Friday, July 22, 2016

Accountability Committee’s Federal Filing

David Humphreys’ Committee for Accountable Government in Missouri has filed federal campaign reports as well as state filing.

It appears that in addition to the spending that Accountability is doing in Republican House primaries to try to take out pro-labor Republicans, the Accountability Committee is also engaging other activities that require federal disclosure.

According to the FEC filing they are spending money on advertisements (about $400K to Strategic Media Services, and $40K to FP1 Digital, LLC) that are “Missouri state-level campaign ads that mention, but not oppose Hillary Clinton.”  This might be the anti-Chris Koster ads that I’ve heard about, tying him to Clinton?


Anesthesiologists On the Air

MO Anesthesiologists are organizing…

The Department of Veterans Affairs has proposed a rule in the federal register that would grant all Advanced Practice Registered Nurses, including nurse anesthetists, the ability to “practice without clinical oversight by a physician.”  The Missouri Society of Anesthesiologists has launched a social media and radio campaign to drive comments in opposition to the regulation  See the website here.  

The anesthesiologists oppose this rule because it is in direct conflict with Missouri scope of practice laws that allow physicians and nurses to work together on an anesthesia care team. Moreover, unlike primary care or other specialties, there is no shortage of physician anesthesiologists in VA hospitals.

Listen to their radio ads here.


Brownback Defends Record

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback defended the tax cuts that led to budget shortfalls.  See it here.

Pull Quote: Democrats, some fellow Republicans and editorial pages around the state have sharply criticized Brownback for the shape of the state budget, the downgrading of Kansas’ bond rating and tax increases that have hit the poor the hardest. 

But Brownback insisted his controversial 2012 business tax cuts have resulted in record small-business creation and a shifting of financial resources from Missouri to Kansas for the first time in 18 years.

Reminder: The tax cuts were oddly shaped.  LLCs got the big break while other types of corporations didn’t. (Also known as picking winners and losers.) So the “record small business creation” is just paperwork filing. It’s folks reorganizing existing economic activity to qualify for the tax cut.  If it was an actual explosion in economic activity he’s implying, you’d have the revenue to show for it and you wouldn’t see the budget shortfalls.  Tax cuts can be good, bad or neutral.  Policy matters.


More Messer

Abram gives his most detailed account of the mysterious case of Lynn Messer’s disappearance.  See it here.

Pull Quote: Abram said he asked his dad, “So you are telling me, from 4 to 7 in the morning when you are on and off the farm on at least two occasions you, one person, searched almost 280 acres, alone, in the dark and in the rain with any degree of certainty to know for a fact that your wife is not there?”  Abram says when he asked Kerry what he could do his dad told him to move the cows. He said Kerry said he didn’t need him to come to the house and didn’t need him to do anything…


People Polling and Other Phone Calls

Keep answer those phones folks….

Got a robo poll tonight about Gov race. Mostly about Catherine Hanaway and testing the impact of the cardinal stadium negative ad that is running against her. Asked who my favorably on all four candidates and my first and second choice for governor. Also they asked about SOS primary and AG primary.


Got polled from a firm in California. Main part of poll was messaging on Voter ID. Definitely coming from an anti-Voter ID point of view. Also asked about president preference from four candidates to include libertarian and green parties, and then specifically just between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.   Most interesting question: Missouri governor preference. Only asked preference between Chris Koster and Eric Greitens, nobody else.


Peter Kinder phone banker called me this morning and asked if I would support “Peter KIND-er” like KIND as in nice. I had to correct her pronunciation. So a tip to candidates: teach them how to correctly say your name…



Ken McClure announced he’s running for Mayor of Springfield.  The election is next spring.  He’s currently on the city council and mayor pro-tem.  McClure is a lobbyist for Missouri State University.  He was formerly chair of the public Service Commission and chief of staff for Governor Matt Blunt.


Missouri Right to Life PAC endorsed Donald Trump. “No other major party candidate declaring a pro-life position remains in the race for president. Trump has publicly and repeatedly stated his intention to pursue the same public policy goals as most pro-life Americans have espoused… Hillary Clinton, the soon-to-be presidential nominee for the Democrat Party, is an extreme pro-abortion opponent…”


St. Louis American’s endorsement list… Jake Zimmerman for attorney general, Judy Baker for treasurer, Jamilah Nasheed in Senate 4, Cora Faith Walker in House 74, Steve Roberts in House 77, Bruce Franks (over Penny Hubbard) in House 78, and Ben Murray in House 80

See it here.


Tishaura Jones’ latest email blast asking for donations notes that while she is unopposed in the Democratic primary next month, she does have a general election opponent.  It’s hard to imagine that Jones needs funds to prevail in November with the city’s heavy Democratic tradition.  More likely the funds could be deployed next spring in the mayoral race….


Today’s Events

Powered by Mary Scruggs’ indispensable events calendar:

House 145 candidate Rick Francis Golf – Perryville Country Club – 11AM.

Vernon County Candidate Meet & Greet – Eagles Banquet Hall – Nevada – 6PM.


Lobbyists Registrations

Sarah Topp, Jorgen Schlemeier, Cynthia Gamble, Kathryn Gamble, David Jackson, William Gamble, and Jeff Brooks added Ehawk Inc., and American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Missouri Section.

Jewell Patek added Ameren Transmission Company of Illinois; and deleted Swallow Tail, LLC, Olsson Associates, Capitol Mill Bottom LLC, Textile Rental Services Association Of America, Taxed Enough Already, and Center For Competitive Politics.


$5K+ Contributions

Hanaway for Governor Inc - $7,000 from D John Sauer.

Raise Your Hand for Kids - $40,000 from Alliance for Childhood Education.

Koster for Missouri - $50,000 from UA Political Education Committee.

Committee to Elect Bill Birkes - $8,000 from William Birkes.

Greitens for Missouri - $5,001 from Pat Curran.

Parson for Missouri - $5,250 from Ugas Inc.

Workinf Families Committee - $20,000 from CHIPP Political Account.

Teresa Hensley for Missouri - $10,000 from Kenneth McClain.



Happy birthdays to Rep. Rick Brattin, and former Reps. Jason Brown and Eileen McGeoghegan.

Saturday: Tom Krewson, Darrell Pollock, and Bob Quinn.

Sunday: Senator Claire McCaskill, Besty AuBuchon, Jim Lembke, Kevin Threlkeld, and Jean Evans.