Wednesday, August 17, 2016

MEC Dismisses Patriots Complaint

I hate to write with hyperbole, but this might be the most damaging Missouri Ethic Commission decision I’ve seen. See it here.  They’ve dismissed the complaint against Patriots for America.  This was one of the federal committees that played in the Missouri gubernatorial primary.  Despite the fact that they’ve “followed” the law, we have no one what the source of the money is behind the attack ads.  The MEC dismissal says that because Patriots says that they intend to support federal candidates, they don’t have to file with the MEC.

This decision condones this giant loophole that will allow super-rich donors to hide their identity.   We will never know the true source of millions of dollars of expenditures in this gubernatorial race.


MEC Dismisses Schaefer Complaint

The Missouri Ethics Commission also dismissed a complaint against Sen. Kurt Schaefer that he used his position as state senator for personal gain by contacting University of Missouri officials regarding their leave of absence policy and Josh Hawley.  The MEC found no evidence that Schaefer intended for these conversations to personally benefit him.  See it here.


Rumorville: Jami to Enter Mayoral Race?

With her primary challenge behind her, word is that Sen. Jamilah Nasheed will be forming an exploratory committee to run for Mayor of St. Louis City.  She would join Lewis Reed and Lyda Krewson if she did.

Nasheed has no Republican opponent in November.


Funding for Religious Schools Argued

Rudi Keller reports on Trinity Lutheran’s appeal to the Supreme Court regarding for state funds for their school.  See it here.

Pull Quote:  The Alliance Defending Freedom on Friday filed its reply brief on behalf of Trinity Lutheran School, which was denied funding by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources to purchase recycled tire scraps to provide a safe surface for its playground. Trinity is appealing rulings from a U.S. district court and the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals upholding the state’s position… The election could put a governor and attorney general in office with opposite views of the case. Attorney General Chris Koster, the Democratic nominee for governor, has fought Trinity Lutheran’s attempts to overturn that decision, prevailing in every court ruling issued in the case. The Republican nominee to replace him, Josh Hawley, in April filed a friend-of-the-court brief supporting Trinity Lutheran on behalf of the Assembly of God Church… Hawley’s opponent, Democratic nominee Teresa Hensley, supports the state’s current position in the case, she said in an emailed statement… Eric Greitens, the Republican nominee for governor, did not respond to emails and telephone calls seeking comment….


On Twitter, Chuck Hatfield opines about the wisdom of Hawley’s position… “AGs usually defend Missouri law. Sort of dangerous to not do that.”


Greitens’ non-position on this – and other issues – is becoming routine. And it’s given rise to a conspiracy theory.  There are some who think that Greitens isn’t interested in getting into policy debates because he’s not really that interested in being governor.  This is just a platform for trips to Iowa… and then on to Pennsylvania Ave baby…


Pressure Builds for Kay to Resign

Post-Dispatch reports on pressure building for Larry Kay to resign as the head of the Missouri Veterans Commission.  See it here.

Pull Quote: Last month, a jury found Larry Kay harassed a former employee, who took him to court alleging he fired her because of age discrimination. Kay maintained he fired her because of budget cuts, but the jury awarded her nearly $3 million in damages. After the verdict, Kay was placed on paid administrative leave but was allowed to return after less than three weeks. That decision was made by the commission behind closed doors.

In a statement, AFSCME Council 61 President Danny Homan called on Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon to intervene, arguing Kay's "reprehensible harassment and discrimination"has cost taxpayers millions.


Silvey Represents the F-150

On Facebook Sen. Ryan Silvey explains his campaign vehicle.  See picture here.

Last election, we had a campaign Jeep. The boxy design made for a great rolling billboard and we got great response. This time around, it was no contest. As the Senator for the Northland, the clear choice was an F-150 built right in the district by the folks I'm fortunate enough to represent.



Phyllis Schlafly recorded a “To Whom It May Concern” video asking that “each one of you to contact me now, if you’ve been using my name, my image, my writings — of course, all of that is my personal property. And if you’ve been using my eagle as your logo, or if you’re using the word Eagle as part of the name of your organization — if you wish to continue to collaborate with me, by using my name, image, writings, or the eagle — I’m asking you to request my permission for your activities and your organization.

Please let me know whether you wish to continue associating with me and my work, using my name, image, writings, or the Eagle logo or Eagle name, and if you do, please ask for my permission for the use of my work and my approval of your organization.”

See the video here.

I guess this is a precursor to legal action against rogue Eagle-ites?


As long as we’re talking Eagles, it’s never a bad time to revisit this classic


One Nation Nears $3.3M in Senate Race

Eli Yokley reports that “a group led by an aide close to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said it will drop another $1 million in Missouri, where Sen. Roy Blunt is facing a tough re-election challenge by Democrat Jason Kander.”  See it here.

Pull Quote: With its latest ad buy, this one targeting four of Missouri’s media markets, One Nation has spent $3.3 million to assist Blunt in his re-election effort.


Caudle to Kidd?

On the House website Dorothy Caudle has been deleted as legislative assistant in House 107 where Rep. Ron Hicks resigned.  Word is that she’ll be starting moving over to help Rep. Bill Kidd.


Today’s Events

Sen. Gary Romine Golf – St. Francis CC – Farmington – 1PM.

Senator Roy Blunt Reception – S Carroll’s home – Hannibal -5:30PM.

Rep. Kevin Corlew Reception – Olsson Associates – Kansas City – 5:30PM.


$5K+ Contributions

Greitens for Missouri - $10,000 from Rudolph Farber

MO Republican Party - $7,500 from AT&T.

Ameren Missouri Political Action Committee - $175,000 from Ameren.

MO Society of Anesthesiologists Political Action Committee - $10,000 from Ozark Anesthesia Associates.

Greitens for Missouri - $10,000 from Jerald Fenstermaker.

Vote Yes on 3 for Kids - $200,000 from RAI Services Company.



Happy birthday to Dave Berry.