Friday, September 15, 2017

Driving the Day: Stockley Verdict

Governor Eric Greitens readied the National Guard, and released a joint statement with Christina Wilson, the fiancée of Anthony Lamar Smith.  Mayor Lyda Krewson released a second message urging understanding.

It seems that today is the day.  See the Post-Dispatch’s coverage of the case and possible unrest ahead.

Pull Quote: With courthouse barricades up, police presence expanded and National Guard troops on standby, St. Louis is braced for Friday’s anticipated verdict in the murder trial of a white police officer accused of executing a black motorist.  Former St. Louis police Officer Jason Stockley maintains the 2011 shooting death of Anthony Lamar Smith was in self-defense. If he is acquitted of a first-degree murder charge, officials fear the inevitable protests could turn violent. Some activists have hinted as much.


Parson Feeling His Way

Lieutenant Governor Mike Parson is trying to be a different kind of LG.  Missouri got comfortable with the Peter Kinder style of LG-ing.  That way was handle the gravel at the start of each Senate day for about a half-hour, but otherwise travel he state talking to Republican groups, and pop onto radio shows and cable shows here or there and spit some fire at the Democratic president.

Parson, by contrast, appears to be trying to lead the Senate.  So far it isn’t working.

He held press conferences, and has called for two special sessions.  So far the Senate hasn’t followed his lead on either issue.

He jumped in front of the parade to expel Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal, and then he called for a special session to deal with budget cuts impacting seniors.  Neither happened.

Parson’s problem is that he has very few levers of power.  Really he only has two at his disposal.  The first is the microphone.  And as these episodes show, he can call a press conference, generate a news story, even capture a news cycle. But the impact dissipates relatively quickly.

His second tool is his personal relationships with the senators, his former colleagues.  Again, this is limited.  The Senate is its own beast.  To put it succinctly: They don’t want a 35th senator.

One Republican thinks that Parson undermined his own standing as a leader by not providing a course of action.  When he called for a special session on the budget cuts without providing a blueprint to pay for restoration, he was dismissed as grandstanding.  (“You want to be relevant and effective you better have an opinion on how to do differently”).  Likewise this person thought when he wiffed on Rep. Warren Love’s transgression and said it was for the House to determine, he lost the moral ground on which he had previously been standing.


Follow-Up on Turk

Yesterday I reported that Jacob Turk was launching a bid to get on the Senate 8 special election ballot as an Independent.  I wondered if Turk, a well-known Republican, could split votes with Rep. Mike Cierpiot, the Republican nominee and create a path for the Dems to take the red seat.

Here’s the thoughts of one astute observer: “I don't think that could happen under any circumstance. That has to be one of the most GOP heavy districts in the state. Every state rep in the 8th is a Republican. I still think Cierpiot wins; Turk has not fared well in General Elections losing six straight. (Or has it been seven straight?).  [Plus Cierpiot] is very well organized for this one. The Senate Majority Fund won't be happy if they have to spend extra money in this

race because of Turk. [Instead] Turk should cut a deal to be the nominee to replace Cierpiot in the House…”


New Committees

Several new PACs were formed with Nathan White as their treasurer and with the same address.  They are: Jackson County PAC,Northwest Missouri PAC, and Rural Missouri PAC.


Sam Gladney formed a candidate committee (Gladney For Missouri) to run as a Democrat for House 87.  This is Rep. Stacey Newman’s seat.  She’s termed.  It’s a safe Democratic district. There will likely be a spirited primary.  Gladney had previously been mentioned as a possible congressional candidate – when it was thought that Congresswoman Ann Wagner would be running for U.S. Senate.  Gladney is the son of labor leader Ron Gladney.


Bill Essmann formed a candidate committee (Citizens For Bill Essmann) to run as a Republican for House 32.  The current incumbent, Jeanie Lauer, is termed.


KC Leadership Fund, a PAC, was formed.  Its treasurer is Eric Hanley.

9th Ward Democrats, a PAC, was formed.  Its treasurer is Bryan Walsh.


Glorioso Passes

Kansas City Star reports on the death of political consultant, Steve GloriosoSee it here.

Glorioso was born in Kansas City’s old Northeast neighborhood, attended Catholic schools and helped stump for his stepfather, who was a Gladstone councilman and mayor.  But the late 1960s radicalized him. He attended Villanova University in suburban Philadelphia from 1966 to 1970, and then traveled the world, spending two months in India. Those experiences opened his eyes to poverty and racial tensions.  While in graduate school, he worked part-time for Kansas City’s longtime 5th District congressman, Dick Bolling, who instilled in him a fervor for reform… In 1974, Glorioso helped Jackson County Executive George Lehr defeat John Ashcroft for state auditor. He worked for Jackson County government and the federal government until Ronald Reagan became president.  Then he worked for a firm that helped commercial property owners appeal their tax bills. The company was sold, and Glorioso made a lot of money, which he used to buy The New Times, an alternative newspaper…


Today’s Events

From Mary Scruggs’ indispensable calendar:

Sen. Dave Schatz Golf – Sullivan Country Club – 9AM.

Reps. Derek Grier & Mark Matthiesen Reception – 14 Arrowhead Estates Ln. – Chtrfld – 4:30PM.

Rep. Rusty Black Music Fest Fundraiser – 9083 LIV 529 – Chillicothe – 7:30PM.


$5K+ Contributions

MO Insurance Coalition PAC - $7,500 from RGA Enterprise Services Company.



Happy birthdays to Rep. Holly Rehder.

Saturday: former Sen. Joan Bray, Nicole Brown, and Jim Kottmeyer.

Sunday: Lieutenant Governor Mike Parson, William Webster, Margaret Kelly, and Tom McDonald.