Thursday, September 29, 2016

Dems Seize Offensive

Today Missouri Dems will follow on their criticism of Eric Greitens latest commercial which uses a veteran, Robert Murphy, who’s authored some distasteful posts online.

*Thursday, September 29th at 10:00 am*, rape survivors, women’s advocates and community leaders will stand up at the Brentwood Community Center to hold a news conference on the rape jokes and racist comments espoused by the new face of Eric Greitens’ ad campaign…

We’ll see if this together with Greitens association with Michael Goguen – who faces sex abuse allegations – hurts Greitens’ standing with women.

When I polled the race at the beginning for the month Chris Koster led among men 50%-41% over Greitens, but was essential tied among women 44%-43%.  See it here.


Calzone Off on Technicality

Ron Calzone has been a constant presence in the capitol for years lobbying on behalf of conservatives causes.  Yet he has never registered to lobby.  The Missouri Ethics Commission looked into the situation after a complaint was made, and found that he should register.  Calzone appealed their ruling.  And the case has wound its way through the process with… Calzone getting off.  So congratulations to Calzone: you beat the system.  You’re free to go back spending time on the chamber floors where registered lobbyists aren’t allowed, represent organizations’ agenda without disclosing it to the public, spend money entertaining legislators without reporting it.  Let’s just call it Freedom.  See the order there.


PSC Seeks New Electric Utility Consultant Services

From the RFP: The passage of the Missouri Energy Efficiency Investment Act (“MEEIA”) in 2009 marked the beginning of a new regulatory environment for customer energy efficiency programs in Missouri.  MEEIA directs the Missouri Public Service Commission (“Commission”) to permit electric corporations to implement commission-approved demand-side management (“DSM”) programs… 

This RFP specifically addresses a requirement contained in 4 CSR 240-20.093(7) regarding Evaluation, Measurement and Verification (“EM&V”) of the Process and Impact of Demand-Side Programs.  The administrative rule states that, “Each electric utility shall hire an independent contractor to perform and report EM&V of each commission-approved demand-side program in accordance with 4 CSR 240-20.094 Demand-Side Programs.  The commission shall hire an independent contractor to audit and report on the work of each utility’s independent EM&V contractor”….

The current contract for the electric utility, evaluation, measurement, and verification consultant services is expiring…. 


Politico: PDMP No Panacea

Politico reports: “In the fight against the opioid epidemic, authorities are increasingly relying on computers — state-run drug databases that can turn up evidence of abuse, like doctors who shovel prescriptions out the door indiscriminately or patients who doctor shop for pills.

But while the prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMPs) help police and prosecutors, they haven’t necessarily helped address addiction as disease. In fact, they may be making things worse. As the supply of prescription opioids dwindles, addicts look for substitutes on the street. Heroin overdoses are skyrocketing in most of the states that use the databases, and none has enough beds to treat the addicts they identify...” See it here.


Politico: Kander Allies Rally

Politico reports: “More outside groups jump into Missouri Senate race: Majority Forward, a nonprofit affiliated with Senate Majority PAC, and AFSCME are jumping into the Missouri Senate race and plan to spend more than $1.8 million over the next three weeks total on TV ads, according to an ad tracking source. Majority Forward and AFSCME are now buying airtime. The ads come as the DSCC is also putting more funding into Missouri to back Democrat Jason Kander, bolstering Democrats hopes of unseating GOP Sen. Roy Blunt…” See it here.


See an AFSCME TV ad contract here.


Mizzou Fraternity Suspended

Post-Dispatch reports “A fraternity at the University of Missouri has been suspended while officials investigate reports of racial and sexist slurs.”  See it here.

Pull Quote:  University officials and the Delta Upsilon national organization suspended the chapter of the fraternity Wednesday after members were accused of shouting slurs at black students late Tuesday. Two black female students said other students yelled racial slurs at them as they walked past the fraternity house. The alleged slurs include the N-word and misogynistic expletives…


Auditor Action

The press release: Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway today issued the State Auditor's monthly report detailing local government compliance with financial reporting laws. Cities, towns and villages in Missouri are required to file annual financial reports with the State Auditor's Office within six months of the end of their fiscal year. This report includes information on the 32 local governments that submitted financial reports or related documents to the State Auditor's Office in August… Today's full report is available online here.


New Committees

James Stone formed a committee to run for Assessor Randolph County as a Republican. See it here.

Doug Galaske formed a committee to run for Assessor Randolph County as a Democrat. See it here.

Bill Bohnert formed a committee to run for Coroner Perry County as a Republican. See it here.

Scott Lewis formed a committee to run for Sheriff St Charles County as a Republican.  See it here.


Committee Changes

MATA PAC, Safer Families for Missouri, Missouri's Future, and Missouri Freedom changed their treasurer to Leanna Hagenhoff.

Tara Johnson is now treasurer of Delus Johnson’s campaign committee. See it here.

John P Heisserer is the new treasurer of the Eighth Congressional District Democratic Committee.  See it here.

Clyde Voelkerding Jr is the new treasurer of the Third Congressional District Democratic Committee.  See it here.

Deborah Sallings is the new treasurer of the Oregon County Democratic Committee. See it here.

Edward McFowland is the new treasurer of The Original 4Th Ward Regular Democrat Organization.  See it here.

Tammy Bartholmew is the new treasurer of the Association of Missouri Nurse Practitioners Political Action Committee. See it here.


Today’s Events

Powered by Mary Scruggs’ indispensable events calendar:

Jake Hummel Campaign Kick-off - Electrical Workers' Hall 5850 Elizabeth Ave, St Louis – 4:30PM.


Changes in Lobbyist Registrations

Eapen Thampy deleted Students for Sensible Drug Policy - University Of Missouri-Columbia, and Domestic Gardener.

Lucy McBath, Emma Davidson Tribbs, and Elizabeth Casey deleted Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund.


$5K+ Contributions

Koster for Missouri - $15,000 from MHA Health PAC.

Koster for Missouri - $10,000 from Mark Gardner.

Missouri Senate Campaign Committee - $25,000 from Friends of Wayne Wallingford.

Missouri Senate Campaign Committee - $20,000 from Leggett & Platt Inc.

Citizens to Elect Mike Kehoe - $8,000 from MO Soybean Association State PAC.

Returning Government to the People - $110,000 from Fred Sauer.

NEA Fund for Children & Public Education Non-Federal Unitemized Account Missouri - $250,000 from NEA Fund for Children & Public Education-Non Federal Unitemized Acct.

Missouri Association of Nurse Anesthetists Political Action Committee - $10,000 from Missouri Association of Nurse Anesthetists.

Democratic Attorneys General Association Missouri – $25,000 from SAS Institute.

Democratic Attorneys General Association Missouri – $15,000 from Zenefits.

Democratic Attorneys General Association Missouri – $15,000 from International Council of Shopping Centers.

Democratic Attorneys General Association Missouri – $25,000 from UnitedHealth Group.

Seniors Count Campaign Committee - $10,000 from Paric Corporation.

We Deserve Better Inc - $5,790 from Missouri Coalition for Lifesaving Cures Inc.

Greitens for Missouri - $100,000 from Herzog Railroad Services Inc.

Greitens for Missouri - $5,001 from Dwayne Holden.

Greitens for Missouri - $5,001 from Josh Ferguson.

Greitens for Missouri - $20,000 from Richard DeVos.

Greitens for Missouri - $20,000 from Richard DeVos.

Greitens for Missouri - $20,000 from Daniel DeVos.

Greitens for Missouri - $20,000 from Suzanne DeVos.

Greitens for Missouri - $20,000 from Douglas DeVos.

Greitens for Missouri - $10,000 from Eric Karlovic.

Greitens for Missouri - $10,000 from Bill Bloomfield.

Greitens for Missouri - $10,000 from Tom Stillman.

Greitens for Missouri - $5,001 from John Ghirardelli.

Vote Yes on 3 for Kids - $100,000 from RAI Services Company.

Koster for Missouri - $5,640 from The Carpet Warehouse Inc.

Missouri Democratic State Committee - $10,000 from Scott Sifton for Missouri.

Teresa Hensley for Missouri - $10,000 from Sheet Metal Workers Political Action League.

Teresa Hensley for Missouri - $400,000 from Democratic Attorneys General Association.



Happy birthdays to Hallmark’s Erin Brower, NFIB’s Brad Jones, House 108 candidate Ed Shew, and Rich Magee.