Wednesday October 25, 2017

Q&A #1: Have We Seen This Movie Before?

Short answer: Seems to be starting the same way.


Rep. Paul Curtman formally announced his bid for state auditor yesterday.  See his updated website here.

And it felt a lot like 2009… when all the state representative were cheering on Rep. Allen Icet.   But Tom Schweich thumped Icet 58% to 41% the next year and all those House endorsements didn’t do much to counteract the other numbers in the equation… Icet raised $516,928 in the primary while Schweich raised $1,280,141.

Curtman – after his announcement – went and phone-banked for Rep. Mike Cierpiot.  That’s the mark of a team player.  However he needs to start dialing for himself or we know how this movie ends.


Q&A #2: Why So Few Bids on St. Louis City Lobbying Contract?

Short answer: Lots of reasons.


I was surprised that only five firms put in bids for St. Louis City’s lobbying contract.  It seems different firms had different reasons for passing.

While some folks mentioned the “baggage” of representing the liberal city in a red state legislature, that was not a dominant comment that I heard.

Instead there were two other main reasons.  First, the RFP stated that “proximity of the firm to the City” would be a factor.  It was just one of many factors listed, but it created doubts among some Mid-MO and Kansas City firms whether it was worth applying if the fix was in for a hometown firm.

Second, many established firms with robust client lists think of the city’s agenda and immediately realize the number of conflicts they will have to reconcile.  And even if they can finesse those conflicts of interests, they realize the same potential conflicts will hinder their ability to land new clients as well.

The rumor is that Jacque Bardgett is part of the Regional Strategies proposal.  If so, that bolsters Jeff Aboussie’s bid, giving him some additional lobbying firepower.


Q&A #3: What Happened to the Special Session EcoDevo Deal?

Short answer: nothing so far.


It’s been five months since the legislature sent Governor Eric Greitens the economic incentive package to lure jobs to the bootheel.  Greitens called the general assembly into special session soon after their May adjournment, held rallies and touted the plan to bring jobs back.

Five months later and it’s crickets.


Another Argument for State Tax Reform?

Moody’s Analytics looks at states’ fiscal readiness to withstand the next recession.  See it here.  While we’re in a slow-growth mode right now, there’s no indications of a recession in the near-term.  Still this is the time to prepare.  One factor they look at is how sharply state revenues will drop in a recession, and conversely how much expenditures rise.  Missouri doesn’t fare too well.  Making revenues more resilient to economic contractions it might be one more argument for systemic tax reform in the state.



Senate 8 Forum tonight…  Statehouse Blend Candidate forum for the special election, co-sponsored by League of Women’s Voters of Kansas City/Jackson/Clay/Platte Counties at 6:30PM at John Knox Village - Ambassador Room, 500 NW Murray Road, Lee's Summit.… KCUR’s Brian Ellison will moderate the forum, and audience members will have a chance to pose questions of their own. Join us!


Governor Eric Greitens named Kellie Ann Coats as the new Executive Director of the Missouri Women’s Council.


See the latest medical marijuana reform initiative petition that’s been approved to circulate here.  It would “impose a 2% tax on the retail sale of medical marijuana; and use funds from this tax for veterans' services, drug treatment, early childhood education, and for public safety in cities with a medical marijuana facility.”


See the latest news of hacker targeting critical infrastructure here.  It’s one more data point for folks supporting grid modernization.


Resurgence Housing LLC, from yesterday’s large contributions list is probably an LLC of Environmental Operations. Former Speaker John Diehl is now part of that leadership team.  See it here.


And a deer walks into a barbershop….  See it here.


eMailbag on Current Climate

In what world does your republican reader live where they fear for the potential lose the fact-based discussions and policy?  Those who engaged in such policy have been mourning its passage for over a decade. It is nearly impossible to find a recent example of a Missouri policy debate where facts prevailed.


New Committees

Jim Scaggs formed a candidate committee (Citizens To Elect Jim Scaggs) to run as a Democrat for House 144 (Fitzwater’s seat).

Joel Wood formed a candidate committee (Elect Joel Wood) to run as a Republican in House 95.  This is Rep. Marsha Haefner’s (term limited) seat.


Lobbyists Registration Changes

Jason Zamkus added National Association of Professional Employer Organizations; and deleted ADP Totalsource Inc.m Bi-lingual International Assistant Servces, MERS / Missouri Goodwill Industries, Page Minder, and Recorders Association of Missouri.


$5K+ Contributions

Committee to Move St. Joseph Forward - $20,000 from Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc.

Missouri Senate Campaign Committee - $25,000 from Romine for Senate.

KC Transportation Transit and Tourism Committee (KC3T) - $7,500 from TSVC Inc.

KC Transportation Transit and Tourism Committee (KC3T) - $15,000 from Paul DeBruce.



Happy birthdays MO Dental’s Shantel Smith, and Redditt Hudson.