Friday, June 16, 2017

Hot Senate 18 Primary Shaping Up

With Sen. Brian Munzlinger term limited, there’s looks to be a hot primary shaping up to replace him.  Rep. Craig Redmon was seen as the front-runner early on, but some developments are making the primary seem wide open now.

For starters, Club for Growth Treasurer and GOP activist Cindy O’Laughlin is rumored to be prepping a run.  If so, she’d she will likely be a fundraising juggernaut (Rex et al) and supported by the “Eigel Caucus” in the Senate.  It’s said that her entry is motivated by Redmon's votes on school choice in the past.

Rep. Lindell Shumake, too, is believed to have an interest in the seat, as does Rep. Nate Walker.  One observer says Walker would be “the establishment candidate.”

O’Laughlin and Walker both have ties to Axiom Strategies while Shumake has always worked with Palm Strategies’ Jonathan Ratliff.

We’ll see how it all shakes out, but Redmon look to be in dog-fight regardless.


The MOScout Weekly Poll will survey this race.  Results to your in-box Sunday morning…


Haahr Fundy

Rep. Elijah Haahr – considered to be the front-runner to become the next speaker – had a fundraiser last night.  See the invite here.

One the one hand it shows Haahr will be more than capable in raising money for his caucus.  On the other, some Republicans might worry about his closeness to the legal community as Simon Law Firm was one of the hosts.


Opioid Front

St. Louis Business Journal reports that the state of Tennessee is following the lead of other states in suing pharmaceutical companies for their part in the opioid epidemic.  See it here.


Could Missouri be next?  Attorney General Josh Hawley has a press conference for an “Opioid Announcement” scheduled for Wednesday next week.  We’ll see….


Circus Chamber

There’s a sharp editorial in today’s St. Louis Business Journal.  See it here (might be behind paywall).  It comes on the heels of an anonymous letter that’s been circulating which accuses Chamber topper Joe Reagan of failed leadership.

With stagnant growth, St. Louis can no longer afford distractions. That word doesn’t begin to describe what’s happening at the St. Louis Regional Chamber.  Circus is more like it. The organization, which employs some 40 people, should be an important player in fueling the region’s success. It says it acts as a chamber of commerce for more than 1,000 members and also does economic development deals. But it’s worth questioning the job it’s been doing and whether it can effectively carry out those missions now….  A high level of transparency is now needed. The executive committee must publicly address its findings regarding each part of the letter and beyond. That review should be timely. The committee should also demonstrate to the chamber’s members, who pay at least $3.2 million of its $9.5 million budget, how the chamber is positioned to help the region grow. Failing that, members should ask themselves whether it’s worth continuing to pay annual dues, which run from $550 to upward of $300,000, according to a former employee.


Stenger  Amends Reports

Post-Dispatch reports that St. Louis County Executive Steve Stengerdid not disclose that any of his donors had a contractual relationship with the county, as state law requires… After the Post-Dispatch questioned Stenger’s reports and provided his campaign with a list of donations from companies and individuals who appeared to have county contracts, the campaign amended its campaign reports to disclose seven such donors…”


Gov Does DC – Again

Governor Eric Greitens quickly signed the Rone special session bill (after being jabbed about the delay on the Senate floor the night before), and then jetted off to DC where he was spotted in the background of a Trump presser.  (Maybe not the best screenshot….)



Word is that the Ozark Leadership PAC raised $30K in its first fundraiser…


On Facebook, Sen. Bob Dixon takes issue with the governor’s talk of vacation: Glad to be home from super duper extra "special" session and back to work restoring a run-down property in central Springfield. We're pouring a foundation footer under a rebuilt porch. My bride took a vacation day to help make up for lost time due to special session #2. Between teaching at Drury this summer & fall and jump-starting a real estate career w RE/MAX House of Brokers......What vacation is he talking about?


$5K+ Contributions

Professional Fire Fighters of Eastern Missouri 2665 PAC Fund - $6,000 from Professional Firefighters of Eastern Missouri.



Happy birthdays to Congressman Jason Smith, Reps. Bill White and Bob Burns, and John Pelzer.

Saturday: Sam Licklider, Barbara Fraser, and Lincoln Hough.

Sunday: Rep. Jay Mosley and Logan Thompson.