MOScout Weekender: Labor Preps New IPs - Hallway Hearts Williams - MOScout Poll on Medicaid Expansion and more....

Labor Quickly Responds to New RTW Threat

I wrote yesterday (see it here) about KSDK’s report (see that here) that the governor’s staff had researched the feasibility of attempting to pass right to work on a county-by county basis assuming that the statewide effort would fail.

It sent shockwaves through the political world because the 2-1 margin of defeat for RTW had created the assumption that the issue was dead – for a while at least.

Now there’s the prospect of a Plan B floating out there.

Apparently in response, labor leader Mike Louis quickly filed four initiative petitions.  They are variations on the same idea: prohibiting local jurisdictions from implementing right to work.  See one of them here.

What It Means

It raises the specter of another huge labor mobilization in 2020.  That’s not appealing to Republicans regardless of how bravely they talk about the limited damage that they suffered in last month’s election.


MOScout Poll: Medicaid Expansion

This week’s poll looks at the issue of Medicaid expansion.  See the full results here.

Q: Do you favor expanding Medicaid to cover individuals up to 138% of the federal poverty level?

Yes: 46%

No: 33%

Not sure: 21%

Q: Some budget analysts believe that Medicaid expansion will result in net savings to the state budget.  Would you favor Medicaid expansion if it would save the state money?

Yes: 68%

No: 17%

Not sure: 15%

Q: Some budget analysts believe Medicaid expansion will cost between $100-$200 million annually.  Would you favor Medicaid expansion if a new tax were required to pay for it?

Yes: 32%

No: 51%

Not sure: 17%


Also Parson’s approval rating continues to grow, now at net +28%, up from +22% when I polled it last month. 

Q: Do you approve or disapprove of Mike Parson’s job performance as Governor of Missouri?

Approve: 46%

Disapprove: 18%

Not sure: 36%


MOScout’s Hallway Index: Senate Rising Star?

This week, I asked my pool of lobbyists and building denizens: Pick the rising star... from the Senate's freshman class?  29 responses…  Generally speaking the total newcomers did better than the former state reps.


Lauren Arthur… 13.8%

Mike Bernskoetter… 3.4%

Justin Brown… 0%

Eric Burlison… 0%

Lincoln Hough… 10.3%

Tony Luetkemeyer… 27.5%

Karla May… 0%

Cindy O’Laughlin… 6.9%

Bill White… 0%

Brian Williams… 37.9%

Sample of Comments

Lauren Arthur… “People keep underestimating her.  She’s the real deal and is likely a player for a number of years…”

Lincoln Hough… “Most likely freshman to effectively work across the aisle…”

Brian Williams… “Intelligent, charismatic, and strategic.  His biggest limitation will be that he’s a member of the minority party… If I had a second vote it would go to Tony Luetkemeyer. But everyone already sees Tony’s potential. I voted for Brian because I think a lot of people have overlooked him.”


Who Won the Week?

Mike Parson – Approval rating climbs in MOScout poll, big fundraisers should power a strong January quarter, and Sabato’s Crystal Ball starts the 2020 gov’s race with a “likely GOP” rating.

Renee Hulshof – Suddenly the hot name in the Treasurer sweepstakes.

Brian Williams – Wins the Hallway Index vote as a rising star in the Senate’s freshman class.  One lobbyist gushes “may be the most dynamic person in the Senate.”

Virginia Young – With a spot job for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Young reminds everyone of that her fearless pen still has plenty of ink left in it.

See a downloadable version here.


Help Wanted

The Harry S Truman School of Public Affairs at the University of Missouri (MU) seeks Director for the Institute of Public Policy. “IPP works to examine critical public policy issues for policy makers and citizens through non-partisan research and policy analysis, program evaluation, training, and consulting. IPP’s capacity and expertise has recently been expanded by a merger with the Office of Social Economic Data Analysis (OSEDA).  For 40 years, OSEDA has provided decision and policy support by developing tools to gather and manage data, including developing web-based applications, data management and data analysis systems, and providing the expertise to transform data into useful information through applied research…”  See it here.


Lobbyist Registrations

Thomas Robbins and Steven Tilley added Federal Storage; and deleted Missourians for Compassionate Care.

Josh Schisler added PharmLabs LLC, Kasnas City Concentrates, and Proteam Brady LLC; and deleted Hailey’s Angels, and Conservatives Against the Death Penalty.

Brenda Roling added Missouri Psychiatric Physicians Association.

Aimee Redhair deleted UCB Inc.

Eapen Thampy deleted Better Way Missouri.


$5K+ Contributions

UAW Region 5 Midwest State Political Action Committee (PAC) (MO) - $6,000 from UAW Region 5 Exchange Account.