Thursday August 17, 2017

First in MOScout: Complaint Against Hawley

Margaret Booker has requested that Boone County Clerk Taylor Burks investigate Attorney General Josh Hawley voting in a jurisdiction different from that of his legal residence.  See the request here along with Burks’ polite, professional, curt reply here.

Burks was appointed a few weeks ago to the position by Governor Eric Greitens after the Boone County Republican Central Committee recommended him.

Booker’s twitter account gives the appearance that she’s a good Democrat, by the way.

What It Means: Booker argues that there’s precedent for prosecuting this type of case.  Still it’s hard to believe the new Clerk won’t wave this aside, while Hawley declares that now he’s really really moved into Jefferson City.  What it does do though is bring another round or two of news articles about this embarrassment to Hawley.  And it’s fodder for a negative ad – depending on how it polls….


Formula Follow-Up

A couple of readers have thoughts about the expected increase in the education foundation formula for next year’s budget.  We’ll know DESE’s request by October 1.

One ed watcher: A large portion of the increase is from the impact of early childhood funding

kicking in and districts that currently operate pre-K programs being eligible to receive state funds for their students eligible for free and reduced-price lunch… Going forward, if sufficient funding is not appropriated in FY 19 to fully fund the formula, it will result in millions of dollars moving from formula districts to hold harmless districts as a result of HB 1689 (2014). In that bill, Sen. Schmitt inserted language into that bill that changed the way DESE distributes funding when

the formula is not fully funded. Without a significant change in revenue projections or discussions regarding revenue enhancements, next year’s budget process could be even uglier than last year’s…

And another: One action on the legislature’s part could be to slow down the pre-k piece, implement it over several years…


Happening This Morning

At 8AM, at the State Fair this morning is the Governor’s Ham Breakfast.  See it here.

It will be followed by a Republican “Salute to Agriculture Rally” (see it here) featuring Governor Eric Greitens, U.S. Senator Roy Blunt, Lt. Governor Mike Parson, Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft, State Treasurer Eric Schmitt, Attorney General Josh Hawley, and “other Republican leaders….”


Senate 20: 2016 Burlison Clip

There’s a clip from last summer making the rounds of Eric Burlison talking about Christian faith and governing. Listen to it here (14 minute mark).  Was it a swing at the religion of then-gubernatorial candidate Eric Greitens?

“There are candidates running for governor that do not have a Christian faith, and that doesn’t mean that they’re unqualified for the job…. But I do think as a gut check as a voter you need to look up what these people believe in because that tells you where they are rooted.  And once where a tree is rooted you can’t grow, its positions will not sway too much farther…”


Grain Belt Express

Post-Dispatch reports that the Grain Belt Express, “a multistate transmission line for wind energy from Kansas was again tripped up Wednesday by regulators in Missouri, which for years has been the only one of four states to withhold approval… [T]he PSC determined that a recent court decision requires counties to approve the project first…. the PSC’s five commissioners all voted Wednesday to deny Grain Belt Express’ application for a certificate of right of convenience or necessity, which would enable the project to use eminent domain. Four of the commissioners, however, said they would sign a concurrence to signal that the certificate would have been granted if not for the Mark Twain decision, which the state Supreme Court declined to review despite a request from the commission….” See it here.


Missouri Farm Bureau likes the decision but is nervous about the commissioners’ talk.  “We support the PSC’s decision denying Clean Line Energy the use of eminent domain power for its Grain Belt Express power line project; however, we are concerned with issues raised by some commissioners who expressed disappointment in a related court ruling requiring consent by all affected counties.  Missouri Farm Bureau will seek to strengthen protections restricting the use of eminent domain power.”    See it here.

Renew Missouri’s James Owen: “For the past six months, Governor Eric Greitens has promised to drain Jefferson City of job-killing regulations and to declare Missouri open for business. Governor Greitens’ silence on the Grain Belt Express shows that this was nothing but talk. Clean Line’s proposed Grain Belt Express transmission line would provide clean, affordable energy to thousands of Missouri residents and save Missourians millions every year. It is also a shovel-ready project that would create jobs immediately in a rural part of the state crying out for opportunities. Governor Greitens’ administration heard these cries and chose to ignore them…”


One MOScouter finds the Renew Missouri statement ridiculous. “Apparently James Owen wants to turn his association into a partisan group. Someone might remind him that the entire PSC was appointed by Jay Nixon…”


Reichard to Coalition for Community Behavioral Healthcare

In the Help Wanted (below) the Missouri Dental Association is looking for a new Legislative and Regulatory Director.  Katie Reichard, who has served in that position the last few years, is headed to become Director of Policy and Strategic Communications for the MO Coalition for Community Behavioral Healthcare.


Wolf Appointed Judge

Gov. Eric Greitens has appointed George E. Wolf of Kansas City as Circuit Court Judge for the 16th Judicial Circuit, which covers Jackson County.  Wolf will replace Judge Brent Powell, whom Governor Greitens appointed to the Missouri Supreme Court earlier this year. George Wolf has more than 30 years of experience litigating complex civil cases as a partner at Shook, Hardy & Bacon in Kansas City.


ID-ing the Marchers

Springfield News-Leader reports that one of the angry neo-Nazi men in those ubiquitous Charlottesville photos has been identified, and he’s a Missourian.  See it here.

Photographs depicting Lebanon native and former Springfield resident Ted Von Nukem in a black shirt with his mouth open and a tiki torch in hand have been plastered across prominent national news sites…He currently lives "between Springfield and Joplin."

"The rally was not a racist rally. It was a rally to save our history," Von Nukem said, adding that he would also not like to see Union statues removed. Von Nukem said he's a supporter of President Donald Trump and does not identify with some of the groups which attended the protest, including white supremacist, alt-right, neo-Nazi and pro-Confederate groups. "I don't mind showing solidarity with them," Von Nukem added…


Riverfront Times says another is “Clark Canepa, who is undoubtedly pissed about the oppression he endured as a lacrosse player at Ladue Horton Watkins High School, was recorded in a Vice News video as he marched and chanted "You will not replace us!" He pops up about eighteen seconds in.”   See it here.


Help Wanted

The Missouri Dental Association (MDA) seeks a Legislative & Regulatory Director.  “This individual, under the direction of the MDA Executive Director, is responsible for the direction of the legislative and regulatory activities of the Association… Projects this individual will be responsible for managing include (but are not limited to): Develop and maintain an effective advocacy program to represent the interests of the Association membership to the state legislature and governmental agencies as appropriate… Direct development of necessary education and/or public relations campaigns in consultation with MDA Communications Director and Executive Director to enlist grassroots action on legislation…Closely monitor the state and federal electoral process and provide direction to the MODentPAC Board and others with respect to campaign contributions in support of candidates who are supportive of the dental profession and MDA…”   See the ad here.


eMailbag on PACs

Unless we're completely lacking in the humor department, I expect the following PACs to be formed at some point in the future: RatPAC, PACman, mrsPACman, BackPAC, SnackPAC, alPACa, SixPAC, zPAC, Leader of the PAC, ExpansionPAC, ActionPAC, StarterPAC, and IcePAC…


Today’s Events

From Mary Scruggs’ indispensable calendar:

August 17-19: HRCC Summer Caucus – Tan-Tar-A Resort – Lake Ozarks.


Lobbyists Registrations

Alexander Cartwright added University of Missouri.

Matthew Coburn added BNY Mellon.

Ronald Randen deleted Koch Companies Public Sector LLC and affiliates, and Ronald Randen.


$5K+ Contributions

Liberty Alliance - $50,000 from Construction Legal Rights Foundation.



Happy birthday to David Berry and Vernon Scoville.