Wednesday, April 12, 2017

EO#11 – Cutting Board and Commissions

Governor Eric Greitens announced that Executive Order #11 is aimed at shrinking government and cutting red tape by looking at consolidation and elimination of state boards and commissions. The task force is to make recommendations for shrinkage by October 31. The PD’s Kurt Erickson notes “Greitens' action is not new. In 2010, Nixon announced plans to cut or combine 31 state boards and 473 appointment positions, arguing that they were no longer needed.”


Greitens Liaisons

In EO #10 Governor Eric Greitens formally names his office’s liaisons to the different departments.

Office of Administration - Lucinda Luetkemeyer

Department of Agriculture - Jennae Neustadt

Department of Conservation - Will Scharf

Department of Corrections - Lucinda Luetkemeyer

Department of Economic Development - Will Scharf

Department of Elementary and Secondary Education - Logan Spena

Department of Health and Senior Services - Kristen Sanocki

Department of Higher Education - Logan Spena

Department of Insurance - Jennae Neustadt

Department of Labor and Industrial Relations - Caleb Jones

Department of Mental Health - Logan Spena

Department of Natural Resources - Justin Smith

Department of Public Safety Kristen Sanocki

Department of Revenue - Will Scharf

Department of Social Services - Justin Smith

Department of Transportation - Caleb Jones

Missouri Housing Development Commission - Will Scharf

Boards Assigned to the Governor - Jennae Neustadt

Unassigned Boards and Commissions - Jennae Neustadt


TNC Passes Senate

The Senate made some amendments and passed Rep. Kirk Mathews’ bill to provide a regulatory framework for Uber, Lyft and other ride-sharing companies.  Because of the amendments it heads back to the House rather than to the governor’s desk.  The House may find the changes acceptable and just pass it rather than worry about conferencing and having to deal with the Senate again.


This will likely reignite the whole spiel about Greitens hiding his money daddies.  His team acknowledged that Uber was one of the inaugural donors, but won’t say how much they gave – and of course they could be funneling money to the non-profit too.

Speaking of which…

Greitens Non-Profit At Work?

One tipster sent this screen capture of a digital ad running in which folks are urged to contact Sen. Mike Kehoe to “keep supporting the governor’s conservative agenda.” This appears to be the governor’s parallel non-profit at work.  See it here.


House Dems Play Hardball on SB43

Minority Leader Gail McCann Beatty sent a letter to Speaker Todd Richardson decrying SB43 which would change discrimination law.  She says that it’s an example of “self-dealing” because a company owned by the bill sponsor, Sen. Gary Romine, faces a discrimination lawsuit.  She attached a copy of the lawsuit in the email to all Republican representative.  Like most lawsuits, it ain’t pretty.  See it here.


Follow-Up on Silvey’s “Worthy of Investigation”

KC Star’s Jason Hancock had an article on the story of Rep. Mark Ellebracht and Sen. Ryan Silvey getting hot for an investigation into Sen. Ron Richard’s filing legislation that would help his major donor David HumphreySee it here.


One building denizen makes the point that the Gretiens campaign bears some responsibility to creating an environment where you just call folks corrupt without a whole lot of evidence: “The Governor has called [Jefferson City] corrupt for almost two years.   Common sense would apply that to the leadership of the Senate.... if one is making a corruption charge, of course it would warrant investigation.  Words have meanings.   Greitens has called them corrupt and so an action needs to be taken…”


House Perfects Alcohol Advertising Bill

From one observer: During Tuesday’s first-round approval of HB433, the truth in alcohol price advertising bill, the supporters agreed to another concession that should remove from the table any suggestion that it allows ads for below-cost booze prices.  More than 90 percent of opposition testimony in committee and during Tuesday’s “perfection” discussion centered on some - not all - retailers’ unwillingness to compete through truthful advertising on prices.  “They want to hide behind the current law,” which bars truthful ads with actual alcohol prices, said the sponsor, Rep. Robert Cornejo, during floor debate… Cornejo accepted a floor amendment that he called “another good step,” specifying that if the combined value of coupons and other deals made the final price below a retailer’s cost, it could not be publicly advertised. Cornejo called it “suspenders and belt” – extra security against advertising below-cost prices. By removing any prospect of below-cost price advertising from the table with the Stronger language, Cornejo has stripped the opponents of their most vocal argument.


Get This!

One rumor has John Brunner looking at the US Senate race!!! One solid MOScouter says…“Brunner… did commission a poll.”

It’s hard to believe that after successive losing races in 2012 (Senate primary loss to Todd Akin) and 2016 (gubernatorial primary loss) Brunner would re-enter the arena for a third tour.  And I’m not even going to mention the millions of dollars he burned through in those races.  Oh, I guess I just did….



Pro Tem Ron Richard appointed Stephen Cale Bradford to the Missouri Achieving a Better Life Experience Board.  Bradford is CEO of Pyramid Home Health Services, a provider of home and community based health services throughout Missouri.


Post Dispatch reports that “Laclede Gas Co. is asking state regulators to approve a rate increase which it says would raise the average residential bill by $3.70 a month. The request — the St. Louis-based utility’s first push for a rate hike in four years — would provide an additional $29 million in revenue annually to pay for system upgrades and maintenance….”  See it here.


Former Rep. John Bowman registered (below) for UAW.  He’s been in the building here and there throughout session.


Rumors of Rep. Shamed Dogan mulling a bid for St. Louis County Executive won’t go away if he keeps receiving contributions like the ones listed below…. Over $20K from the Steward (World Wide Technology) family.


Today’s Events

From Mary Scruggs’ indispensable events calendar:

Annual Legislative Charity Softball – Binder Park – 5:30 p.m.


Lobbyists Registrations

Aaron Baker and Kristian Starner added The Laclede Group.

John Bowman added UAW.

Jim Moody and Chris Moody added DXC Technology Company; and deleted Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Jay Reichard added Bayer Corporation.

Thomas Robbins added Mike’s Farm Inc, and Phoenix Home Care.

Steven Tilley added Mike’s Farm Inc, and The Meyer Companies.

Jason Zamkus added Global Tel*link Corporation.


$5K+ Contributions

Make Saint Louis Safe - $21,549 from Great St. Louis Inc.

Citizens for Dogan - $5,200 from David Steward.

Citizens for Dogan - $5,200 from Thelma Steward.

Citizens for Dogan - $5,200 from David II Steward.

Citizens for Dogan - $5,200 from Mary Steward.



Happy birthday to Rep. Courtney Curtis.