Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Follow-Up on Love’s Wishing the South Had Won

One MOScout reader astutely noted that in Rep. Warren Love’s Facebook profile picture contains a flag in the background.  For those unstudied in their Confederate battle flags that’s the Missouri battle flag of Trans-Mississippi department of the Confederate State of America.


Lant Disses Chapel

Coming on the heels of Love’s outspoken desires that the South had won the Civil War, this is not what the House Republicans need…  Rep. Bill Lant running his committee – Special Committee on Litigation Reform – cut off the president of the Missouri chapter of the NAACP, Rod Chapel.  Lant felt Chapel’s testimony was not pertinent to the bill, and after one warning, brusquely silenced Chapel’s microphone.  See the video here.  The episode had racial overtones as the white man looks down and tells the black man what he’ll let him say with his five minutes and what he won’t.

Rep. Gina Mitten’s statement: "During a Monday evening hearing of the House Special Committee on Litigation Reform, Chairman Bill Lant, R-Pineville, engaged in unprofessional and racist behavior by silencing Missouri NAACP President Nimrod Chapel as he attempted to

testify on legislation that seeks to gut Missouri's anti-discrimination laws… Jim Crow is alive and well in Missouri, and Rep. Lant just proved it.”

Rep. Steven Roberts’ statement: “Mr. Chapel and I were the only African-American attorneys in the hearing and the only individuals who can personally relate to how this legislation will directly impact our communities in a disproportionate way. It is appalling that he was denied the opportunity to express his concerns.”



The St. Louis County NAACP will host its 9th annual Legislative Day at the Capitol.  They’ll rally at Noon in the Rotunda.  “Governor Eric Greitens will be the guest speaker. Others scheduled to speak are: State Auditor Nicole Galloway, House Speaker Todd Richardson, Senator Jamilah Nasheed, Rep. Alan Green, Chairman Missouri Legislative Black Caucus, Bob Bonney, President and CEO Missouri Restaurant Association and the Honorable Sarah Steelman, Commissioner Office of Administration…”


Senate Chugs Along

And the Senate chugs along.  They seem to have found their pacing.  They’re choosing one priority piece of legislation – so far focused mainly on labor reform and legal reform – making sure they perfect it early in the week and have it ready to third read on Thursday.


The House is operating with a similar cool professionalism.  Last year it felt helter skelter: take up every bill, debate and pass an avalanche.  The year though the lower chamber too is showing discipline in working priorities.  We’re way early in the session yet things are moving steadily without hiccups.


Hatfield Opines on MEC Opinions

Super-attorney Chuck Hatfield sent some thoughts out to his clients on about the Missouri Ethics Commission’s opinions on Amendment 2

Pull Quote: Ethics opinions don't change the law, but relying on an opinion means "no person shall be liable" and "it shall act as a defense of justification against prosecution." 105.955.16 RSMo…. Although Amendment 2 bans contributions from corporations to candidates, the MEC essentially said that Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) are sometimes corporations and sometimes not depending upon their federal tax status. I believe this opinion is likely wrong…  

The MEC advice should be followed – and most LLC's are not corporations for tax purposes..


There’s some turmoil in the St. Louis mayoral race over the opinion that only the contributions limits don’t apply to local races, but other provisions – specifically the ban on corporate contributions – do.  That may lead to the unsightly gymnastics of returning checks with an attempt to have check re-cut from a new source  if possible.

We’ll see….



According to LinkedIn Todd Abrajano is now White House Liaison at U.S. Department of Commerce…


Ed Martin now seems to be putting this phrase into his bylines and bios… “Ed Martin was hand-picked by Phyllis Schlafly to succeed her as President of her Eagle Forum organizations…”


Lawyer lobbyist Dave Sweeney has left Lathrop Gage and joined Lewis Rice


In the $5K+ Contributions (below), Rex Sinquefield gives to a Republican candidate for alderman in St. Louis City.  It’s the 16th ward race where Donna Barginer vacated to become state representative.  The former state representative, Michele Kratky, is running for her seat – as a Democrat of course.  Sinquefield is backing Abigail Niebling.  See her Twitter account here and her business website here.


National Right to Work Foundation launches Missouri Task Force to defend and enforce the new right to work law.  See it here.


Community and Economic Development Solutions has formed.  It’s a national economic development firm (with a St. Louis focus) that serves communities, businesses and non-profits.

The partners are Denny Coleman, Andrew Ruben, Beth Noonan and Jacqueline Davis-Wellington. See the website here.


Help Wanted

Jefferson Count Developmental Disabilities Resource Board seeks Executive Director.  “The present Executive Director will be leaving this position when the new leader is identified and following a supportive period of transition… The ED is the chief administrator, providing the professional leadership in planning, developing and implementing the services of the JCDDRB. S/he is responsible for facilitation of the organization’s strategic plan. S/he is responsible for the fiscal management of the organization’s $5 million budget…”


Lobbyists Registrations

Scott Marrs added Harvest Hill and Top of the Rock; and deleted Truven Health Analytics.

Health Clarkston deleted AMI Kids.

David Sweeney deleted St. Louis Parking Company, and JBS LLC.


$5K+ Contributions

Abigail Niebling for Alderman - $10,000 from Rex and Jeanne Sinquefield.

The Committee to Protect MO Families - $24,000 from Committee to Protect Families PAC Fund.



Happy birthdays to Michael Moorefield and Katie Jamboretz.