Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Meet Lincoln PAC

A political action committee was formed to support former Rep. Lincoln Hough’s Senate 20 campaign.  It’s called Lincoln PAC.  See the paperwork here.

And in the large contributions below $40K of checks were recorded hitting the new PAC.

Word is that Hough will be showing another $100K in his candidate committee when the July quarter gets reported.

This definitely ups the ante in the Senate 20 race where former Rep. Eric Burlison is expected to also be a candidate.

Austin for Judge?

Meanwhile over in the other open Springfield senate seat – Senate 30 – Rep. Kevin Austin has been considered the front-runner.  But…. Austin is one of sixteen applicants for a associate circuit judge vacancy in Springfield (Division 21).  See it here.

What It Means

Look for some mix of politicos and donors to prevail upon the Springfield players to find an accommodation.  Can Austin continue on the judgeship path with Hough in Senate 20 and Burlison in Senate 30?  It would help Republicans from spending a lot of money and resources and divisive campaign in a primary in Senate 20?

These sort of deals are always easier on paper than they are with the human element, but Hough’s substantial fundraising will give the notion a float.


Trinity Ruling

The closely watch Supreme Court case involving Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia was handed down yesterday with the high court ruling in the church’s favor 7-2.

Governor Eric Greitens and Attorney General Josh Hawley cheered the decision in press releases.

Meanwhile on Twitter, lobbyist/lawyer Jane Dueker and state rep/lawyer Jay Barnes both saw the ruling as the demise of the “Blaine Amendment.”

Others saw it differently… “The wording from the Chief Justice that their decision was “unremarkable” and the existence of the concurring opinion from Gorsuch indicates there was not an interest from a majority of the court to strike down the 39 Blaine amendments that currently exist. As for how the case plays into school voucher conversations, as long as religious schools keep teaching a specific religion a direct voucher appropriation will still need to be tested in the courts.  From a general standpoint this is undoubtedly a win for religious liberty, but its legal impact on the school choice/voucher topic is minimal…”

See a deeper analysis here.


Hagewood for House 31

In House 31 where Rep. Dan Stacy ousted Sheila Solon in a primary last cycle, Democrats are apparently going to field a candidate.  They didn’t in 2016.

Democrat Travis Hagewood formed a committee.  See his twitter here.  He’s an autoworker and realtor


Ashcroft:  Don’t Tread on Me

Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft warns folks who want him to put his fingers of the scales…

I campaigned on being a neutral referee of the election process, which includes initiative petitions and referendums. I promised I would fight to make sure ballot language is clear — that yes means yes and no means no. Regardless who calls or challenges me, I cannot and will not recant on my promises to the voters of the State of Missouri. The Stickler and Evans v. Ashcroft cases will be decided by adjudication not intimidation. 



The abortion special session will remain motionless for the next couple of weeks?  Post-Dispatch doesn’t see the Senate returning until after the July 4 holiday.


Deadlines part I… Dentons’ Brian Grace lists all the TAFP bills and what’s been signed by the governor and what’s not.  See it here.  “Any bill he does not sign or veto by July 15 will become law.”  And the guess is that some pro-business bills – like changing discriminate law (SB 43) and overruling the city’s minimum wage (HB 1194) will become law without his signature.


Deadlines part II… The governor’s tax credit commission is due to release their final product by the end of the month.  That’s Friday…


St. Louis City reached a settlement to remove a Confederate monument.  It included a rather remarkable signal of continued teamwork between Team Krewson and Team Stenger. From the press release: The museum has committed to completely remove the monument from the park at their sole cost by June 30…. Further, the Civil War Museum has agreed that the monument will not be displayed or located in the City of St. Louis or in St. Louis County….


Today’s Events

From Mary Scruggs’ indispensable calendar:

Rep. Elijah Haahr Bourbon/Whiskey Reception – The Olive Rm, Parlor 88 – Springfield – 5PM.

Auditor Nicole Galloway Reception – Gunn’s home – Ladue – 5:30PM.


Lobbyists Registrations

Shawn Rigger, Thomas Robbins, and Steven Tilley added County of Jefferson.

Kelvin Simmons added MCI Aviation Group LLC.

Steven Tilley deleted Elizabeth Lauber LLC (el Consulting).


$5K+ Contributions

We Are Missouri – $21,000 from UNITE HERE Union Local #74.

We Are Missouri - $7,000 from Working Families Committee.

Lincoln PAC - $20,000 from Ed Pinegar.

Lincoln PAC - $5,001 from Missouri Soybean Association.

Lincoln PAC - $10,000 from Missouri State Council of Fire Fighters PAC.

Lincoln PAC - $5,100 from MO Truck PAC.



Happy birthday to May Scheve Reardon, Ross Branson, and former Rep. Bob Hilgemann.