Friday, February 10, 2017

House Passes Paycheck Protection

The House passed Rep. Jered Taylor’s paycheck protection bill (see it here) 95-60.  In the past legislation that has dealt with public employee unions and collective bargaining powers has usually carried a provision which exempts first responders.   It’s happened at their request.  It’s not popular to oppose fire fighters and police.  And in past session Republicans have been puzzling over how to pass bills that have enough votes to override a Democratic governor’s veto.  They couldn’t risk losing votes by offending these popular and politically powerful occupations.

However with a Republican governor, the math has changed.  Instead of trying to count to a veto-proof number, now they only need a simple majority to get it to the governor’s desk.  In the House that’s the difference between needing 109 votes and only 82 votes: 27 fewer votes.

This fight now moves to the Senate.  We might see a strong show of opposition from first responders there.


Moore to AMEC

Richard Moore posted on Facebook: I am very excited to share that I have accepted the Vice President position with the Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives (previously held by a David Klindt) and will begin in early March. I am humbled by the trust Barry Hart has placed in me and I look forward to advocating with the AMEC team on behalf of Missouri's 47 electric cooperatives and their approximately 1.2 million member-owners…


DHSS Director

Governor Eric Greitens announced his DHSS director, Randall Williams.  KC Star’s Jason Hancock reports on controversy Williams previously. See it here.

Pull Quote: The North Carolina doctor tapped by Gov. Eric Greitens to lead Missouri’s Department of Health and Senior Services was accused last year of downplaying the dangers of consuming well water near coal ash pits… Last year he was accused in a sworn deposition by a state toxicologist of telling residents living near coal ash pits that contaminated well water was safe to drink… North Carolina health officials had previously announced that more than 300 water wells near Duke Energy’s coal-burning plants were too contaminated with the heavy metals to safely use. The announcement was based on the standard that there was one chance in a million that people drinking contaminated water from the wells could develop cancer. Under Williams’ direction, the state reversed that decision and told residents the wells were safe…


Rumorville: Elevator Security

Buzzing around is a rumored change to elevators in the capitol… “[Governor Greitens] declared the side elevator off limits to the public for ‘security reasons.’”

The journalists think it’s so that he doesn’t accidentally get stuck in a situation where he’d have to answer their questions; the lobbyists think it’s because he doesn’t want to be seen in their company.  Everybody has a theory.


JCN On the Air

Judicial Crisis Network is on TV in Missouri (see an ad contract here) in support of Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.

See the JCN’s website here.

Looks like they’re hitting Senator Claire McCaskill figuring with Trump winning Missouri by 19 points, voters won’t be happy with her opposition.


Bond House for Sale

14 Jefferson Rd in Mexico Missouri is for sale.  The asking price is $650,000.  See it here.

From the description: This is the home of former US Senator and former MO Governor Christopher Bond and wife Linda. The 2 story Colonial brick home sites on approx 12 acres in the Green Estate. This elegant home has large formal rooms on the first floor and 6 bedrooms and 6 baths on the 2nd floor. It has a full unfinished basement, a walk-up attic and attached 3 car garage.


New Committees

David  Seamon started a campaign committee to run as a Democrat in House 46.  See it here.  The current incumbent is Democratic Rep. Martha Stevens.


STL Mayoral Bits

Board President Lewis Reed gets a healthy infusion of cash from World Wide Technologies’ David Steward… $100,000.  That will help close the cash gap that he faces as he tries to overtake front-runner Lyda Krewson.

And Krewson released another TV ad yesterday. See it here.  It highlights her plan to combat crime – which appears to be voters’ top priority.



The same issue of the Missouri Register that has Governor Eric Greitens’ executive order freezing regulations for six weeks, also has new regulations.


Cindy Kalec, formerly staffer to the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules, is the Senate’s new general counsel.


Soon to be joining the Jay Hahn and Whit O’Daniel lobbying team… Rachel Treppler.


eMailbag on Goodman

Your reader's argument for why Jack Goodman has the "inside track" to a MOSC appointment is precisely why he will not make the panel. He is an actual conservative. That's a death sentence…


Lobbyists Registrations

Richard McIntosh, Franc Flotron, David McCracken, and Zach Brunnert added The Teaching and Learning Foundation.

Louis Hamilton added The Kelley Group, and Regional Strategies Missouri.

Aaron Baker and Kristin Starner added Xcaliber International Ltd LLC.

Tony Dugger added Total Wine & More.

Rodney Gray, Tami Holliday, and Susan Henderson Moore added Scientific Games Corporation; and deleted Scientific Games International.

Jay Hahn added Missouri Asosciation of Osteopathic Physicians & Surgeons.

Kaitlyn Wallace, Noah Worcester, and Ardria Pugh deleted The Associated Students of the University of Missouri.

Scott Swain and Larry Dority deleted Liberty Utilities.


$5K+ Contributions

Lyda Krewson for Mayor - $10,000 from Jerome Schlichter.

Citizens Investing in J Plus C - $15,000 from Civic Progress Jefferson City Chamber of Commerce.

Property Casualty Insurers Association of America Political Account - $101,059 from Property Casualty Insurers Association of America.

Committee to Elect Reed - $100,000 from David or Themla Steward



Happy birthdays to Rep. Tom Hurst, and Denton’s Brian Grace.

Saturday: former Reps. Don Wells and Steve Brown.

Sunday: Louis Tonkovich.