Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Moon Explains Special Session

Just when you think Missouri hasn’t had enough exposure on the late night opening monologues Rep. Mike Moon delivers again… See his Facebook video here, where he talks about the pro-life special session while killing snapping the head off a chicken….


Ruzicka Resigns

Former Rep. Don Ruzicka resigned, yielding to pressure brought on by allegations that he was clowning around when he should have been doing his job on the Board of Probation and Parole.

Greitens statement: “The reports of Mr. Ruzicka’s actions were disturbing. Playing games at parole board hearings is unacceptable behavior. I’m grateful to Board Chairman Kenny Jones and Director Anne Precythe for their leadership. Our criminal justice system must keep people safe and protect the dignity of all Missourians.”


Senate to Form Investigative Committee?

Sen. Jason Holsman filed SR4.  See it here.  It calls for the Senate to launch an investigative committee to look at various shady stuff the governor’s folks are doing with campaign finance and ethics laws – and report its findings to the feds.  I assume this goes nowhere.  But with four Republican co-sponsors (Sens. Bob Dixon, Doug Libla, Rob Schaaf, and Ryan Silvey) it’s not nothing either.

From the resolution…

Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved that the members of the Missouri Senate, Ninety-ninth General Assembly, Second Extraordinary Session, hereby establish an investigative committee to be comprised of three Senators appointed by the President Pro Tempore of the Senate and two Senators appointed by the Senate Minority Leader; and Be It Further Resolved that the committee shall hold such hearings, and subpoena such witnesses and documents under the hand of the President Pro Tempore of the Senate, as necessary to investigate any misconduct, crimes, corruption in office, or any offense involving moral turpitude or oppression in office committed by Governor Greitens in connection with his illegal use of a donor list from The Mission Continues, the failure of the Governor’s lobbying organization to register as such, and the clear coordination of the Governor’s official office, political campaign and lobbying organization… Be It Further Resolved that the committee shall, at the conclusion of its investigation, issue a report on its findings to the full Senate and the Missouri House of Representatives and forward such findings to the appropriate state or federal law enforcement agency if needed.


Special Session Basics

The main vehicle of special session, Sen. Bob Onder’s bill, can be found here.


Pro Tem Ron Richard shuffled a few members of the Committee on Seniors, Families and Children where the legislation will be sent.  Like last session these moves are presumably made because some members are absent this week.  Sens. Jeanie Riddle and Gary Romine are off, and Sens. Ed Emery and Wayne Wallingford are on.


And here’s “The Call” for those who are interested….

I HEREBY state that the action of said General Assembly is deemed necessary concerning each matter specifically designated and limited hereinafter as follows:

  1. To amend section 197.200, RSMo, to define “Abortion Facility” or “Abortion Facilities;”
  2. To amend section 197.200, RSMo, by deleting the portion of the definition of “ambulatory surgical center” that includes “any establishment operated for the purpose of performing or inducing any second or third-trimester abortions or five or more first-trimester abortions per month;”
  3. To amend chapters 188, 191, 192, 197, and 595 so that each and every applicable section and subsection applies to “Abortion Facility” or “Abortion Facilities;”
  4. To amend section 197.215, RSMo, to require that “Abortion Facilities” provide affirmative evidence that each person performing an abortion is a physician currently licensed to practice in Missouri;
  5. To add a new subsection to § 197.225, RSMo, that authorizes the Department of Health and Senior Services to adopt rules, regulations, and standards regarding patient health and safety that apply to ambulatory surgical centers and, separately, that apply to “Abortion Facility” or “Abortion Facilities;”
  6. To add a new subsection to § 197.230, RSMo, that requires the Department of Health and Senior Services to annually inspect every “Abortion Facility” for safety and compliance with state law and to establish the requirements of such inspections;
  7. To add a new section to chapter 188 that preempts a political subdivision from enacting a law or policy that adversely affects the legal rights of a person or entity due to that person or entity’s view on abortion; acknowledges those legal rights; and establishes judicial mechanisms to protect those legal rights;
  8. To add a new subsection to § 188.021, RSMo, that requires “Abortion Facilities” to submit to the Department of Health and Senior Services their plans for dealing with complications resulting from certain abortions, to obtain approval from the Department of Health and Senior Services of these complication plans; and, further, to authorize the Department of Health and Senior Services to adopt rules, regulations, and standards governing these plans;
  9. To amend sections 188.027.9 and 188.039.6, RSMo, to define “qualified professional” as a physician who has referred the woman to the physician who is to perform the abortion, or to an advance practice registered nurse engaged in a collaborative practice agreement with the physician who is to perform the abortion, as provided for in section 334.104, RSMo;
  10. To add a new section to chapter 574 that prohibits a person, while working in an “Abortion Facility,” from knowingly ordering, requesting, or attempting to prevent medical personnel or emergency services personnel from providing care to a patient in accordance with ordinary standards of care for reasons unrelated to that patient’s health or welfare;
  11. To add a new subsection to § 188.075, RSMo, that allows the Attorney General of Missouri to have concurrent original jurisdiction throughout the State, along with each prosecuting attorney and circuit attorney within their respective jurisdictions, to prosecute violations of chapter 188, violations of any state law on the use of public funds for abortion, and violations of any state law that regulates an “Abortion Facility” or person performing or inducing abortion, including the offense of interference with medical assistance;
  1. To amend section 188.047, RSMo, to modify the law relating to the requirement of pathological examinations and related reports, and further, to authorize the Department of Health and Senior Services to adopt rules, regulations, and standards governing such examinations and reports;
  2. To add a new section to chapter 188 protecting employees who disclose violations of applicable federal or state law related to chapter188, and, further, authorizing the Department of Health and Senior Services to adopt rules, regulations, and standards regarding the implementation of such policies;
  3. To add an Emergency Clause to all legislation enacted by the Ninety-Ninth General Assembly of the State of Missouri in the Second Extra Session of the First Regular Session; and
  1. Such additional and other matters as may be recommended by the Governor by special message to the General Assembly after it shall have convened.


Greitens Signs Real ID

Governor Eric Greitens signed the Real ID fix, so Missourians can avoid the inconvenience of making sure they have a current passport for air travel.  See the Post-Dispatch article here.

But the Missouri Times gets the quote from Sen. Ryan Silvey, the Senate handler of the bill, who wasn’t invited to the signing ceremony. “Frankly, I’m just a part-time legislator, and [Governor Greitens is] a full-time politician, so he needs the cameras more than I do.”


New Committees

Burlison Again

Former Congressman Bill Burlison has been on an electoral losing streak lately, but he’s not giving up.  He started a committee to run for House 149 against Republican Don Rone.  In 2016, Burlison ran against Sen. Doug Libla losing 70%-30%...

Cort Again

David Cort formed a campaign committee to run in Senate 30 as a Republican.  Cort ran for House 133 last year, taking fourth in a four-way primary.  See his website here. Rep. Curtis Trent won that primary. Senate 30 is currently held by term limited Sen. Bob Dixon.  Rep. Kevin Austin, and businessman Caleb Arthur have also been mentioned as likely candidates for that primary.  Both would bring greater resources to the race than Cort…


Lobbyists Registrations

John McGurk added Aecom.

Irl Scissors added Missouri Energy Initiative, and deleted American Association of Public Insurance Adjusters.

Lewis Mills deleted Summit Utilities Inc.


$5K+ Contributions

STL Citizens for Safety - $15,000 from Enterprise Holdings Inc PAC.



Happy birthday to Michelle Pleus.