Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Martin Contra Wagner

Erick Erickson writes (here): I really do suspect Phyllis Schlafly would be horrified to know that Eagle Forum, the organization she founded, has lined up with NARAL in Missouri to try to oust a pro-life woman in favor of a pro-abortion man. That is what the FEC data shows. Eagle PAC is the political side of Eagle Forum. Eagle Forum is spending money to oppose Republican Ann Wagner, a pro-life Republican. Wagner is being opposed by Bill Otto, a Democrat backed by NARAL… My only guess is that Eagle Forum’s PAC is spending the money against these two pro-life Republican women because they have distanced themselves from Donald Trump.

See the FEC filing here.

Ed Martin is the treasurer for this PAC.

One rumor has him seeking Wagner congressional seat in two years if she jumps to run for Senate.


New American Jobs Fund in MO?

It looks like New American Jobs Fund is planning a last minute TV buy.  See it here.

New American Jobs Fund is a coalition of conservationists and labor organization.

Their website (see it here) says “we can build a clean energy economy, creating more, better jobs while also protecting our clean air. The Jobs Fund is the continuation of years of cooperation between the United Steelworkers and the League of Conservation Voters, focused on large-scale voter persuasion and mobilization in critical federal races across the country…”

Missouri is not among the “key races” on their website.  Perhaps it’s a late addition based on the tightening polls.


Milton on the Air

Mark Milton, Republican running in House 90, released a TV commercial.  It attacks incumbent Democratic Rep. Deb Lavender for supporting a “massive new energy tax” on Missourians and a “billion dollar expansion of ObamaCare.”  While these anti-Obama type ads have worked for several cycles for Republicans, I’m not sure it will in the Lavender district which has slowly turned blue over the last decade.  See the ad here.


McGaugh: Office Not a Lounge for Lobbyists

From his email to the House Republican Caucus…

In a continued effort to share with the caucus my vision and thoughts for the office of Speaker Pro Tem I wanted to share the following information….

The Speaker Pro Tem’s Office will not be used as a lounge or personal office for lobbyists*. Lobbyists will be prohibited from hanging-out in the Pro Tem’s office during the workday, outside of scheduled appointments or conference meetings on legislation.  As we know--Lobbyists are not allowed to come and go as they please in the Speaker’s office. The Pro Tem’s office should remain a work area for caucus members, to allow us the confidence to speak freely on caucus related issues and not have to be concern with being lobbied…


Designate all caucus members into 7 regions; to ensure that all corners of our diverse state are a part of the discussion and their priorities can be heard.  Mid-MO, Kansas City, St. Louis/St. Charles, Northeast, Northwest, Southwest, Southeast. Each region would be tasked with electing a member to chair/represent the region. Region Chair’s will schedule and conduct brief meetings as they deem necessary—the purpose of the meetings would be to share what is happening in that region, how constituents from that area feel about certain issues and any other relevant information that can be helpful to the region. Once a week, *the 7 region chairs will have a “State** of the Majority” meeting with all members of leadership** members*. The State of the Majority meeting would be a chance to share what each region discussed in the weekly regional meetings, as well as express any comments, questions or concerns directly with House Leadership and other Regional Chairs….


8-Day Reports Cash On-Hand

Here are the cash on-hand numbers from yesterday’s 8-Day Reports.


Koster – $2,147,275

Greitens – $3,008,678

Lieutenant Governor

Carnahan – $121,388

Parson – $281,968

Secretary of State

Smith - $359,317

Ashcroft - $186,653


Baker – $95,405

Schmitt – $1,016,037

Attorney General

Hensley – $85,019

Hawley – $1,288,988


Senate 1

Sifton – $247,708

Jotte – $85,587

Senate 11

Rizzo – $70,339

Lasater - $18,950

Senate 15

Eagleton – No 8-Day Report filed.

Koenig - $87,905

Senate 17

Bechthold – $268

Silvey - $444,113

Senate 19

Webber - $43,268

Rowden – $334,068


Politico on Kander Blunt

Politico reports on the state of Senate races.  See it here.  Pull Quote: But with a week to go, ticket-splitters may actually provide a path for Democrats to seize the majority. While both Ayotte and Toomey are running ahead of Trump, they are doing so by much smaller margins than Democrats Evan Bayh and Jason Kander, who are running ahead of Trump in Indiana and Missouri. Polling averages indicate Bayh, in particular, is running a staggering 11 points ahead of Trump.  And while Republicans have a variety of attacks to deploy against Bayh because of his long record in Washington and the private sector over the past six years, their options are significantly limited when it comes to bringing Kander, an Afghanistan war veteran, down to Clinton’s popularity level. Republicans are worried that the Missouri race has become a referendum on incumbent GOP Sen. Roy Blunt's long history in D.C. and connections to lobbyists.

"Blunt's race is about him," said a Republican working on Senate races. "And he's getting crushed."


Dispatch from the Western Front Border War

MOScout reader: Did Missouri have any response to losing the American Royal to Kansas?...

> From: Mayor Mark Holland <mayorholland@wycokck.org>

> Subject: American Royal builds on KCK's success!

> Depending on who you ask, it was either the best kept secret or the worst. Either way, the news is now official: the American Royal has announced plans to build a $160 million complex north of Kansas Speedway!

> First, let me thank the American Royal for choosing KCK as its new home…

Last night, the UG’s Board of Commissioners took the first step toward making this vision a reality when it set a Dec. 15 public hearing to consider the creation of a STAR bond district to support the American Royal development. As you probably know, STAR bonds have been used to boost development near the Speedway. Sales tax revenue collected within a STAR bond district is used to pay off bonds that finance some of the construction expenses related to the development.

> It’s important to know that the American Royal project will not have any impact on the $12 million in sales tax revenue we are now collecting since the retirement of STAR bonds at Village West. This money will continue to come to the UG’s budget as planned.

> That said, the new STAR bond district for the American Royal will require new retail, new restaurants and new hotels to pay off the bonds.  The details of that development will be worked out in the coming months and won’t be available for some time after the STAR bond district is created. So stay tuned…


CenturyLink Buying Level 3

Big news from the business world Monday…  CenturyLink agreed to merge with Level 3 Communications in a $25 billion deal that would create one of the largest communications providers for businesses.  The combined company would have about 500,000 route miles of fiber that carry broadband, video and voice that enable corporations to communicate. It would also produce about $19 billion in annual revenue on a pro forma basis.

Level 3 Communications’ lobbyist in Jefferson City: William D. Steinmeier.

CenturyLink’s folks: Doug Galloway, Claudia A. Sands, and Richard Moore.


Slay on Racial Equity

Post-Dispatch reports that St. Louis “City departments will be doing more to promote racial equity, and the effort began with training for managers, directors and commissioners, Mayor Francis Slay said Monday. About 100 city workers in supervisory roles will go through training designed to help them overcome unconscious biases that can promote racial inequities.”

See it here.


In line with this, the City Health Department has a RFP for Racial Equity Lens Programming.  See it here.



Governor Jay Nixon does an hour-long interview with the mighty Jason Rosenbaum and Jo ManniesListen to it here.  Sorry, I just couldn’t do it this time.  Let me know if there’s anything interesting….


Post-Dispatch poll says Missouri voters would like to see candidate tax returns.  See it here.  Though it seems Donald Trump’s candidacy has polarized the issue more than I would have guessed… “According to the poll, the issue of releasing tax return information is supported by 93 percent of likely Democratic voters, 46 percent of Republicans and 63 percent of those who described themselves as independents.”


Tweet of the Day

Martin Rucker… running in House 14… see it here.


eMailbag: Eagle Eyes

MOscout reader on Jay Ashcroft’s latest ad (here): Look closely at the side of the truck on the lift in the advertisement [17 second mark]. It says "Schatz Underground" which is owned by [Sen. Dave Schatz]….


For Bid

The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education desires for vendors to propose an online solution designed to certify and calibrate the evaluation skills of administrators using Missouri Standards and Indicators and other Missouri-based tools provided by DESE.  This service will be based on the training and certifying of approximately 3,000 observers per year in Missouri.  The current provider for the Online Evaluation Calibration is My Learning Plan.


Lobbyists Registrations

Sara Baker added ACLU Missouri.


$5K+ Contributions

Greitens for Missouri - $275,000 from David Humphreys.

Koster for Missouri - $132,906 from Missouri Democratic State Committee.

MO Republican Party - $119,000 from Greitens for Missouri.

Returning Government to the People - $110,000 from Fred N Sauer.

Greitens for Missouri - $100,000 from Herzog Railroad Services Inc.

Vote Yes on 3 for Kids - $99,537 from RAI Services Company.

Vote Yes on 3 for Kids - $80,000 from RAI Services Company.

Missouri Health Care Association PAC - $53,752 from Missouri Health Care Assn.

Missouri Democratic State Committee - $40,000 from Koster for Missouri.

Koster for Missouri - $30,000 from Pipefitters Local #533 Volunteer Political Action Fund.

Teresa Hensley for Missouri - $28,228 from Planned Parenthood Great Plains Votes PAC.

Parson for Missouri - $25,000 from Sam Fox.

Teresa Hensley for Missouri - $15,000 from John McDonnell.

Rizzo for Missouri - $12,583 from Planned Parenthood Plains Votes PAC.

Friends of Martha Stevens - $10,649 from Planned Parenthood Great Plains Votes PAC.

RSLC Missouri PAC - $10,500 from Republican State Leadership Committee.

MO Republican Party - $10,200 from Kansas City Missouri Republican Senate PAC.

Russ Carnahan for Missouri - $10,000 from International Association of Firefighters Local 42.

Citizens for Stephen Webber - $10,000 from AFSCME.

ElectGregMueller.com - $10,000 from Michael Nooney.

Koster for Missouri - $10,000 from Missouri Association of Career Fire Protection Districts.

Greitens for Missouri - $10,000 from Timothy Drury.

Lennon for Boone - $8,414 from Missouri State Democratic Committee.

Lennon for Boone - $8,414 from Missouri State Democratic Committee.

Teresa Hensley for Missouri - $8,266 from Planned Parenthood Great Plains Votes PAC.

Citizens for Vicki Lorenz Englund - $6,678 from Missouri Democratic State Committee.

Sater for Senate - $6,663 from Fitzpatrick for House.

Rucker for Missouri - $6,130 from Missouri Democratic State Committee.

Russ Carnahan for Missouir - $6,000 from IUPAT.

Russ Carnahan for Missouri - $5,001 from U.A.W. Region 5 Midwest States PAC/

Greitens for Missouri - $5,001 from Health Sellenriek.