Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Prescription Limit Dropped

Kansas City Star reports on a cost-saving idea that’s been dropped from bills dealing with Medicaid.  See it here.

Pull Quote:  Missouri legislators are backing away from a plan to limit Medicaid recipients to five prescriptions, but are still looking for other ways to cut drug costs.  The five-prescription limit was taken out of a bill introduced by Sen. David Sater, a Republican from southwest Missouri, after a hearing this month drew opposition from about 20 groups. Opponents included the Missouri State Medical Association, which represents the state’s doctors. The limit is still in two House bills, but Rep. David Wood and Rep. Lynn Morris said they want to match Sater’s bill and would be taking it out of theirs as well…


Vickers Vs Powell

Eric Vickers, former staffer to Sen. Jamilah Nasheed, has filed a lawsuit against Debra Powell – who’s the former mayor of East St. Louis.  Powell more recently worked for the St. Louis Public Schools, and the suit alleges that Vickers represented her to win a contract buy-out, but she didn’t pay him his fee of the settlement.


Smith Hearts Trump

Congressman Jason Smith posted a picture of himself with President Donald TrumpSee it here.

Nationally Trump’s approval ratings are underwater, though a MOScout poll at the beginning of the month found Missourians still positive on Trump.

If Trump’s numbers continue to deteriorate it’ll be interesting to see if some Republicans start to distance themselves.


St. Louis Post-Dispatch reprinted a Washington Monthly piece about Obamacare that features a Missourian.  It’s an interesting reminder that as much as I think of the legislation in its most famous features (individual mandate, pre-existing conditions) there’s a lot more in it. See it here.

Pull Quote: The 2703 program is one of the many types of care delivery and payment reform buried in the law known as Obamacare, and it has been notably successful in improving patient outcomes while driving down health care costs in many states. Yet as congressional Republicans and the Trump administration try to make good on their promise to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act — ostensibly because of its high cost — the 2703 program is at no small risk of getting wiped out.


A Better Road

In the lobbyists registrations, former Rep. Scott Dieckhaus has registered for a Better Road Forward.  I wasn’t familiar with the group.  Here’s their website.  They’re anti-toll roads.  Specifically they’re taking aim at Rep. Kevin Corlew’s HB155 which – despite being prefiled in early December, has yet to get a hearing.


Silvey Down on Senate Leadership

In a Jason Hancock piece this morning (see it here) Sen. Ryan Silvey opines on how the first half of session has gone… “There’s no question where the priorities of our (legislative) leadership are,” said Sen. Ryan Silvey, a Kansas City Republican. “It doesn’t appear to be with working families.”


I’d missed this Hancock article from a few days ago in which he reports that Governor Eric Greitens’ reliance on secret donors is torpedoing ethics reform. (See it here.) Many are pointing a finger at Greitens, whose reliance on so-called “dark money” to bankroll his inaugural and advance his political agenda have even the gift ban’s staunchest advocates questioning whether it goes far enough. And critics of the gift ban wonder why it’s corrupt for a legislator to accept a meal or concert ticket from a lobbyist, but perfectly fine for the governor to accept things like trips on private planes paid for by anonymous donations routed through a nonprofit.


Axiom Also Won Pollies

Axiom Stratagies took home four Pollies…

Best Direct Mail in a Congressional Race: Martha McSally in Arizona.

Best Direct Mail in a Gubernatorial Race: Doug Burgum in North Dakota.

Best GOTV Direct Mail: Ted Cruz for President in Iowa.

Best Use of Social Pressure: Roy Blunt in Missouri


eMailbag on Charters Accountability

“If traditional district schools faced the same accountability and were actually closed all of these educrats would come unglued.”


Help Wanted

City of Republic seeks City Attorney...  We are operating under a new City Administrator with a new mission of “being aggressively, progressive through building relationships, processes, and trust.” The City of Republic is geographically well positioned for substantial growth along the I-44/James River Corridor immediately adjacent to Springfield, Missouri. There is tremendous opportunity for a driven visionary looking for a challenging opportunity of being part of a “new day” and team that reaches and far exceeds the potential of the community and the region. We are moving towards a more collaborative, engaging, and assertive vision with the Republic community and Southwest Missouri region…


Lobbyist Registrations

John Bardgett Jr. added John Bardgett.

Scott Dieckhaus added A Better Road Forward.

William Shoehigh added Homeaway.


$5K+ Contributions

Find the Cures - $22,500 from Brad Bradshaw.

Midwest Region Laborers’ Political League Education Fund - $5,271 from Laborers Supplemental Dues Fund.

Neighbors for a Stable St Louis - $10,000 from St. Louis Association of Realtors Issues Mobilization Fund.

Make Saint Louis Safe - $50,000 from Great St. Louis Inc.

STL Votes! - $50,000 from Great St. Louis Inc.



Happy birthdays to Sen. Will Kraus, former Sens. Yvonne Wilson and Paul LeVota, lobbyists David Jackson, Nancy Giddens and Steve Hunter, and Sylvester Brown Jr.