Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Three Days Left in Session

The rumors are running hot about when the Senate will finally work on the paycheck override.  Several folks yesterday were saying that it could come as early as today or tonight.

Of course that doesn’t seem to make sense, because it’s assumed that the Republicans would have to PQ filibustering Dems to get to a vote.  And the natural reaction to a PQ is a Senate shut-down/slow-down by the minority party.  So why leadership do that today?  Why wouldn’t they wait and pass as much as it can, and then PQ on Friday, the final day?

One lobbyist thinks Republicans are short on the override vote (I believe they are, but I could be wrong).  So – in his thinking – the strategy might be to bring it up now while there’s time for the Dems to mount a filibuster, and hope that the Dem filibuster draws attention – and pressure – from conservative groups to push the wavering Republicans toward voting for the override.

We’ll see….


Ardini, Layton Seek Judgeship

In the continuing move of Nixon folks seeking post administration jobs, Nixon-ites Ted Ardini, and James Layton are among those who have interviewed for the vacancy on the Missouri Court of Appeals, Western District, created by the retirement of Judge Joseph M. Ellis.

According to the court press release, there are nine applicants: Daren L. Adkins, Edward R. Ardini Jr., Douglas B. Harris, James R. Layton, Lauren E. Tucker McCubbin, Daniel N. McPherson, W. Brent Powell, W. Douglas Thomson, and Teresa A. Woody.

If Ardini makes the panel, one would assume that the governor would choose his long-time top aide.


Carter Arrested

Former state representative Chris Carter was arrested yesterday for alleged domestic abuse.  He’s now a St. Louis City Alderman.  See the Post-Dispatch article here.

Pull Quote:  Alderman Chris Carter was taken into custody by St. Louis County police after a traffic stop, authorities confirmed.  Carter’s wife called police about 11:20 a.m. on April 30 to report that Carter had injured her during an argument at a home in the 4200 block of East Gulf Shore near Florissant.

When officers arrived, the victim told them Carter shoved her and that she pushed him back. He then grabbed her arm, she said, and she broke free and struck him in the chest with a closed fist. She said he then grabbed her by her arms and began twisting his hands as he pushed her up against a bedroom window, said Sgt. Shawn McGuire, the department’s spokesman…


Brunner Buys A Little TV

Republican gubernatorial candidate John Brunner dipped his tow in the TV waters.  See an ad contract for $15K in Springfield this week.


Others popping up as buy ad time recently… Vote Vets Action Fund, and Everyone for Gun Safety.


Emily’s List for Hensley

The press release:  "EMILY's List is proud to support Teresa Hensley for her historic bid as Attorney General in Missouri," said EMILY's List President Stephanie Schriock. "As Cass County Prosecutor Teresa sought justice for child abuse and domestic violence survivors, dedicating her career to protecting those who are most vulnerable in our communities.  She will ensure that Missouri women and families receive fair treatment before the law and protect the safety of all Missourians."


Schaefer Unveils Legislative Endorsements

Sen. Kurt Schaefer announced his legislative endorsements.  The long list had over 100 sitting legislators including every member of both House and Senate Republican leadership.

While it’s an impressive list, it probably doesn’t make much of an impact in his attorney general race as it feels like we’re living through the mother-of-all “outsider” years with Donald Trump winning the Republican presidential nomination.


Shelly on Schaefer

Barb Shelly, formerly with the KC Star, is now writing for the KC Pitch.  She takes aim at Sen. Kurt Schaefer’s support for “Stand Your Ground” legislation.  See it here.

Pull Quote: The [Association of Prosecuting Attorneys], a national organization, issued that statement after George Zimmerman shot unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin four years ago in Florida, a stand-your-ground state. That episode and its broad fallout took much of the luster off the stand-your-ground movement. Once on every pro-gun state legislator’s to-do list, new stand-your-ground bills have mostly gathered dust the past few years.

Kurt Schaefer, a Missouri senator vying to become the state’s top prosecutor, must have missed that memo.

Even as he is waging an intense campaign to win the Republican nomination for attorney general, Schaefer is pushing legislation that would make Missouri the first state in five years to pass a stand-your-ground law.


Hanaway on Guns

A fundraising email from Republican gubernatorial Catherine Hanaway tries to bury the memory of her one-time opposition to the conceal carry law…

Since I was a NRA marksman first class in 7th grade, I have understood the importance of defending the Constitution and the Second Amendment. As House Speaker, I persuaded 18 Democrats to join Republicans in overriding Governor Holden's veto, passing the first concealed carry bill in Missouri. As Governor, I will continue to fight for your Second Amendment rights and will sign Constitutional Carry to allow every law-abiding citizen to carry a concealed weapon for their protection.

With rising murder rates in our cities and continued lawlessness throughout our state, we need to allow Missourians to protect themselves from criminals….


Bits DSS press release: The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has approved the Missouri Department of Social Services' plan to expand Medicaid coverage of dental services for approximately 282,000 adult participants. Dental care providers that have provided services to eligible Medicaid participants will be paid for those services administered since January 1, 2016.


This morning Rex Sinquefield is speaking at a Show Me Institute policy breakfast in St. Louis.  He’s speaking on state tax policies.  He’ll be doing similar events in Columbia and Springfield in the coming weeks.  See it here.


Who Lost Jami?  This morning on the Senate side, Sen. Eric Schmitt will corral his “seersucker caucus” for its annual picture.  Missing from the photo will be Sen. Jamilah Nasheed who dropped out after last session, perhaps in protest of the stinging PQ that final week.


And – Be Careful Out There

Headline: 4th Grader’s Arm Impaled on Governor’s Mansion Fence…. See it here.


Today’s Events

From Mary Scruggs’ indispensable events calendar:

Rep. Tom Flanigan Coffee Break – Coffee Zone – 7:30AM.


Lobbyists Registrations

Marilyn Bush deleted Bank of America.

Cori Menkin deleted Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund.


$5K+ Contributions

Greitens for Missouri - $10,000 from Elizabeth and John Raidel.



Happy birthdays to Abram Messer, Jerryl Christmas, and House candidate Greg Razer.