Thursday, March 30, 2017

House Perfects PDMP

After much debate, the House perfected Rep. Holly Rehder’s prescription drug monitoring program bill.  It will presumably be third read today and then head to the Senate where it faces the stalwart opposition of Sen. Rob Schaaf.  During the debate Schaaf’s staffer, Jim Lembke, watched from the gallery…


Contractors Against Prevailing Wage

Word is that Governor Eric Greitens has been getting an earful from contractors that prevailing wage is a jobs killer.  MOScouter says, “They understand that prevailing wage hurts rural schools so agree there should be some kind of carve out for them. But their message is if you repeal prevailing wage out-of-state contractors will just come into Missouri with their cheap labor and the profits would leave the state….”
Follow-Up on AG-PubDef $$$ Fight

Missourinet reports on the move by the House Budget Committee to shuffle money from the AG’s office to the PubDef’s office Tuesday night. See it here.

Pull Quote: Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley (R) feels confident that state lawmakers will restore $6.8 million in funding from his office’s consumer protection fund. Hawley tells Missourinet his office was not aware a House budget committee was considering an amendment Tuesday night to strip away that funding… Missouri public defender system director Michael Barrett submitted the following written statement to Missourinet: “Everyone interested in their budget picked up the amendments at 8:15 am and then spent the long day in markup,” said Barrett. “From one office head to another – perhaps less time handing out raises and more time performing unglamorous tasks such as attending budget meetings.”


One MOScouter makes the point that this episode highlights the importance of relationships… Chris Koster, AG of other party, goes five years building up a $15M reserve fund from illegal merchandising practices and the legislature never takes a dime.  Hawley, of same party as the super-majority, gets $6.8M yanked.  I suspect he’ll get all or most of it back in the process, but still your lobbyist comment was spot-on: “f***ing outsiders.”


Budgeteer Chris Dunn tweets “For inquiring minds: the House will take up appropriation bills for perfection on Tuesday (4/4) and 3rd read on Thursday (4/6)…”


Alferman Contra MASA

Rep. Justin Alfermanfires a shot via Twitter... @Justinalf: I'm curious if Missouri Superintendents have any idea what bills and amendments thier own lobbyists attempt to kill on a regular basis…

And  I would advise @MASALeaders to talk to legislators before they attempt to kill a bill / amendment. Communication is a two way street.

MASA’s lobbyists are: Sarah Riss, Scott Kimble, Mike Lodewegen, Kay McMurtrey, Craig Barker, Johnny Fite, William C Ray, LeRoy Huff, and Douglas Hayter.


Sharp for Cannabis

Better Way Missouri PAC released a web video featuring Dalton Sharp and his family supporting access to medical cannabis in Missouri. See it here“Cannabis as a therapeutic has great potential to improve the quality of life for autism and other special needs conditions and we couldn't have a better advocate in the Missouri Capitol than Dalton's uncle, Jackson County Sheriff Mike Sharp.”


St. Louis County Exec Race Poll in the Field

Someone’s polling the St. Louis County Executive race.  One MOScouter says the robo-poll started with favorability questions on County Executive Steve Stenger, Senator Claire McCaskill, and President Donald Trump.  Then the poll asked about Stenger versus a generic Republican.

The poll asked about potential Republican candidates Rep. Shamed Dogan and Mark Mantovani. Then went into a few issues – jobs and public safety.

It asked about negatives on Stenger, specifically “pay to play.” And then it asked about Dogan’s support for education savings accounts.

Finally it asked about the likeliness of supporting someone who publicly criticized Donald Trump.  Go figure.


Pro-Trumps Ad Coming to Missouri

Post-Dispatch reports that a nonprofit “will begin airing ads boosting President Donald Trump in Missouri and nine other states as the president's approval rating slumps and his legislative agenda takes on water. The blitz of $1 million in television ads and $300,000 in digital advertising, first reported by Bloomberg, is aimed at states where Trump won and Democratic senators will seek reelection in 2018. Rather than attack the red-state Democrats such as Sen. Claire McCaskill, the ads will trumpet Trump's early achievements, including withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal and approving the Keystone XL pipeline…” See it here.



The Missouri Ethics Commission continues to flesh out the implementation of Amendment 2.  Here’s their latest opinion: A corporation or labor organization may not contribute its own funds to its connected political action/continuing committee; it may contribute its own funds to an unconnected PAC as long the contribution is authorized under Art. VIII, §23.3(12). A PAC which is connected to a corporation or labor organization may receive contributions from contributors not connected to the corporation or labor organization; guidance is given on solicitations on behalf of that PAC.


Former Senate administrator (and former Rep.) Jim Howerton was back in the building for his confirmation hearing, and he was showing off his new ponytail….


And former Senate staffer Courtney Lauer-Myers was making the rounds of the capitol.  After her stints with Jane Cunningham and Doug Libla, Lauer-Myers is now in her third year of law school.


Help Wanted

House seeks Accountant.  “The House of Representatives is accepting applications/resumes for the position of Accountant I in the House Administration Division. This is a professional position involving expense accounts, vendor payments, and other accounts payable and financial reporting in compliance with agency, state and federal guidelines… The salary range for the position begins at $2,548 per month…” See the ad here.


Today’s Events

From Mary Scruggs’ indispensable events calendar:

Vietnam Veterans Day in Missouri – Remember & honor the Vietnam Vets.

Carpenter & Arthur Reception – Cinder Block Brewery – KC – 5:30PM.


Lobbyists Registrations

Zach Brunnert and Richard McIntosh added Blue Cloud Pediatric Surgery Centers LLC.

Andrew Weber added Catapult Learning Inc.


$5K+ Contributions

House Republican Campaign Committee Inc - $5,001 from Friends of Rob Vescovo.

XCaliber MOPAC - $10,000 from XCaliber International LTD LLC.

Lyda Krewson for Mayor - $20,000 from St. Louis Cardinals LLC.

Lyda Krewson for Mayor - $25,000 from Noemi Neidorff.

Progress KC PAC - $15,000 from Heavy Constructors Association Industry Advancement Fund.



Happy birthdays to former Sens. Wes Shoemyer and David Pearce, former Rep. Jeff Roorda, and Public Eye’s Anne Schweitzer.