Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Beck for House 92

Doug Beck has been tapped to take over for Rep. Genise Montecillo.  Montecillo announced a few weeks ago that she would not be running for re-election after all. It’s too late for her to drop from the primary ballot.  She’s unopposed for the primary.  After winning the primary, she will officially drop out, and the Democrats will replace her for the general election race.  Republican Daniel Bogle is running for the seat.

House 92 is a Democratic district that shouldn’t be in play with the right Democratic candidate.  And early indications are that Beck fits the bill to hold the seat.  Beck is a journeyman pipe fitter, and a member of the Affton School Board.

Beck started his candidate committee yesterday, and Montecillo contributed $10K into it from her campaign account.


New Hawley Ad: Schaefer’s A Moderate

With less than six weeks left, Josh Hawley goes on the offense against Sen. Kurt Schaefer using old clips of Schaefer from his first state senate run in which he claims the mantle of “moderate.”  See the ad here.

Another touch of Team Hawley is the constant referring to “Senator Schaefer.”  It’s an outsider year which is why Schaefer, in his ads, refers to himself as a “prosecutor.”


New Greitens Ad: More of the Same

The new Eric Greitens ad doesn’t break any new ground… “I’m a Navy SEAL ready to lead a conservative revolution against the failed political class…”  See it here.


First Parson Ad: Folksy Twang

Sen. Mike Parson’s first ad is up.  See it here.  It’s about as folksy and twangy and country as can be.  But is everything a little too picture perfect?  It’s Truman Showesque.  The veteran’s shirt says “veteran” on it.  The sheriff’s uniform says “sheriff” on it.  I assume the woman at the end of the commercial is his wife though it would help if she was wearing something that said “wife” on it.


Keep An Eye Out for SCRAP

Starting today (from the looks of this contract) ads for SCRAP.  SCRAP is the State Conservative Reform Action PAC.  See a Politico article about them here.

Pull Quote: The former head of the Republican State Leadership Committee is creating a new super PAC that will serve as a “Club for Growth-type” group on the state level. The Virginia-based federal super PAC called State Conservative Reform Action PAC, or “SCRAP,” will support economic and fiscally conservative candidates on the state level.

It will focus mostly on legislative races, but also will get involved in attorney general and gubernatorial match-ups, said Chris Jankowski, who stepped down from the RSLC in January, after serving as its president throughout the 2012 election cycle and in 2013.


Twitter Wars: KC, JC and Uber

It started with Gregg Keller’s tweet (see it here)… ‏@RGreggKeller: KC spent all #MOLeg session keeping Uber, Lyft out. Now lose out on $50M USDOT Smart City grant. Shocking...

Sammy Panettiere fires back…. ‏@SammyPanettiere: Troll weighs in and doesn't have a clue.  Shocking.

Then it takes off…

@RGreggKeller: You guys screwed up and have egg on your face. I get it. But no need to make this personal…

@SammyPanettiere: We didn't screw up anything, but that is rich coming from a Walker/Carson campaign guy.

Soon Alex Eaton, Rich Chrismer, and Danny Pfeifer are all jumping into the ring…

See most of the punching, counterpunching here.


2016 Watch: House 80 Murray Gets Alderwoman Endorsement

Democratic candidate Ben Murray, running in House 80 to replace Mike Colona, announced the endorsement of alderwoman Megan Green.

The Endorsement

I’ve known Ben Murray both personally and professionally for a number of years.

He was an instrumental part of my successful campaign for office, and re-election, and has routinely been by my side Fighting for $15, championing Black Live Matter, standing up for Women, and fighting against unpopular corporate handouts in the form of football stadiums.

It’s not a secret to most that Ben and I dated for nearly a year… Ben is a true feminist. If we are not sending a woman to Jefferson City, then I want to send a man who I know is going to fight for women, end the misogynistic culture permeating in Jefferson City, and not cut side deals that result in trading our rights away in the form of 72 hour waiting periods for abortion….


Sussing Out a Mystery

National media poring through Donald Trump’s latest campaign report happened on a strange expenditure - $35,000 to Draper Sterling, the fictitious ad company in the AMC series Mad Men.

The mysterious Patriots for America had reported an expenditure to the seemingly shell company in one of its reports.  But now the national media is on the case, so we’ll see if more light is shed.  See the Gawker article here.


Today’s Events

From Mary Scruggs’ indispensable events calendar:

Rep. Chrissy Sommer Paint Party – 110 Point West Blvd. – St. Charles – 6:30PM.


$5K+ Contributions

SEIU HCII Missouri PAC - $10,000 from SEIU Healthcare Illinois Indiana.

Koster for Missouri – Andrew O Brien.

Chris Rickman for Assessor - $7,419 from Missouri Relators Political Action Committee Inc.

PT-PAC - $60,000 from Missouri Physical Therapy Association.

Friends of Todd Richardson - $7,500 from Sterling Bancshares Inc.

Democratic Governors Association Missouri - $55,000 from Democratic Governors Association.

Doug Beck for State Representative - $10,000 from Genise Montecillo for State Rep.



Happy birthdays to Rep. Margo McNeil, and Ann Auer.