Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Plocher Kick-Off

Rep. Dean Plocher has an event tonight to “kick-off” his re-election bid.  (It’s at Bishop's Post in Chesterfield.)

His special guest is Congresswoman Ann Wagner.

Look for a well-attended event as Plocher is someone with leadership potential.  His district (the old Diehl seat) is one of the wealthiest in the state which makes a good spot from which to fundraise for the House Republican Campaign Committee.  He sits on the Economic Development Committee which can generate relationships with business leaders.  And he’s well-liked by his colleagues.

A few years ago, Linda Rallo and Brian Schmidt created a model to try to predict which freshmen would be most likely to become speaker six years down the line.  Based on their model Plocher would among the top of his class.

Scooplette: Others who ranked high in their model… Reps. Bruce DeGroot, Jean Evans, Derek Greier, and Hannah Kelly ….


Martin For Senate Mostly Brings Yawn

Following Ed Martin’s disparaging tweet about Josh Hawley not denouncing Jack Danforth, I did a quick survey of Republican politicos to take their temperature on a possible insurgent campaign by Martin.  Could Martin be a potential problem for Hawley?  “An embarrassment but not a problem” sums up the general view.

Though one imagined Claire McCaskill “would prop him up like she did Akin,” most were unconcerned by the possibility.  “[Martin would be a] nuisance. Might actually help with fundraising for [Hawley.]

A few focused on Martin’s lack of fundraising capacity as a barrier to him being a real threat to Hawley.  “Hawley seems to have donors locked up. Martin would have a tough time raising enough to get noticed. No matter his coziness to the Trump camp, they aren't know for their generosity…”

And – “The AG's race proved that he had burned his most loyal fundraising assets. Heck, Ann Cori held 5 events for Ed for Congress in '10 and now he and she are embroiled in a myriad of lawsuits.  If he can't raise $$, he's a gadfly….”

Finally one ascribed selfless motives to the jab: “Ed is simply trying to keep party and candidates to the right and to keep other moderates from challenging Josh…”


First in MOScout: Greitens Gives First Survey Reaction

From: Governor's Office

Sent: Thursday, August 24, 2017

Subject: Update on Our Workforce Survey - What You Told Us

Dear Colleagues,

I want to update you on where we stand with our first-ever comprehensive survey of our team – the people who serve the citizens of Missouri every day in our 16 executive departments.

When we launched the survey back in July, I committed to you that we would take action. We are.

Yesterday, I met with our 16 Cabinet directors and commissioners to review the initial results. We still have a lot of work to do, but there are some clear, early messages:  You want to be heard…. You care…. You want change. Most of you reported that we are not focused on what our fellow citizens need and what we can do to serve them. Most of you also do not have clear direction in your departments and commissions. Without clear direction, most of you reported that you do not see how your daily work contributes to higher goals. Most of you said that you don’t have a clear standard of what “good” or excellent work looks like, and so you don’t see consistency in how people are held accountable.… We will not be able to tackle everything at once. But I and our entire Cabinet team are committed to making change that matters in the coming weeks, months, and years.

The message you have sent is loud and clear: we need to get the basics right. To start, we need to focus on what citizens need, and provide clear direction so that we can serve them better…


WAPO: McCaskill Profile

Washington Post profiles Senator Claire McCaskill, “the most endangered Democrat in the Senate.”  See it here.

Pull Quote: Of course, in today’s political circus, where the star of the scandalous “Access Hollywood” tape is now the president, McCaskill isn’t so sure that “legitimate rape” would even qualify as a legitimate controversy. “It certainly wouldn’t be as noteworthy,” she said.


And despite her attack-dog reputation, McCaskill has long seen value in picking her battles…Today, McCaskill may be making a similar calculation. The best way to fight Trump is to win. And the best way to win, she seems to have decided, is to not fight Trump….


So at her appearances across the state, McCaskill seems more interested in talking about the price of hearing aids, bipartisan efforts to fix health care, or a bill she’s working on to provide aid to World War II veterans exposed to mustard gas, than she is in litigating the culture wars or talking about the president. It shouldn’t be surprising: Missouri has had trouble choosing sides ever since its residents fought for both the North and the South in the Civil War. Today, it’s the swingiest of swing states, and the land of both Ferguson and Rush Limbaugh. McCaskill knows the importance of finding balance on terrain that’s liable to shift, and shift again.


PAC World Debate Rages…

[Yesterday’s] Dissenter's… beef - concealing actual recipient's identity – presumes that corporations are illegally controlling independent PAC contributions and expenditures. Presuming malfeasance to support one's political perspective is convenient but not intellectually honest. The law here is settled and simple: corporations may contribute as much as they please to as many PACs as they want; they just can't control where it goes from there.



In this NYTimes article, it looks like Missouri is not among the Anti-DAGA AGs.  We’ll see if Attorney General Josh Hawley moves to change that.


The Missouri Ethics Commission dismissed a complaint against Bates County’s Danielle Rolph of nepotism (see it here), and dismissed a complaint against Ray County’s Shannon Wollard of conflict of interest (see it here).


Missouri Times reports that Rep. Bart Korman is exploring a run for floor leader.  Part of his platform is two spring breaks.  Maybe no homework and extra ice cream would seal the deal….


New Committees

Burks for Boone was formed.  This is the candidate committee for Taylor Burks, the new Boone County Clerk.  He was appointed by Governor Eric Greitens last month, and must run for re-election next summer.  His treasurer is Greg Steinhoff, former head of DED.  His deputy treasurer is Craig Stevenson.


Help Wanted

Missouri KidsFirst seeks Public Policy Program Director. “The Public Policy Program Director position is responsible for providing leadership for our public policy and advocacy work, working collaboratively with agency staff, board, and member child advocacy centers. Building and maintaining professional relationships with elected policy makers, government agencies and other constituencies and stakeholders are essential roles of this position.”  See the ad here.


Today’s Events

From Mary Scruggs’ indispensable calendar:

Rep. Dean Plocher Reception – Bishop’s Post – Chesterfield – 6PM.


Lobbyists Registrations

Brian Bernskoetter added O’Reilly Auto Parts.

Josh Schisler added Missouri Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty; and deleted Missourians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty.

Sarah Gentry deleted Missouri Health Care for All.


$5K+ Contributions

KC Transportation Transit and Tourism Committee (KC3T) - $15,000 from Lathrop Gage LLP.

KC Transportation Transit and Tourism Committee (KC3T) - $50,000 from Kansas City Power & Light.

CLEAN Missouri - $50,000 from Planned Parenthood Great Plains Votes.



Happy birthdays to Robin Smith and Jack Atterberry.