Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Super Today

It’s Super Tuesday.  Will The Donald make a yuge leap toward the number of delegates he needs to become the Republican presidential nominee?

Politico has an article (see it here) outlining the future of the race and if he’s “stoppable” if he has a big night tonight.

Pull Quote: The growing ranks of forces looking for ways to stop Trump insist they haven’t lost hope. Our Principles PAC, an anti-Trump super PAC being overseen by former Mitt Romney aide Katie Packer, has launched an aggressive fundraising campaign and is eyeing the possibility of launching ad campaigns against him in four delegate-rich states voting in March: Michigan, Missouri, Illinois, and Florida.


Jonathon Shorman reports (on Twitter see it here) that Kansas Republicans, who have their caucus this Saturday, are setting up a caucus site in St. Louis, so that Wichita State Shockers fans who will be in St. Louis to cheer on their team can still participate…


Murray Splits with Colona

Ben Murray, sent out an email yesterday announcing his resignation as Mike Colona’s treasurer.  The move comes a week after Colona endorsed Murray’s primary opponent in the race to succeed Colona.  Murray doesn’t mention the slighted endorsement, but instead says it’s Colona’s position on lobbyists’ gifts that brought him to this action.

From the email: I’ve put ethics reform front and center in my campaign… Unfortunately, it has become increasingly clear that the incumbent, Rep. Mike Colona, does not share this view. Last month he was one of only 12 of 163 members of the House to vote against HB 2166, the latest attempt to ban lobbyist gifts…. For these reasons, I informed Mike today that, effective immediately, I can no longer serve as the Treasurer of Citizens for Colona, Mike has been an important voice on a number of issues, but ultimately I no longer feel that I can have my name attached to his political committee. I realize that there may be political consequences for this, but I feel that this is a necessary step….


Dearth of NE Dems

The Herald-Whig reports on the upcoming Demo Days in Hannibal this weekend.  See it here.

They write that in addition to Chris Koster and Jason Kander being present, “a large number of officeholders and candidates from Northeast Missouri also are scheduled to speak during the event…”

Which brought this snark: There must be a hell of a lot of county officials who are Democrats because there isn't a single elected representative or senator or even candidate filed so far for the General Assembly in the northeast that is a Democrat.

And it appears correct that Dems haven’t yet filed anyone in the 7 or 8 districts that you could argue are Northeast. The closest looks like Ed Lockwood in Kingdom City running against Rep. Jay Houghton.


Racial Profiling Bills

The Senate Judiciary Committee will hear bills from Sens. Maria Chappelle-Nadal (SB 671) and Jamilah Nasheed (SB 976) dealing with racial profiling.  1PM, Senate Lounge.


Something Controversial About Leroy Van Dyke?

In the Senate Journal, Sen. Ed Emery requests that “pursuant to rule 45, SB 899 regarding the highway naming for LeRoy Van Dyke be removed from the consent calendar.”

A highway naming seems to be non-controversial.  The bill is sponsored by Sen. Mike ParsonSee Wikipedia about Van Dyke here.


Promo, ACLU Against Marriage Ceremony Amendment

The press release: Missouri businesses, faith leaders, and organizations have joined together to tell Missouri General Assembly to reject anti-LGBT legislation. The letter reads in part: We are calling on you to reject anti-LGBT legislation, particularly SJR 39, in Missouri. Per a recent report from Visit Indy, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in Indiana cost the city 60 million dollars and up to 12 conventions. The backlash from these bills passing would make Missouri a less appealing place to work, travel, and live, potentially costing the state millions of dollars.

We are committed to diversity, inclusion, and above all the Golden Rule. These dangerous bills and potential constitutional amendments only succeed in showing people Missouri is not a welcoming state. We should focus on keeping Missouri competitive, not keep people away….

See the signees here.

See Sen. Bob Onder’s SJR 39 here.  It deals with same sex marriage ceremonies.


Brown for MicroBrews

Pretty funny to hear Sen. Dan Brown stand up and give an impassioned plead for all the microbrewers in Rolla as Sen. Eric Schmitt’s SB 919 was debated.  Sen. Jill Schupp was eager to spend time talking with Brown about his concerns.  Look for Dems to exploit the senator’s new statewide ambitions when they can….


Bowling for A Great Cause

At the annual charity “Senate Bowl” event last night, Pro Tem Ron Richard’s team took the title home winning by a three pin margin, after suffering defeat from Sen. Dave Schatz’ team the previous year by an equally thin difference.

Claudia Kehoe, wife of Floor Leader Mike Kehoe, worked the room selling 50-50 raffles.  Lobbyist Mike Grote won the drawing and promptly donated his winnings back to the charity.


New Filings

Alex Stafford filed to run in House 58 as a Republican.  He’ll be primarying Rep. David Wood.

Marguerite Dillworth filed to run in House 103 as a Democrat.  The incumbent is Republican Rep. John Wiemann.


31st Circuit Judicial Applications

The press release:  Pursuant to Supreme Court of Missouri Rule 10.28(d), the 31st Circuit Judicial Commission releases the following information relating to the applicants for the associate circuit judge position for Division 25… Chantel Alberhasky, Becky Borthwick, Sarah Donelan, Wendy Garrison, Christopher Hoeman, Mary Lou Martin, Todd Myers, Nancy Price, William Prince, Kevin Rapp, Brian Risley, and Todd Thornhill. The commission will conduct interviews starting at 8:30 a.m. Friday, March 4, 2016, at the Missouri Court of Appeals, 300 Hammons Parkway, Third Floor Courtroom, Springfield, Missouri… The members of the Thirty-First Judicial Circuit Commission are: Judge Mary W. Sheffield, chief judge of the Missouri Court of Appeals, Southern District; Andrew Bennett, Steve Garner, Steven Stepp and Joann Hosmer.


eMailbag: on GOP Treasurer Poll

An unaffiliated Republican: That Schmitt poll shows that having a real campaign actually matters.  He has a Republican vote share higher than everyone running for governor, and almost as much as Greitens, Hanaway and Brunner combined…


Help Wanted

Ferguson-Florissant R-II School District seeks Executive Director of Communications and Marketing.  “ The Director of Communications and Marketing is responsible for planning, oversight and management of strategic internal and external communication for the Ferguson-Florissant School District (FFSD), supporting the Superintendent to inform and engage families, staff, partners and the public in district priorities, policies, practices, challenges, and opportunities. In addition, the Director will design and execute marketing strategies to promote public support for FFSD, including efforts to recruit prospective families and staff…”


Today’s Events

From Mary Scruggs’ indispensable events calendar:

Reps. Kevin Corlew & Nick King Breakfast – Downtown Diner – JC – 7AM.

MSAA Day at Capitol – HHR 2 – 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. – refreshment served.

Jake Zimmerman Reception – 7042 Westmoreland Drive – University City – 5PM.

MHCA Legislative Reception – Capitol Plaza Hotel – 5:30PM.

Sen. Kurt Schaefer Reception – Capitol City Cork - JC – 6PM.


Lobbyists Registrations

Kyna Iman added Cheyenne International LLC.

Alan Anderson, Susan Henderson Moore, Rodney Gray, and Tami Holliday added Nextera Energy Resources LLC.

Rodney Gray, Tami Holliday and Susan Henderson Moore deleted Missourians For Safe Transportation And New Jobs, Inc., and National Strategies, Inc.

David Sweeney added International Association of Fire Fighters, Paramedics, EMT's and Dispatchers of St. Louis, Local 73.

Andy Blunt, Jim Moody and Chris Moody deleted Missouri Clean Energy District.


$5K+ Contributions

Hawley for Missouri - $20,000 from Wayne Laufer.

Returning Government to the People - $106,000 from Fred N Sauer.

Greitens for Missouri - $10,000 from Gordon Sondland.

Koster for Missouri - $15,000 from CRG-Edge LLC.

Koster for Missouri - $15,000 from CRG-Cooper LLC.

St. Charles Association of Realtors Political Action Committee - $22,235 from National Association of Realtors Fund.

Progress KC PAC - $10,000 from Kansas City Regional Association of Realtors.

Koster for Missouri - $10,000 from Anheuser-Busch.

Hanaway for Governor Inc - $20,000 from Pauline Keinath.

Progress KC PAC - $35,000 from Black & Veatch Corporation.



Happy birthday to Harry Gallagher!