Friday, June 3, 2016

Big Money Day

David Humphreys and his sister Sarah Atkins sent some big checks to candidates and committees yesterday.  It’s in the large contributions below, but here’s the run down.

Bev Randles received $250,000 from them.  And Rex Sinquefield’s Missouri Club for Growth came in with a 2:1 match, sending an additional $500K to Randles.  This restocks Randles after an exceedingly high burn-rate over the past year.  Rex had originally funded her campaign with a $1 million, but that sum had dwindled.  As a result her primary opponent, Sen. Mike Parson chugging away quarter after quarter of solid fundraising, had surpassed her cash on-hand total.  Randles though has been bailed out with two months left in the primary calendar.  Parson is still the favorite here, despite that he is likely to be outspent on the air.

Randles is the sole place where Humphreys and Sinquefield are not opposed on the Republican primary card.

In the governor’s race, Sinquefield has funded Catherine Hanaway to the tune of a million dollars, but yesterday Atkins followed her brother’s lead and send Peter Kinder $250K.

Likewise in attorney general’s race, Sinquefield has backed Sen. Kurt Schaefer, but Atkins sent $250K to Josh Hawley.

There was no new money for Jay Ashcroft recorded yesterday.  But Humphreys has been a donor to the Ashcroft campaign, while Sinquefield contributes to Sen. Will Kraus.  And in the treasurer’s race, Humphreys bankrolled the fleeting Sen. Dan Brown campaign, and Sinquefield has supporter Sen. Eric Schmitt.


Yesterday, Humphreys/Atkins also tossed another $500K into their “Accountability” Committee which is expected to take aim at Republicans who aren’t in line with their thinking on labor and legal issues.

And they directly funded a few state representative campaigns.  Mary Hill who is primarying Rep. Nick King received $50K; Christopher Dale – who is primarying Rep. Bill Kidd – received $25K; and Rep. Shamed Dogan who is clearly safe though has a Democratic opponent received $75K.


Here Comes LG PAC?

There is a rumor if a very big buy coming from “LG PAC.”  See one contract here, with rumor of a seven-figure buy across Missouri.

Who is LG PAC?  I don’t know.  See their FEC filing here.  They have not filed with the Missouri Ethics Committee.  See their website here. (SPOILER ALERT: there’s nothing there.)

Hank Monsees, the treasurer of LG PAC, is the father of lobbyist Rob Monsees.  Rob Monsees is not involved in LG PAC.

MOScout tipster: The ad is related to the governor's race and is entitled "Trust."

The talk is that this could be a very big Anti-Greitens ad buy, along the same attack lines as Patriots for America. We’ll see…


Also Hitting the Air

Rep. Tom Flanigan, running for county commissioner, is buying air time.  See contract here.

And Cody Smith, running to replace Flanigan in House 163, is also buying time.  See contract here.


Governing Magazine: State Lobbying on the Rise

Governing Magazine has an article about a shift in some interests toward lobbying state governments instead of just Washington DC.  See it here.

Pull Quote: Mylan is working around the country to require local schools to stock [EpiPen], which can prevent life-threatening reactions in children… who suffer from severe allergies. In 2010, the company had lobbyists in nine states; by 2014 they were up to 45 states.  This is just a tiny glimpse into the fundamental shift underway in lobbying, as interest groups switch their focus from Washington to the states…

Uber has mounted an intense state-level lobbying campaign to protect and expand its business. California legislators and regulators have been juggling mega-issues, like whether the company must treat its drivers as employees and give them benefits, and whether it needs to give the state data on every Uber ride. To fight off the rules, the tech startup has become one of the state’s biggest lobbyists. In California, Uber now outspends lobbyists for Wells Fargo, Bank of America and the country’s biggest company, Walmart.



Missouri AFL-CIO endorsed Peter Merideth in House 80.  Meridith is running to replace term-limited Rep. Mike Colona.


Sen. Eric Schmitt pens an op/ed in the St. Louis American outlining the legislative efforts to rein in abusive actions by local municipalities.  See it here.  “Missourians have had enough of small municipal governments shaking down residents, especially poor and disadvantaged citizens, to prop up budgets and hold onto power. Taxation by citation in all its forms is wrong.”


Jason Klindt is still with Kansas City Power and Light.  As noted on Twitter yesterday… ‏@JAKlindt: You never know how many people care about you, until you accidentally de-register. And yes, I noted those of you who didn't care. #moleg


eMailbag on American Water

Reader 1: In response to the item on American Water job cuts: the surcharge is going away because of a lawsuit successfully brought by OPC, pointing out that the population numbers are no longer 1,000,000 in St. Louis County.  And it is true that MAWC no longer needs the surcharge, since it outlived its original purpose long ago.  Surcharges are generally unfair to consumers and result in over-earnings. The utility can pay for pipe replacement and other maintenance from its normal rate case revenues. Providing safe and reliable service is an obligation of a monopoly utility company.


Reader 2: Irony about the Missouri-American Water situation: It was all started by Dustin Allison as Public Counsel.  He filed the suit and the result is fewer jobs and less investment in St. Louis County. He now works for the St. Louis Economic Partnership who may not be as happy to not have $20 million in infrastructure development in the region. Some of the scheduled projects have been cancelled midstream.


Help Wanted

Lee Enterprises “seeks a dynamic, growth-focused Publisher to lead the local management team at the Daily Journal in Park Hills, Missouri… The Daily Journal is approximately 1.5 hours south of St. Louis and serves the entire St. Francois County and parts of five surrounding counties known as ‘Missouri's Parkland.’ The Park Hills school district has been recongnized for Distinction in Performance for 11 consecutive years and US News and World Report named Central High as one of the top high schools in the nation. Park Hills is served by multiple local healthcare facilities and an array of physicians and clinics…”   See the ad here.


Today’s Events

From Mary Scruggs’ indispensable events calendar:

Senate Pro Tem Ron Richard Reception – Joplin.


Lobbyists Registrations

Charles Miller added Himoinsa Power Systems Inc., and KIPP Kansas City.

Kevin Stamps deleted Root Cellar.

Russell Scott Chapman deleted Association of Missouri Nurse Practitioners.

Joy Krieger deleted Asthma & Allergy Foundation Of America St Louis Chapter.

Esther Bohnert and David Larson deleted Concerned Citizens Compact.

Kristian Starner deleted Grow Missouri.


$5K+ Contributions

Scott Sifton for Missouri - $10,000 from Eastern Eastern Missouri Laborers' Educational & Benevolent Fund.

Koster for Missouri - $10,000 from Burns & McDonnell.

Protect Our Neighborhoods Committee - $10,000 from Country Club Plaza.

Missourians for Randles - $125,000 from David Humphreys.

Missourians for Randles - $125,000 from Sarah Atkins.

Protect Our Neighborhoods Committee - $10,000 from Kansas City Life Insurance Company.

Committee for Accountable Government in Missouri – $250,000 from David Humphrey.

Committee for Accountable Government in Missouri - $250,000 from Sarah Atkins.

Missourians for Peter Kinder - $250,000 from Sarah Atkins.

Hawley for Missouri - $250,000 from Sarah Atkins.

We Deserve Better Inc - $6,385 from Missouri Coalition for Lifesaving Cures Inc.

Missourians for Randles - $500,000 from Missouri Club for Growth PAC.

Committee to Elect Mary Hill - $25,000 from David Humphreys.

Committee to Elect Mary Hill - $25,000 from Sarah Atkins.

Committee to Elect Linda Klingerman for Judge - $6,000 from Survey St. Louis.

Greitens for Missouri - $5,001 from Robert Boyer.

Dale for Missouri - $12,500 from Sarah Atkins.

Dale for Missouri - $12,500 from David Humphreys.

Citizens for Dogan - $50,000 from David Humphreys.

Citizens for Dogan - $25,000 from Sarah Atkins



Happy birthdays to former Reps. Ward Franz and Ray Weter, Nick Haynes and Abe Rakov.

Saturday: Melissa Freeman.

Sunday: Colleen Coble.