Thursday, June 9, 2016

Campaign Limit IP Flawed?

On the Missouri Ethics Commission website there’s another non-committee expenditure reported for legal work looking at the Fred Sauer's campaign contribution limit initiative petition.  See it here.

This one shows the Missouri Bankers Association paying $441 to Stinson Leonard Street for legal work to oppose the IP.  The last non-committee expenditure I saw involved the Missouri Insurance Coalition also paying Stinson was legal work regarding the IP.

It appears that the two groups split the legal bill.

I was initially bewildered by the opposition from these two groups.  I often hear lobbyists say how they’d like campaign contribution limits so they could stop being hit up all the time for checks.

But on closer examination of the initiative petition their objections become clear.  On page 4 of the Sauer's proposal comes this: Political action committees shall only receive contributions from individuals; unions; federal political action committees; and corporations, associations, and partnerships formed under chapters 347 to 360 RSMo…

Those chapters of Missouri’s statutes deal with LLCs, and various business corporations.  But not included in those statues are bank and trust companies, savings and loans associations, credit unions, and insurance holding companies, as well as other financial companies.  Those are in statute chapters 362 to 385.

Thus the Sauer's campaign contribution limits appears to prohibit banks and insurance companies from making contributions to PACs.

So the mystery now is: Did Sauer purposefully single out these industries?  If so, why?  Or was it a drafting error?


LG PAC Attack Ad

The mighty Jason Rosenbaum apparently caught the LG PAC’s attack ad on John Brunner by filming it directly from his television.  It hits him on tax issues.  See it here.

It should also be noted that LG PAC hasn’t filed a committee with the Missouri Ethics Commission, so we have no idea who they are, and who’s paying for the ads.  Furthermore, there’s no sourcing for the allegations these ads are making.


Realtors Begin IP Push

Mark Bliss reports for the Southeast Missourian that the Realtors’ campaign committee, Missourians for Fair Taxation are kicking off their efforts to pass what they’re calling The Taxpayer Protection Amendment.  See it here.

Pull Quote: Under the proposed amendment, the state and local governments could not impose a sales or use tax on any "service or activity" that was not subject to such a tax Jan. 1, 2015.


Big Night

Something for everyone tonight…

For Republicans… 1st Annual Ashcroft Faith 'N Freedom Festival with Special Guests and Musical Performances By: Governor Mike Huckabee, and General John Ashcroft

Private Reception: 5-6pm, Freedom Sponsor $1,000

Festival: 6-8pm, General Admission $35 per Individual, $75 per Family (Children 18 or under free)

Location: Ashcroft Family Farm, Springfield, Missouri


For Democrats… Missouri Democratic Party to hold annual Truman Dinner Thursday in St. Louis at Busch Stadium

5:30pm - Registration Opens

7:30pm - Speaking Program Begins


For those with a national bent….

A special reception in support of a truly great Governor and remarkable leader, Governor Mike Pence of Indiana.  The reception will be on Thursday, June 9th from 6:00-7:30pm at the beautiful Central West End home of Rex & Jeanne Sinquefield… The host committee includes not only the Sinquefield’s but several other notable Missourians such as my good friends Congresswoman Ann Wagner, Congressman Jason Smith, Ambassador Stephen Brauer and August Busch, III. No minimum contribution is required; I would simply ask that you drop a donation at some level “in the basket” at the event should you choose to attend… Tim Jones.


Greitens Ads Thoughts

Reader 1: Totally reminds me of Ted Cruz's Machine Gun Bacon ad, and is equally cringe worthy!

Reader 2: goofy as sh*t but unfortunately it probably speaks loud and clear to audience he thinks he needs to court

Reader 3: WTF was he shooting at anyway? In the 100 similar ads we've seen the last few cycles, the pol usually takes out something symbolic, like ‎the Cap and Trade bill, or Obamacare. Google "Joe Manchin gun ad" if you want to see how to do one of these ads in a way that doesn't come off like an SNL skit.



See the AFL-CIO endorsements here.


In the large contributions, the latest Humphreys’ checks send $100K to Speaker Todd Richardson.


Governor Jay Nixon yesterday appointed three members of the University of Missouri Board of Curators, as well as the student representative on the board.  The appointees are: Tom Voss, former CEO of Ameren; Mary Nelson, general counsel and chief legal officer for the

St. Louis Community College District and currently serving on the State Highways and Transportation Commission; Jon Sundvold, founder of Sundvold Financial, and former  basketball player for the University of Missouri from 1979 to 1983; and student rep, Gene Patrick Graham, of Columbia.


Attorney General Chris Koster announced that he would “file a friend-of-the-court brief asking the United States Supreme Court to review the decision of a federal appeals court involving transgender students' access to sex-segregated facilities in public schools, such as restrooms, locker rooms, and showers. Koster indicated Missouri intends to: disagree with President Obama's unilateral approach to the issue; affirm that in Missouri, transgender students must be treated with dignity, fairness and respect; and defend the long-standing Missouri principle of local decision-making and against federal mandates.”


New Committees

Mobilize Missouri, a political action committee, was formed.  Its treasurer is Tom Krenning. See the paperwork hereSee their Facebook webpage here.


Today’s Events

Powered by Mary Scruggs’ indispensable events calendar:

St. Louis County Councilman Sam Page – Reception – The Kelley Group, St. Louis – 8AM.

Sen. Doug Libla Golf – Ozark Ridge Golf Course – Poplar Bluff.

Missouri Chamber PAC Golf – Old Kinderhook – Camdenton

Missouri Democratic Party Annual Truman Dinner – On the Field of Busch Stadium – St. Louis.


Lobbyists Registrations

George Oestreich added Hemophilia of Georgia.

Sherry Doctorian deleted LNZ Capital.

Kaitlin Steen, Christine Hoober, Nathan Theus, Caleb Wilson, Emma Smoczynski, Jenna Slocum, Katherine Blaue, Hailey Krueger, Rachel Dougherty, and Tori Schafer deleted The Associated Students of the University of Missouri.


$5K+ Contributions

Friends of Todd Richardson - $75,000 David Humphreys.

Friends of Todd Richardson - $25,000 Sarah Atkins.

Greitens for Missouri - $100,000 from John Hauck.

Xcaliber MO PAC - $15,000 from Xcaliber International Ltd LLC.

Jackson County Democratic Committee - $5,186 from Claire McCaskill.



Happy birthdays to Matthew Michelson, Lon Lowrey, and Kevin Stamps.