Thursday, April 21, 2016

Emerging Issues Postpones SJR39 Vote

Emerging Issues Chair Elijah Haahr delayed the vote on the SJR39 saying that some committee members wanted more time to consider the testimony and evidence.

One lobbyist thinks they’re short of the votes to pass it out.  And this – for this lobbyist – is an indication that leadership wants SJR39 to pass.  If they wanted to kill it, they’d have let a tie vote happen effectively killing it in committee.  We’ll see….

Don Hinkle, one of the strong supporters of SJR39, comments on Facebook on the tug-of-war… “Folks, I wish I could tell you why this is being delayed another week. It is obvious, as I reported earlier, at least one GOP committee member is jumping back and forth. I talked with him yesterday, as did many others, and he makes no sense. It is bizarre and very suspicious….”

In the comments Hinkle appears to indicate that Rep. Jim Hansen is the “jumping” GOP committee member.


eMailbag on Drebes’ Muddled Reasoning

Trying to piece together your reasoning on SJR 39… Greitens hurt himself opposing it. Brunner can knock him out of the race over it. It's not a sure winner in November. And Richardson can make it his legacy by being a leader like Greitens was.

That doesn't make any sense.

I think Greitens deftly used SJR 39 and Brunner's response to it to undermine the reason for Brunner's campaign. 300+ businesses are opposed publicly to SJR 39 and Brunner, the business man, just burned that bridge leaving only Greitens as their candidate.

Most companies will stay out of a 4 way Primary, but executives...


Senator Claire McCaskill gave Greitens what’s probably an unwelcome embrace over Twitter… “‏@clairecmc: I'm proud of @ericgreitens rejection of the Republicans' desire to discriminate. #SJR39”

One lobbyist that’d that getting reverse Akin-ized…


There were Todd Akin sightings in the Capitol, with the rumors being that he’s helping push for passage of SJR39.  That could help – but might just as easily hurt as Akin’s dismal 2012 Senate race (“legitimate rape” and all) defined him as out of the mainstream.

As Republican consultant James Harris tweeted… ‏@JamesMNHarris: @missouriscout I saw him in the building. If he was there for #SJR39, I suspect his support will in his words "shut that whole thing down."


Smith Returning to Missouri

Former state senator Jeff Smith announced in an email yesterday that “Over Memorial Day, my family and I will go home to St. Louis where I'll begin work for Concordance Academy, a new nonprofit that will help formerly incarcerated people successfully re-enter the community… I'm so grateful to The New School for hiring me 5 years ago to a position for which I applied from a halfway house. I left prison with every advantage relative to most guys with whom I served: I had a place to live; broad community and family support; savings to fall back on; and a world-class education. I'd suffered no lasting physical or psychological trauma in prison. I was white. That I was offered a real second chance was an exception.

Every year 650,000 Americans leave prison with a bus ticket and $10 for a hot meal. They land on the doorsteps of the same communities where they've already failed -- only this time, they bear the added stigma of a prison record….  I'm pursuing this because I don't want to be an exception. I want others leaving prison to get the same type of opportunity The New School gave me, and Concordance will make that a reality for thousands of people -- starting in St. Louis, where my heart has never left....”

See the Post-Dispatch article here.



David Hale, formerly a lobbyist with the Missouri Hospital Association, is joining Centene in a non-lobbyist position.


Former Nixon staffer Brittany Burke, hired by Missouri Kids First as few months ago, is no longer listed on their website.


The Senate passed the revolving door “cooling off” period.  See it here.  Pull Quote: Sen. Dave Schatz, R-Sullivan, said the cooling-down period was not an issue with voters. He said lawmakers should be able to pursue better jobs without interference. Nonetheless, he voted “yes.”  “I hope this thing gets challenged,” Schatz said. “I do not believe that this is good policy at all.”


Kansas tax revenues continue to produce budget shortfalls.  See it here.  Pull Quote: Gov. Sam Brownback plans to take more money from the state’s highway fund, cut higher-education spending and scrutinize other options – including cutting funding for schools – to close a widening budget gap…. The state faces a projected shortfall of more than $290 million over the next 15 months, based on projections offered by the state’s economists on Wednesday.


Help Wanted

Missouri State Teachers Association seeks Government Relations Manager.  “MSTA is looking to fill the position of Government Relations Manager. The position will become vacant when Krista Meyer transitions to her new role as Student Field Representative. The Government Relations Manager position assists with lobbying in Jefferson City, works with DESE and PSRS and is the primary staff person working with our political action committee. The position begins on July 5….”  See the ad here.


Today’s Events

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Jay Ashcroft’s St. Louis Campaign Headquarters Grand Opening, 711 Old Ballas Rd, 63141.


Lobbyists Registrations

Joe Thompson added Arnold & Associates.


$5K+ Contributions

Fire Fighters Committee to Elect - $6,000 from Lake Area Firefighter Local 3987.

Consumers for Energy Fairness - $22,000 from NRECA.

Russ Carnahan for Missouri - $10,000 from Scott Bethune.

MO Cable PAC - $16,428 from Missouri Cable Telecommunications Association.

House Republican Campaign Committee Inc - $10,000 from Positronic Industries Inc.

Citizens to Elect Kurt Schaefer Attorney General - $10,000 from TGK Management Inc.

We Deserve Better Inc - $120,000 from Missouri Coalition for Lifesaving Cures Inc.

New Approach Missouri - $7,000 from Bradley Ketcher.



Happy birthdays to Rep. Paul Curtman (35), Dan Mehan, David Barklage, and former Rep. Maynard Wallace.