Thursday, May 25, 2017

House Passes Rone Bill

The House passed Rep. Don Rone’s bill yesterday.  It heads to the Senate today.  Because the House has only addressed the first part of the governor’s call – the narrow changes to help land a steel mill and a smelter restart – there seems to be much less resistance in the Senate than originally appeared.

One does wonder how whether the governor’s office will feel a little embarrassment that the Republican majority legislature has basically ignored half his call.

See Celeste Bott’s article here.


Should Chambers Register?

After the big New Missouri rally to pass the bootheel economic development bill, the Post Dispatch’s Kurt Erickson asks, shouldn’t there be a lobbyist registration from that group since they’re trying to influence legislation?  See it here.

I wrote about this back on March 10.  This was based on Jason Hancock’s original article where Greitens political advisor Austin Chambers says his new non-profit will be advocating for legislation.  He’s not a paid member of the governor’s staff.  It seems pretty simple to me: if part of your job is to try to help pass or kill legislation, register.


Pam Dixon to DC

Pam Dixon, a top staffer during Peter Kinder’s gubernatorial campaign, will be joining the Trump administration.  Word is that Dixon has accepted a position as Press Secretary for the General Services Administration. She starts on June 12.


Follow-Up on Commerce Switch

I am told that the reason for the Wasson/Kraus swap on Commerce is that Sen. Will Kraus isn’t in attendance this special session.  So the switch is temporary and not issue related.


GOP Raising $$$ On CD-2

The Dems recently added Missouri’s 2nd Congressional to their “target” list.  Republicans sent out a fundraising email blast as if Wagner is running for re-election. Everyone assumes that she is running for US Senate against Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill.

From: "Ann Wagner" <>

> Date: May 24, 2017 at 4:01:02 PM CDT

> Subject: BREAKING: Dems target Missouri

> Reply-To:



> Please find a special message from one of our sponsors, Ann Wagner for Congress.

> We’ve just learned that Democrats will target me in 2018, and spend untold money

to silence our voice. Help me fight back by donating today.

> Donate

> This is huge.

> We’re learning that starting now, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

is making me a top target in the 2018 campaign.

> You read that right. Nancy Pelosi and the out of touch liberals that make up the

House Democrats believe that I am vulnerable because of my commitment to our

conservative values. They are planning to flood money into Missouri’s 2nd District

and spread lies about me and my record.

> If we work together, we can show Democrats that they’ve picked the wrong battle.

> Donate any amount right now to stand up for Missouri values against liberal attacks:

> Thank you,

> Ann Wagner



St. Louis Business Journal reports that “Rodney Hubbard Sr.’s public housing nonprofit is suing Clayton developer Capstone Development Group LLC and a related entity, alleging they failed to make required payments totaling at least $127,000… He is the husband of former Missouri state Rep. Penny Hubbard, and the father of former state Rep. Rodney Hubbard Jr. and St. Louis Alderman Tammika Hubbard.…”  See it here.


Roberts for House 161. Crystal Thomas reports on that Lane Roberts, the former Department of Public Safety, announced he’s running for Rep. Bill White’s seat.  White is termed, and running for Sen. Ron Richard’s seat.


New Committees

Mid Missouri Leadership PAC was formed.  Its treasurer is Leasa Day.

Grace River PAC was formed.  Just like Ridgley PAC yesterday, its treasurer is Kristin Blanchard Ansley, and its address is the same as Garrett Graves Law firm.

Benton County Democratic Party Club was formed.  It’s a PAC.  Its treasurer is Judy Schmutz.


eMailbag on No Coorindation

Regarding the Team Greitens dodginess: as my Ozarks hillbilly grandpa used to say: "He lies when the truth would be just as good."


eMailbag on Dark Voting

Should we also repeal Art. III, Sections 22, 26, and 27, etc., (requiring recorded roll call votes in committee and on the floor) and amend House and Senate rules to allow secret ballot votes on all bills, so we can avoid individual "legislator intimidation"?  Seems like a logical next step, based on this line of reasoning.


Lobbyists Registrations

Guy Black added Swiss Re Management Corporation.

Jeff Brooks added Macquarie Infrastructure & Real Assets Inc.

Garnett Stokes, Darryl Chatman and Jeff Layman added University of Missouri.

Todd Velnosky added Rockwood Asset Management.

Kurt Spencer Wittenauer added Rockwood Management Corporation, Dba Rockwood Group.

John Fairfield deleted Foutch Brothers LLC.

Jonathon Dalton deleted Taxed Enough Already.


$5K+ Contributions

We Are Missouri - $27,500 from Missouri AFL-CIO Special Registration.

Civic Progress Action Committee - $13,000 from Enterprise Holdings Inc. Political Action Committee.



Happy birthdays to Sen. Ed Emery, Rep. Rebecca Roeber, former Speaker Tim Jones, Amy Blouin, and Gus Wagner.