Monday, March 7, 2016


Team Hillary Clinton says they’re on the air.  “[A]ds will begin airing Sunday in the St. Louis, Columbia-Jefferson City, Springfield and Kansas City markets as part of a six figure ad buy in the state….”

See “Predatory” here.  It takes on prescription drug prices.

See “Breaking Barriers” here.  It’s an inclusion message.


Ad Buys

All the presidential candidates are piling into Missouri now.  Enjoy the commercials for the next week.  The primary is Tuesday, March 15.  In addition to the presidential candidates, there are third party ads as well


David Humphreys’ Accountability Committee is showing up buying TV ads also.  See a contract here.


Final Push for NGA

Press advisory says that “Gov. Nixon will join St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay and federal, state and local leaders on Monday for a major announcement regarding ongoing efforts to keep the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA), and its 3,100 employees, in the City of St. Louis….”


Gubby Bits

In the Republican gubernatorial race, Catherine Hanaway unveiled her “tort reform” agenda.  See it here.  It includes ending Missouri’s Non-Partisan Court Plan and going to gubernatorial appointments with Senate confirmation of judges.


And in the gubernatorial general election, Dems were pointing out a USAToday article that mentions the downside of a Donald Trump presidential candidacy (See it here): “Fred Malek, finance chairman for the Republican Governors Association and veteran party fundraiser, said a Trump nomination also could imperil his party’s chances of picking up Democratic governors’ seats in Missouri, Montana, West Virginia, Vermont and New Hampshire…”


Jasper GOP Straw Poll

Here are the results from the Newton-Jasper County Lincoln Days straw poll…


Ted Cruz - 105

Marco Rubio - 26

Donald J. Trump - 22

John Kasich - 14

Dr. Ben Carson - 2

Uncommitted - 6


Eric Greitens - 67

Peter Kinder - 49

John Brunner - 33

Catherine Hanaway - 28


Bev Randles - 98

Mike Parson - 89


Will Kraus - 130

Jay Ashcroft - 58


Eric Schmitt - 135

Dan Brown - 49


Josh Hawley for Attorney General - 108

Kurt Schaefer - 81


Lasater for Senate

Former Rep. Brent Lasater withdrew his candidacy from House 20 and filed to run instead for Senate 11.  Lasater apparently decided to forgo the Republican primary in the House seat and try for the open Senate seat.  That’s the old Paul LeVota’s district.  It’s a Democratic district, but Lasater may have a clear primary while the Democratic candidates Rep. John Rizzo and Jessica Podhola are expected to have a vigorous primary.


Other Candidate Filings

Mike Staton filed to run in House 58 as a Republican, making that a three-way primary, inlcuing incumbent Rep. David Wood.

Khalil Abdul Mumin filed to run in House 66 as a Democrat.  This is Rep. Tommie Pierson’s seat, who’s running for lieutenant governor.  Pierson’s son, Tommie Jr., is running also.

David Carr filed to run in House 135 as a Libertarian.  This is Rep. Lincoln Hough’s district; he’s not running for re-election.


Jackson for Fire District

Lobbyist David Jackson is running for office.  He’s running for Lake St. Louis Fire District.  See his website here.  The website says he’s running for three main reasons: transparency, fiscal responsibility, and public safety.


Follow-Up on Swearingen

Thanks to the readers who noted that former Rep. Jay Swearingen isn’t running for presiding commissioner of Clay County, but just one of the commissioners.  See the paperwork here.


Richard for Decorum

Pro Tem Ron Richard asked the senators to be mindful of decorum.  See the New-Tribune article here.  It followed the week where Sen. Jamilah Nasheed described the paycheck protection bill as “bullsh*t” and Sen. Rob Schaaf asked Sen. Mike Parson what his favorite flavor of Anheuser-Busch beer was following Parson’s vote change on the “beer bill.”


Renewables War

Missourians for Affordable Energy was formed as a campaign committee.  This would appear to be the vehicle for the Association of Electric Cooperatives to fight the renewable initiative petitions they dislike while supporting their own proposal.


Goeppinger for House 130

Ella Jane Goeppinger started a campaign committee to run for House 130 as a Democrat.  Republican Rep. Jeff Messenger is the current incumbent.  See Goeppinger’s twitter account here.  She has not filed her candidacy with the secretary of state yet.



The Twenty-First Circuit Judicial Commission (St. Louis County) is accepting applications for a circuit judge vacancy created by the retirement of Judge Thomas Prebil….


The mighty Jason Rosenbaum reports that St. Louis City, St. Charles County and Jackson County may follow St. Louis County’s prescription drug monitoring program legislation with legislation of their own.  See it here.


The Missouri NAACP endorsed RYH4K’s tobacco tax increase for early childhood funding.


Today’s Events

From Mary Scruggs’ indispensable events calendar:

Missouri Credit Union Assn. Reception & Dinner – Doubletree Hotel – Jefferson City.


Lobbyists Registrations

John Cozad added Liberty Memorial Association.

Amy McLard added Shared Financial Solutions; and deleted Credit Union Partnership Inc.

Richard McIntosh added Corizon Health LLC; and deleted Horizon LLC.

Harry Gallagher and Heath Clarkston deleted Princeton Public Affairs Group Inc.

Harry Gallagher deleted Missouri Retailers Association.


$5K+ Contributions

Vote NO on the E-Tax - $452,804 from Rex Sinqufield.

Koster for Missouri - $10,000 from Sheet Metal Workers Local Union Number 36.

Property Casualty Insurers Association of America Political Account - $14,935 from Property Casualty Insurers Association of America.

Campaign for Clean Water STL - $35,000 from Goodwin Brothers Construction Co.

Midwest Region Laborers’ Political League Fund - $5,812 from Laborers Supplemental Dues Fund.

Raise Your Hand for Kids - $5,001 from SSM Health.

Missourians for Affordable Energy - $28,000 from MEDA PAC.

Grow Missouri - $9,242 from Rex Sinquefield.

Slay for Mayor - $10,000 from Husch Blackwell LLP.



Happy birthdays to Rep. Rory Rowland,  former Sens. Frank Barnitz and Carl Vogel, Jeff Layman and Rich AuBuchon.