Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Greitens Ticks Off Senators

Quite a night in the Senate last night.

It started with the resolution to disapprove the legislative pay raise.  A clutch of senators began to recuse themselves from the vote – saying that their vote for the raise would be a conflict of interest since it would raise their salary.

Floor Leader Mike Kehoe became concerned that if too many senators followed suit there wouldn’t be enough votes to disapprove the resolution.  He objected to Sen. Ryan Silvey’s request for recusal.  It’s said that never before in the history of the Missouri Senate has a request for recusal not been granted unanimous consent.

That set off about five hours of debate.

In the meantime, Governor Eric Greitens entered the fray – tweeting things like Politicians in our Senate are now considering a pay raise. This is outrageous. They need to stand up & stop this pay raise for politicians.

Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal fired back… Hard to talk ethics and conflicts of interest when Governor @EricGreitens continues to say one thing and then do another...  If you wanted to be a state senator, you should have ran to be one @EricGreitens. There are 34 positions, not 35.

Greitens took up residence in Senate Pro Tem Ron Richard’s office while Republicans held the floor so he could “twist arms.”

The arm twisting didn’t work.  And the Senate backed Silvey’s recusal 19-14.

After the vote, Sen. Jason Holsman inquired of Sens. Paul Wieland and Denny Hoskins about their meetings with the governor.  They didn’t go well.  Wieland said on the floor that he felt disrespected and insulted by the governor.  It was a sentiment shared by other senators – of both parties.


After all the drama the Senate voted on the resolution, passing it (disapproving the pay raise) by the necessary constitutional majority 25-2.


RTW Voted Out of Committee

The Senate right to work bill was passed out of Rep. Holly Rehder’s Economic Development Committee 7-2.  It’s expected to be finally passed by the House on Thursday.


Next… Prevailing Wage Gets House Hearing

At 8AM this morning, Rehder’s EcoDevo Committee will hear the various bills dealing with prevailing wage.  They are all attempting to weaken the current standards…













Tomorrow will see lots of ethics testimony.  At 9AM, the Senate’s Rules Committee will hear Sen. Mike Kehoe’s lobbyist gift reform bill, and Rep. Justin Alferman’s bill.

And at 4PM, Rep. Robert Cornejo’s General Laws Committee will run through a pack of ethics bills…

HB 150 - Hurst

HB 212 - Lavender

HB 213 - Adams

HB 214 - McCreery

HB 215 - Ellebracht

HB 216 - Quade

HB 217 - Kendrick

HB 229 - Dogan


Leone Fined

The Missouri Ethics Commission fined Ron Leone $1,000 for failing to file a direct expenditure report.  See it here.


Waggoner Taking Over MDP

Emily Waggoner posted that she started her new position as Executive Director of the Missouri Democratic Party.


Today’s Data Dig

With the end of the month today, folks will be looking at the new payrolls to see who’s been added to various departments, figuring out if the rumors of a secretary of state office purge are true etc.  Spoiler Alert… Not listed (yet?) in the governor’s office: Andrew “Drew” Erdmann, the new COO.


Lobbyist Hill Undergoes Procedure

Lobbyist Matt Hill on Facebook gave a status update from Barnes-Jewish Hospital… “My brain is ready. Not sure I am. The neurosurgeons and epileptologists are optomistic. Sure hope they have a valid medical license.”

Hill has been battling epilepsy.


St. Louis Mayoral Candidate 40 Day Numbers

I missed the 40 day before election numbers last week.  Here they are for the St. Louis mayoral race.

Alderman Jeffrey Boyd raised $13,987, and $21,014 on-hand.

Alderman Antonio French raised $10,247, and $209 on-hand.

Bill Haas raised $23,800, and has $24,272 on-hand.

Treasurer Tishaura Jones raised $276,088, and $219,306 on-hand.

Alderwoman Lyda Krewson raised $156,707, and has $576,199 on-hand.

Jimmie Mathews raised $750, and has $81 on-hand.

Board President Lewis Reed raised $3,350, and $254,529 on-hand.


Interesting to see Spencer Girouard, former staffer to Clint Zweifel, on the Krewson payroll.

In addition to his miniscule cash on-hand, Antonio French has 39,319 in debt.

Of Tishaura Jones’s nice $276K haul, $85K came from her previous campaign committee.


Carlson Piles on Trump

Most Reverend Robert J. Carlson, Archbishop of St. Louis, today released a statement on the recent executive order on refugees and migrants signed by President Donald Trump.

The recent executive order to turn away refugees and to narrow or close our nation’s doors to our migrant sisters and brothers who are fleeing  hunger, hardships, violence and persecution does not represent the best of our Catholic and American values and ideals. As Catholics, we appreciate the sensitivity shown to Christians who are fleeing persecution, but we are disheartened and alarmed by actions that target and profile others because of the color of their skin, the language they speak, the religion they profess and the land they call home.

The notion that a thriving society would benefit from biased policies and practices based on ignorance, fear and a disordered nationalism corrodes the very essence of our American spirit and impoverishes our democratic life. See it here.



Study says Missouri tobacco policy is an F. See it here.


eMailbag: Greitens’ WH Visit Statement

Almost comically ignorant Greitens statement.  Does he even realize that Governor Mike Pence leveraged Obamacare subsidies to expand Medicaid in Indiana, which helped their budget since there was no short-term downside?.. To suggest that Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion (which of course Missouri didn’t even accept) is hurting our budget is somewhere between moronic and Orwellian.


eMailbag: Two Anonymous Readers Continue Their Argument Via MOScout

The Edwards Jr./Franken comparison is apt...unless you take into account that Al Franken graduate cum laude from Harvard and didn't make a living driving cars in a circle.  Of course, I'm an elitist who values stupid things like education.  This state is becoming northern Arkansas…


eMailbag: On What Doesn’t Work in Education

More important than what doesn't work is what the article says does work: Education centered on students, quality teachers with resources for continued professional development, assessments that are meaningful to educators and focused on providing immediate actionable feedback. Oh and poverty is the real enemy of education. Basically what any educator from Laddonia to Ladue would tell a legislator if they bothered to ask.


Help Wanted

Courthouse News Service seeks Daily Reporter.  “Courthouse News Service, a California-based legal news service, is seeking a reporter to cover civil court filings in and around Kansas City, Mo. A legal background is not required, but demonstrated interest and ability in journalism is necessary. The job will entail visiting the state and federal court clerk's offices in downtown Kansas City, Mo. every weekday afternoon to review and summarize new civil complaints….” See it here.


Today’s Events

From Mary Scruggs’ indispensable events calendar:

Great Northwest Days – Capitol Plaza – 5PM.


In the 3rd Floor Rotunda

Department of Revenue – Motor Vehicle Bureau – License registration for legislators.

Missouri Association Veterans Organization – breakfast and reception.

Missouri Parks and Recreations displays.


Lobbyists Registrations

Daniel Bogle added Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.

Jaclyn Gatz added Missouri Hospital Association.

David Jackson added Missouri Dermatological Society.

Ryan Johnson added United for Missouri.

Bill McCollum added US Chamber Institute for Legal Reform.

Matthew Panik added Office of Missouri State Treasurer.

Douglas Stone added WP-SC LLC, York Acquisitions LLC, Good-otis LLC, JVM Realty Corporation, Kansas City Regional Transit Alliance, Kansas City Downtown Streetcar TDD, JRB Properties LLC, Ward Parkway Center CID, Delta Quad Holdings LLC, Staenberg Group Inc, Springfield Plaza LLC, and MM Real Estate Investments LLC.

Nikki Strong added City of Wentzville, and KCTG.

Trent Watson added Missouri Association of School Psychologists¸ Missouri Sheriffs Association, and School Social Workers Association of Missouri.

David Scobey deleted David Scobey, Herzog & Scobey LLC, and Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, Inc.

Datra Herzog deleted Herzog & Scobey LLC, and Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, Inc.


$5K+ Contributions

Central Bancompany PAC - $10,000 from Central Bank of St. Louis.



Happy birthday to former Sen. Robin Wright-Jones.