legislators have – that political opponents will use the sunshine laws to find embarrassing emails – is exacerbated by the fact that they are mostly unprepared to handle sunshine requests by having a written policy on their new roles are custodians of records.

The sooner that create a policy to follow, the less likely they are to make a dumb mistake that reverberates into a real problem.

And I was with a techie yesterday who scoffed at legislators “deleting emails.”  He laughed because those emails are still on servers and easily recalled; they’re not actually deleted as some might think.

Still, for all the hand-wringing the day will likely be uneventful.  One veteran denizen texted me yesterday… “The amount of eschatological predictions for tomorrow is mind boggling. The records, the gifts and the waiting periods. I am going to be surprised if the sun rises tomorrow…”


Corlew Resigns

In an email to constituents Kevin Corlew announced his resignation ahead of the CLEAN deadline.

I plan to go back to being a full-time attorney to support my family. As an attorney, however, I represent and advocate for clients in a variety of settings, including, for instance, in contractual negotiations, in the courtroom, and in front of governmental administrative agencies or legislative bodies… The new law is unclear as to what constitutes being a “paid lobbyist.” While I have no plans to "wine and dine" politicians, as some perceive the job of a lobbyist is, I don’t want to tie the hands of my clients for two years if they need representation on a matter that involves a governmental entity.


One MOScouter tells me that Courtney Curtis also resigned last night.  That conforms with his social media posts yesterday evening.

It was an honor and a pleasure! #73rd #UrbanIssues #Lifeafter73

Last picture of my office at the Missouri State Capitol! #73rd

Word is that he may be joining one of the new medical marijuana ventures, but of course, we’ll see….


RTW Talk

Right to work continues to be livewire for political discussion.  I had one conservative email yesterday, reiterating that Republicans felt little fall-out from being opposite Missouri voters on the issue.  “Let’s recognize that not a single incumbent Republican who voted for RTW lost, in a primary, or in a general.  On the other hand, one of the primary cheerleaders against RTW, Rep. Corlew, lost twice this year…for Senate and even to retain his House seat…”

And yet another long-time observer thinks Republican leadership should be careful about letting the Burlison bill advance very far.  “If Missouri GOP grown-ups hope to keep together the coalition that got 1.1 million votes for a gas tax increase (Prop D still died in the Red Surge one month ago), they’ll tamp down the RTW2 bullshit. Labor gave more than $1 million to the signature expenditure of The Mikes (Parson & Kehoe). It was a tangible effort to build a bridge to the Second Floor post-Greitens. Burlison wants to burn it down….”


Sabato Starts MO Gubby Race At Likely GOP

The widely-followed Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball has started the Missouri 2020 gubernatorial race as a “likely Republican” hold.  Of course, it’s early and things can change, but for Parson it’s a nice initial endorsement of his prospects.

[I]n Missouri, now-former Gov. Eric Greitens (R) resigned under duress earlier this year amidst the fallout of various scandals, putting now-Gov. Mike Parson (R), the separately-elected lieutenant governor, in charge. Ultimately, all three of these governors start as significant favorites, although Parson may have the most to prove given that he was not elected to his current job in his own right.


Two Bars

Rep. Chrissy Sommer’s HJR7 modifies the initiative petition process in an interesting way.  It says that if the citizens of Missouri collect signatures and refer a constitutional amendment to the ballot it requires two-thirds to pass, but if the legislature refers an amendment to the ballot it only requires 50%+1 vote.


Help Wanted

Kaufmann Foundation seeks Program Officer – Policy. “The Program Officer will manage a portfolio of grants and programmatic activities designed to improve public policy for entrepreneurs. This position will also provide in-house policy support and guidance to members of the Entrepreneurship Department.  Specific responsibilities include:  Manage all aspects of grantmaking related to entrepreneur advocacy and policy; Design and execute initiatives to advance Kauffman Foundation policy objectives; Convene multiple stakeholders and interests

in alignment with Kauffman Foundation policy objectives…” See the ad here.


New IPs

Damien Johnson submitted an initiative petition to allow electronic signatures on IPs.  See it here.


Lobbyists Registrations

Susan Trautman deleted Metropolitan Park and Recreation Dist DBA Great Rivers Greenway.

Kevin King deleted King, Krehbiel & Hellmich, LLC.

Gordon Pace deleted Missouri Association of Elementary School Principals, Missouri Association of School Business Officials, Missouri Association of Secondary School Principals, Missouri Council of Administrators of Special Education, Missouri Association of Rural Education, Missouri State High School Activities Association, Missouri United School Insurance Council, Mo K-8 Association, Missouri Council of School Administrators, and Missouri Association of School Administrators.


$5K+ Contributions

CLEAN Missouri - $36,000 from Action Now Initiative.

Nexus PAC - $8,000 from McCormack Baron Salazar, Inc.



Happy birthday to Joe Bednar.