Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Koster Against Obama Overreach

Without a primary, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Chris Koster is free to roam down the middle of the political spectrum with an eye toward the November general election.  Here’s yesterday’s statement from his office applauding the Supreme Court decision to stay President Barack Obama’s ambitious plan to fight climate change.

Attorney General Chris Koster today said the United States Supreme Court has granted an application for stay of the Clean Power Plan.  The stay application was filed by Missouri and 20 other states that are suing the EPA for exceeding its authority in issuing new regulations, collectively known as the "Clean Power Plan," that set strict limits on carbon emissions for each state…. He argued that Missouri is better off maintaining the competitive advantage it enjoys through low-energy costs while continuing to develop low- and zero-emission sources of energy on a more reasonable timeline. "Renewable energy is a vital piece of our state's energy portfolio," Koster said. "It is essential, however, that we achieve this goal in an economically responsible way that makes sense for Missouri." "I will continue to fight against federal overreach and to keep Missouri strong," Koster concluded.


Clowns to the Left, Jokers to the Right

KC Star’s Jason Hancock reports on the narrow path being traveled by Raise Your Hands for Kids’ tobacco tax increase to fund early childhood programs.  First it was the said that pro-life forces opposed the proposal.  Now that that’s been quelled it, it’s the pro-stem cell research folks who are apparently upset.  See his article here.

Pull Quote: And as concerns on one side of the abortion debate are soothed, they’ve emerged anew on the other side, with groups supporting stem cell research publicly questioning the proposal.  How did a debate over preschool and quitting smoking get so embroiled in the culture wars?  [Linda] Rallo places the blame on a group that has historically fought off attempts to increase the state’s lowest-in-the-nation cigarette tax: the Missouri Petroleum Marketers & Convenience Store Association.  “Our hope is that once the word gets out about their (ballot measure), they’ll be unable to collect the signatures needed to get on the ballot,” said Ron Leone, executive director of the association, which represents gas station and convenience store owners….


The Star’s editorial here.

Pull Quote: The amendment clearly spells out that the sales tax money would be used to help young children get off to a good start. Any other suggestion is destructive, self-serving trickery.


Young to MSBA

Retired Post-Dispatch reporter Virginia Young is now working for the Missouri School Board Association.  See it here“Longtime reporter of news from Missouri’s state capital is now covering education legislation on Twitter for MSBA. Virginia Young, who covered Jefferson City for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and for 26 years, the last 10 as bureau chief will be posting daily updates via MSBA’s Twitter account @MissouriSBA.”


Ellington for Broader Compassion

In the House debate yesterday on HB 1568, which involves the use of Naloxone – a drug which can help individuals suffering from a heroin overdose, Rep. Brandon Ellington asked that his colleagues compassion for addictions other than heroin.


Hubbard Withdraws Salary Raise Bill

Rep. Penny Hubbard was in the House Journal asking “that HB 2469 be withdrawn from consideration and removed from all calendars as soon as possible.”  That was the bill which would have doubled the salary of the St. Louis License Collector.


Otto Endorses DeLear

Byron DeLear, running in House 70 as a Democrat, received the endorsement from the current incumbent, Rep. Bill Otto.  Otto is running for Congress against Congresswoman Ann Wagner.  It helps DeLear potentially freeze out any primary opposition ahead of the opening of filing in two weeks.

This will likely be one of the battlefield district in November, but Republicans have yet to have a candidate announce and DeLear – with a solid fundraising start – is doing his best to move it out of that category.


MCN on Floor

Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal gave an emotional response to the news that Black activist had committed suicide.  See the news article about him here.



Rumorville: Word is that Sen. Bob Onder will be endorsing Ted Cruz for president…


Leadership for America was formed.  It’s a PAC. The treasurer is Patrick S. Butler, which might be this lawyer.


Missouri Ethics Commission fined Professional Fire Fighters of West St. Louis County $100 for a missing “paid for” disclosure.  See it here.


Help Wanted

News-Leader Media Group seeks a City County Government Reporter.  “This reporter will be responsible for researching, writing and reporting compelling journalism that continuously grows a fan base by informing and engaging readers.  You will act as a public ambassador through community outreach and connect with readers through social media as well as provide thoughtful analysis of complex issues. The City Country Government Reporter will produce watchdog journalism that leads to change…”   See the ad here.


Consumers Council of Missouri seeks Executive Director.  “The organization has advocated in rate cases before the Missouri Public Service Commission, resulting in reducing rate increases requested by public utilities.  CCM is also working to bar utilities from using predatory lenders as collection agents for utility bills.  Consumers Council is a member of St. Louis Equal Housing and Community Reinvestment Alliance, which succeeded this year in getting several banks to meet their obligations under the Community Reinvestment Act and fair lending laws to open branches in underserved communities… The CCM executive director is currently a part-time position that is responsible for leading and managing a statewide membership-based organization; building membership; leading development activities; and communicating the mission of the organization to its membership and to diverse constituencies, including donors, coalition partners and the public…”  See the ad here.  The current executive director, Joan Bray, is retiring.  See it here.


U.S. Courts for the Western District of Missouri seeks Court Executive (Clerk of Court).  “Provide executive leadership, management and supervision for operations of all court units. Oversee the business of the court including the processing of cases, statistical reporting, case management and serving as custodian of official court records… Develop and execute strategic long-range plans for all court units….”  See the ad here.


Today’s Events

From Mary Scruggs’ indispensable events calendar:

Rep. Chrissy Sommer Breakfast – Downtown Diner – JC – 8AM.

Four Blondes Reception – Credit Union Assn., 223 Madison – 5:30PM.


Lobbyists Registrations

Kaycee Nail added Penman & Winton Consulting, and their clients.

Cynthia Gamble and William Gamble added Missouri Automobile Dealers Association

Mark Meckler added Convention of States Action.

Elizabeth McGiffert added Consumers Union.

Yancy Williams added Centerpointe Hospital, Enginuity Biopower LLC, and Issue Advocacy Group.

Scott Marrs added Lifetouch National School Studios Inc. Mo C/o Multistate Associates.

David Sweeney added Taser International Inc.

Matthew Tomc added Union Electric dba Ameren MO.

Harry Gallagher, Heath Clarkston, and Kimberly Akin deleted Luminus Management and Nextra Energy Resources LLC.


$5K+ Contributions

Chris Moreno 4 LS - $6,100 from Exterior Professionals.

MO State Council of Fire Fighers PAC - $5,249 from Missouri State Council of Fire Fighters.

Missourians for John Brunner - $5,001 from Ann Dickinson.

Missourians for John Brunner - $5,001 from Craig Schnuck.

MO Democratic State Committee - $50,000 from Koster for Missouri.



Happy birthday to Rep. Tom Hurst (the big 5-0), and Brian Grace (the big 3-5).