Wednesday, July 26, 2017

BOOM – Arthur Ponies Up $200K

In the large contributions (below) businessman Caleb Arthur shows he’s serious about his Senate 30 bid, putting $200,000 into his campaign account.


One observer says not to count on Rep. Kevin Austin as a candidate in Senate 30.  It’s thought that Austin is more focused landing on a potential judgeship.  This would conform to the fact that he hasn’t been engaged in fundraising for the Senate race.

And if true, it makes Caleb Arthur the clear favorite right now to succeed Sen. Bob Dixon.


Senate Passes House Abortion Bill

The Senate passed the House version of the abortion bill, bringing the second special session to a close.  Democrats raised objections and warned that the upper chamber’s civility hang in the balance.  It could be tense come January.

Missouri Right to Life Press Release (see it here): After the sweeping pro-life election victories in November 2016, those who support abortion on demand at any stage of development used a pro-abortion judge and a few pro-abortion St. Louis Aldermen to attempt to take away common sense regulations on abortion and attack our religious communities… We are very grateful to the Missouri House and Senate leadership, sponsors and members for the passage of this critical pro-life bill. HCS SB 5 passed by a vote of 22-9. We are especially grateful to Governor Greitens for calling this special session and for his support of this strong pro-life legislation. We look forward to his signing the bill soon.


Follow-Up on Kraus Appt Dominoes

Following up on the rumor that Sen. Will Kraus will get a Trump administration appointment… if that rumor proves true and a special election brings Rep. Mike Cierpiot to the Senate this autumn, one House Republican tells me those who gamed out the scenario months ago expect an expedited floor leader race instead of Rep. Kevin Austin assuming leader duty for next session.


Mantovani Seeks Finance Director

On the Rome Group website – which has one of the premier listings of non-profit job openings – Mark Mantovani’s campaign is seeking a finance director.  See it here.  Mantovani has an exploratory committee to run for St. Louis County Executive in the Democratic primary against Steve Stenger.

It’s unusual to see a political listing of this nature out there.  One observer writes: He is going out to the general public to find a political fundraiser... Not a good sign…


Bechtold Again?

Josiah Bechtold has converted his previous state senate fundraising page to run for state representative.  See it here.  Because Bechtold is not a household name, a little refresher…. Bechtold ran as a Democrat against Sen. Ryan Silvey (Senate 17) last year losing by 20+ points in what should be a swing district.  Bechtold’s candidacy was notable because he received $25K from David Humphreys, perhaps the only Democrat ever to receive a contribution from the Republican donor.

Bechtold now appears to be prepping (he has no campaign committee established yet) a run for House 15 (currently held by Democratic Rep. Jon Carpenter) as a Republican.

Go figure…



In an attempt to get more state employees to take the Organization Health Index survey the Department of Mental Health is using the most time-tested method of motivation on the planet: pizza party!  “I realize how busy everyone is and it can be a challenge to set aside the time to complete the survey; so let's have a little friendly competition! There will be three competition groups: Regional and Satellite Offices, Habilitation Centers and Psychiatric Hospitals.  We will recognize and provide pizza for the highest percentage of responses in each group…”


Word is that Pelopidas will be working in Virginia soon to influence public policy there, with an eye on Connecticut and Illinois…


New PACs

Committee for a Healthy Missouri – See filing here – Missouri Public Health Association’s PAC; Treasurer: Linda Cooperstock.

Missouri Insurance Political Action Committee – See filing here – Treasurer: Amy Hamacher.

Women Dems – See filing here – Treasurer: Laura Zemann.


eMailbag on Trump MO Impact in 2018

Republican: Your Trump numbers are probably just as reliable now as they were the day before November 8, 2016...i.e., add 10 points to his favorability rating here in MO.

Democrat: “Under water” or “under indictment?”  Either one is what’s giving the AG pause.


Lobbyists Registrations

Andrew Weber added Anita Wessling.


$5K+ Contributions

Citizens for Frank White Jr. - $25,000 from CHIPP Political Account.

MO Beverage PAC - $7,173 from Coca-Cola North America One.

Caleb Arthur for Missouri - $200,000 from Caleb Arthur.



Happy birthdays to Rep. Donna Lichtenegger, and Mike McMillan.